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Crypto trading training

Crypto Trading Training

If you’ve landed on this page, it’s likely that you’re captivated by the world of cryptocurrency trading. Whether you’re eager to learn the art of crypto trading or have been diligently searching for online cryptocurrency trading training and the top crypto mentors in Kenya, you’re in the right place.

Cryptocurrency trading has swiftly become one of the most sought-after skills, particularly among those looking to seize opportunities in the digital asset markets. With over 5 years of experience in the crypto industry, we’re here to equip you with the essential trading skills and the mindset required to navigate the ever-evolving world of digital currencies with precision.

Our commitment to your success knows no bounds. We spare no effort in ensuring that you become a part of the growing community of prosperous cryptocurrency traders in Kenya.

Take advantage of our ever-active online trading room and gain unrestricted access to our trading floor and experienced mentors at your convenience. Your journey towards mastering cryptocurrency trading starts here.

 Complete Beginner To Advanced Crypto Trading Course

Are you ready to elevate your crypto trading skills from a beginner to an advanced level? Our online cryptocurrency trading training course is meticulously crafted to transform you into a profitable and consistent trader, guided by mentors who possess profound expertise in the field. Train and trade alongside the finest crypto traders and trainers in Kenya.

Unlock the financial freedom and the lifestyle you’ve been longing for by dedicating yourself to this transformative opportunity. Embrace this life-changing chance and embark on a journey towards realizing your financial aspirations through the world of cryptocurrencies.


Smart Contracts



Everything you need to become a crypto GOAT in one course

✔️Variety Crypto Trading Techniques

✔️Technical & Fundamental Crypto Analysis

✔️Live Crypto Trading and Webinar Sessions

✔️Lifetime Mentorship in Our Premium Crypto VIP Group

✔️Access to Free Daily Crypto Signals and Set-Ups

✔️Access High-Premium Crypto Learning Resources

What is required

✔️A personal computer or a laptop

✔️The desire to learn how to trade on the crypto market


About our Full Online Crypto Trading Training Course

8 Modules
24 lessons
8+ Assesments/Quizes
120+ hrs Content (Video/Reading Materials)
Over 150 Students Enrolled

Perfect for Beginners and Intermediate Traders

This Course Is For You If


✔️Are a novice or intermediate trader eager to refine your crypto trading expertise

✔️Seek an opportunity to delve into the world of cryptocurrency investing

✔️Crave greater independence in your life and prefer not to be tethered to a single company or project

✔️Aspire to seize control of your trading skills and generate online income through cryptocurrency

✔️Desire the potential to earn from the comfort of your own home in the exciting field of crypto trading

✔️Find the prospect of crypto trading intriguing and are prepared to embrace the challenges it presents

✔️Work in the online realm and aim to diversify your skillset with crypto trading knowledge

✔️Acknowledge that crypto trading carries risks and are committed to approaching it with the right mindset

This Course Is Not for You If  

❌You’re seeking a shortcut to overnight wealth in the crypto world

❌ You’re after a passive and effortless way to make quick money in the realm of cryptocurrencies

❌Your primary aim is to swiftly resolve financial difficulties, such as debt repayment, mortgage or loan obligations, using crypto

❌You’re not willing to invest the time and effort required to learn and master the art of crypto trading

❌You lack faith in your ability to commit and acquire the necessary skills for crypto trading

❌You perceive crypto trading as mere gambling, rather than a legitimate form of investment

❌ Your sole objective is to execute a single high-profit trade without considering other critical factors like emotions or global economic developments

❌ You believe you already possess a complete understanding of crypto trading without room for further learning and growth

Our Crypto Trading Training Fee

How to  sign Up for the Online Crypto Trading Course

Want to Sign-Up to the best Online Crypto Trading Academy in Kenya? Its easy!

⭐Register with Required Fee via Buy Goods and Services our Till No. (811 486- Brains With Concepts)

⭐Forward your email address to our team on 0796 621 588

⭐Get Personal Class Logins

⭐Start Training and Interacting with our trainers

⭐Start Crypto Trading

⭐Graduate to a Crypto Nerd

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SignUp with Fee

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Get Class Logins

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Start Training

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Start Crypto Trading

Graduate to a Crypto Nerd

The Crypto Trading Master Class BONUS Package!!

