Work From Home Jobs in Kenya

50 work from home jobs in Kenya
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Work is a necessity for everyone in this modern-day and age leading to the need to highlight 50 work from home Jobs in Kenya. We are in the age of information flow when traditional ways of making money involving getting up and going to work are silently losing their hold in the new millennials. Freelance jobs in Kenya are becoming more popular.

Just the same, more and more online jobs seem to be creeping up, newer ways of making money from 50 work from home jobs in Kenya.

We take a look at some of the Kenya online jobs and the best online paying jobs in Kenya.

Kenya Online Jobs: Writing and Transcription

Academic Writing Jobs in Kenya

Academic writing jobs in Kenya are some of the most sought-after online jobs in Kenya because they’re among the most lucrative work at home jobs in Kenya. Through this people are hired to do assignments or researches for people from other countries and they get paid.

This will attract a payment of over $100 a day depending on how much work you put in your work. Academic writing requires that you create an account with some of the writing sites like Uvocorp, Writers Labs, Unemployed Professors, Essay Writers, and Nerdy Turtlez among many other sites.

Transcription jobs in Kenya

Transcribing is one of the work from home jobs online. In transcribing, a person is asked to change speech into text. This is done for videos and the individual is paid to their PayPal account or M-Pesa account.

Through online transcription jobs in Kenya, a person can make up to as much as $500 a week depending on the amount of effort he/she puts into the work. Transcription companies in Kenya include Rev transcription Kenya, Speechpad transcription, and Castingword transcription.

Captioning Jobs in Kenya

Captioning, on of the freelance jobs in Kenya, is a process in which text-based closed captions are created from a video to audio. Captioning is a rising trend in Kenya online jobs as an online work from home job, unlike academic writing. Just like transcribing, in a good work week, you can gain more than $500 a week from captioning jobs in Kenya.

You will be required to create accounts with some of the transcription companies in Kenya such as Rev and Captioning Star Among other sites.

Image to Text Writing Jobs

This is just like any typing job, you get paid to type different texts for newspapers and magazines and get paid as low as $5 a page to as high as $100. It can be likened to transcription, and is one of the easiest online jobs in Kenya for students you can find, as long as you have good typing speed.

Content Writing

Content writing is one of the most popular freelance jobs in Kenya. It is similar to academic writing only that it does not involve any scholarly articles. In content writing, the writer is allowed to use fiction in his/ her writings and it is mainly done for marketing purposes.

Some sites that offer content writing online jobs in Kenya for students include Fiverr, Upwork, and iWriter. If you are looking for the best online paying jobs in Kenya, you can’t go wrong with content writing.

Resume Writing

On the list of profitable online jobs in Kenya for students is resume writing. It allows you to write Résumés for clients from all over. They give you their details and you create a résumé for them. The pricing will range from $6.5- $15 per résumé.

These are perfect online jobs for stay at home mums in Kenya since they take less effort and time.

Manuscript Writing

This might just be the most paying typing job out there. You are generally paid to create manuscripts on different subjects. It is among the top freelance jobs in Kenya that allows you to earn as low as $28 an hour to projects paying as high as $400.

A good site you could try this at is the People Per Hour site online.

Work at Home Jobs in Kenya: Tutoring

So many sites have popped up in which tutors are now able to work from home with students from all over the world which presents the opportunity to work from home jobs that are online. Tutoring is one of the most popular online jobs in Kenya for students.

Tutoring sites include:

Chegg tutors

One of the fastest growing field is the online tutoring field. This allows you to share your vast knowledge with students from different places as you work from home.

Chegg tutors are one of the places that allow you to teach students at a good fee. You are paid per lesson and the lowest amount you could earn is $6.


This is an organization that offers Kenyans the ability to work from home, tutoring students in the USA. You can gain from $4 to $18 an hour making it a major option for the 50 work from home jobs in Kenya you should look out for.


Skooli provides a platform that matches students to teachers over the internet. It allows users to work from home. You can earn from $3 an hour depending on your level of expertise and yet all you need is your ID copy and a degree in the related field.


For teachers, this is another platform that you will find use among the 50 work from home jobs in Kenya. It pays as much as $16 an hour for teaching students from all around. All you have to do is sign up on their platform and start.

Online Work in Kenya: Graphic Design

It involves the creation of logos, brand names, and brand slogans that are catchy enough for businesses and companies. If you are a designer, then you should have no trouble finding online work in Kenya. Design skills are in high demand, now more than ever before.

Logo designing

Just as the word says, you get paid to design logos for companies and brands while at the comfort of your home. This may allow you to earn as much as $200 per design, making it one of the major ways of working from home in Kenya. You can be able to do this job by signing into sites like Upwork and truelancer. For advanced designers, this is one of the best online paying jobs in Kenya.

Slogan and Business Name Writing

Imagine getting paid for tasks as easy as naming businesses and giving them slogans. You can be paid up to $50 for naming a business and up to $100 for giving a business a slogan. This is one of the easiest work at home jobs in Kenya.

In most cases, you have to bid your way to get the money but as long as you are creative enough, then you have a chance of earning more. Sites like Upwork, Namesmith, Naming, and Name station are well known for this.

Designing Flyers and Brochures

Just like the naming and slogan branding, in this, you are paid to design flyers for businesses and designing their brochures. You can sign into sites like Fiverr and Upwork where you will be able to meet with clients.

This can give you payment of as low as $10 to as high as $150.

Product Description

It might not be among the major work from home jobs out there, but thanks to sites like Fiverr, people can find clients who require you to write a description of their product that can help them increase their sales.

The pay will range from $10 up to $75 per description.

Online Forex Trading

The list of 50 work from home Jobs in Kenya would not be complete without listing down online forex trading. Forex trading is done through buying and selling of currencies such as the USD and GBP in an online platform know as MT4. Trading forex requires some trading skills just like any other online jobs out there.

If you are interested in our online Forex trading course, you can check our full course details.

You can check the list of forex brokers regulated by the Kenya Capital Markets Authority (CMA) and select one of your choice.

Kenya Online Jobs: Online surveys

This is a favorite among the 50 work from home jobs in Kenya. You sign up for a survey site and then you are paid to answer questions regarding a brand or around your location. When it comes to online work in Kenya, this is one of the easiest jobs you will find.

This can allow you to earn up to $200 per survey. A good site you could look into is Swagbucks and Respondent.


Podcasts give you the ability to talk to people like you are on your radio station. Podcasts have recently become a growing trend because all you need to be able to launch a podcast series of your own is a computer and a microphone.

The main ways of earning as a podcast host are through direct sponsors and direct funding from fans. You also have the chance to market goods and services for a fee once you expand.


Blogging can simply be defined as self-publishing of media online. This may involve articles or photographs, but becoming a blogger allows a person to become an online influencer.

As such brands and businesses will most likely approach you and let you market them for a price. All you need to blog is to pick a site, preferably social media sites where you can blog.

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YouTube can allow you to make money as much as you may want if you can build up your fan base. It’s a good option if you are looking for online work in Kenya. Making something go viral on YouTube is going to be key towards making good money online.

Though its pay rate is kind of low currently at $1 for every 1450 views, if you can amass millions of views in a single video the better for you.


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Social Media Management

Working from home as a social media manager will allow you to get paid for managing other people’s social media platforms. You may be tasked to get followers or make an account active and earn from it.

It is paid either per month basis or on weekly basis and has the capability of making you up to $399 to $5000 a month.

SEO Services

Offering SEO services means that you work towards giving your client’s website more traffic. You work to make sure that the website is easily and readily found.

SEO services pay monthly but allow you to work from home creating payments from as low as $200 up to $3000 a month. Finding SEO online work in Kenya requires you to first build your skills.

Start Directory Websites

A directory website is a list of business locations, contact information and, websites that are grouped for easy access. Providing this information will attract traffic to your website making you able to do affiliate marketing and earning from Google AdSense and some commission from referrals.

Trading Domain Names

This will constitute buying domain names that are catchy and selling them at a slightly higher price than you bought them. This allows you to make some extra income while working at home

Sponsored Posts

You can work from home and get paid by publishing articles on your site. This means that you may either be tasked with writing or the company will approach you with the article you should write. It offers really good pay.

Research Analyst

It is a contract-based work from home kind of a job that allows you to analyze the researches of different companies. This may have you making $30k- $110k while working from home.

Social Content Specialist

This work is similar to a social media manager, but unlike social media manager, you have to administer social media content across social media platforms such as Facebook for engagement.

Internet Assessment

Internet assessors work on evaluating search engines. It is a well-paying job that can allow you to make $34k to $100k. It is a competitive profession that will require stiff verification procedures.

Start an Online Forum

Starting an online forum means creating a platform where people pay to meet other people and probably share knowledge. A good example of this is the Wazua created for finance talks and people interested in that.

In-Home Day Care

Daycare at your house would not be something you would look up to unless you love kids. This allows you to earn some extra income by taking care of kids while still at home.

Affiliate marketing

This allows you to work from home by selling other people’s or companies’ products. After selling their products you can earn a commission. This can be done through sites such as Airbnb, and CJ Affiliate.

Selling Digital Information Products

Digital information products will include goods or services such as e-books and  PDFs. You can sell these goods online and also get a small percentage from the sales, or a commission given to you.

Selling Physical Goods Online

The rise of platforms such as Jumia and OLX in Kenya has provided a good chance for traders and sellers to meet on a common platform. You can sell real goods online through this platform and making that extra money all at the comfort of your home.


There is no limit to the number of platforms out there offering work from home jobs online. This is a list of online jobs for stay at home mums in Kenya that are worth trying to take a look at.

Most of them are easy to withdraw funds from using PayPal, M-Pesa, or direct bank deposits.

Other platforms you should take a look at are: Abarila foundation, Hiresine, Talent desire, Flex Jobs, Ajira Digital, Freelancer, LinkedIn, and Zip Recruiter.

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