Live Trading with our Team

Premium Tools and Materials

Lifetime Mentorship

Regular Trading Webinars

Regular Trading Tips

Access to our Crypto Bootcamps

Why we are the best Kenyan Crypto Traders & Trainers

Over 10 Years combined Trading Experience

Simple Yet Highly Effective Trading Strategy

100% Transparency (MyfxBook Verified Results)

Train anywhere, Anytime

Earn While you Learn

Regular Physical Trading bootcamps

with previous and ongoing students

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What does your Crypto trading course cover?

The course covers the basics and advanced levels of Crypto trading. You will learn your way into the blockchain technology, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, smart contracts, DeFi, and NFTs.

What is the Format of the Crypto Trading Course?

The format of the course is an interactive E-learning portal with pre-recorded video tutorials, PowerPoint presentations, downloadable templates, and practice sessions. Necessary support and assessment is offered through online Zoom and physical sessions by our team of trainers as you proceed through the course

How do you conduct your Crypto Trading Training?

We employ a hybrid learning model that combines the E-learning portal, online Zoom & physical sessions to foster a great learning experience for our students. All students have lifetime access to the E-learning portal and can revisit the course anytime they wish even after the training.

How Soon Can I Start the Course?

As soon as you pay the required fee, you get special logins to instantly access the course material and also schedule online Zoom or physical sessions with your personal trainer

How Much Does Course Cost?

Training costs Ksh 20,000 inclusive of lifetime mentorship

How Long does the Training Take?

On average, if you are a complete beginner you will need at least 2-3 weeks; learning 4hrs a day. If you already have the crypto basics, it may take less time

Can I Pay in Installments?

No, all payment is made upfront to ensure a smooth learning experience

How do I Enroll for the Crypto Trading Master Class

⭐ Register with the required Fee

M-pesa: >> (Buy Goods and Services 811486-Brains With Concepts)

⭐ Send Your Email Address to our team on 0796 621 588

⭐ Get Student Logins

⭐ Start Training

⭐ Graduate to Live Trading

Why do you Charge for Training and Mentorship?

You see, our Crypto trading course is not just the ‘cheap dirt training’ being sold by online gurus everywhere. Ours is a transformation journey from a losing trader to a winning trader. It is an opportunity for you to upgrade your forex trading skills big time. It is not only about starting at a much-skilled level, but also about gaining that exclusive knowledge gathered and developed by our forex trainers and mentors in the field for years. Additionally, the fee is a sign of commitment for the value we are offering you. It will therefore be less hectic if we can limit the interaction to only those who have already shown some level of commitment.

Does the Course Need any Background Qualification?

No. You do not need any background qualifications to take the course. Our Crypto course is suited for any person who can take and understand simple instructions. Computer literacy is needed.

How Much do I need to start Crypto Trading?

We advice to build your crypto portfolio with little investments as you scale up the ladder once you are confident with your skills. As low as 50$ is good to get started with a few coins

What Makes your Course Different From the Others?

There are many reasons, here are a few:

⭐ Our team is composed of full-time Crypto traders and we have created the course by ourselves. This means you are being taught by real traders, not by a stand-up on-stage salesman who has never traded before.

⭐ We employ different crypto trading strategies built upon sound, proven techniques that work in the crypto world.

⭐Our course works for you regardless of where you live in the world, your experience, and also regardless of which style of trader you are.

⭐ The live trading room webinars are fantastic. We teach and employ different crypto techniques live in front of you in real-time.

⭐ We make Daily trading suggestions every day which allows you to follow along and “earn while you learn”. We mention the tokens we’re trading, the direction, the reasons why we’re taking the trades along with my exact entry and exit levels.

How Much do Crypto Traders Make?

Crypto traders have no fixed income, unlike the 9-5 job. Your income is pegged on the size of your trading portfolio, trading experience, the volume of trades and ability to execute and manage risk as needed, and the kind of investment strategy you choose to build your crypto portfolio.

How can I Reach Your Team?

Book an appointment to our office or call us via 0796 621 588 . You can also click the WhatsApp button to reach us instantly.

Want to get started? We will be Glad to Assist You

⭐We pride ourselves as the best forex academy in Kenya having taught and mentored more than 1000+ students on how to earn a living straight from their living homes doing crypto trading

⭐Want to get started? Enroll with our offer price of Ksh 20,000 and receive our professional crypto trading training inclusive of lifetime mentorship

⭐Even if you’ve never heard about crypto before, you don’t have any fancy finance degrees or credentials, or even the idea of crypto trading for a living sounds like an impossible dream…

⭐We are going to show you what’s working in the real world of crypto trading

Limited Spots available!

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Disclaimer: Trading cryptocurrencies carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. Past performance is not indicative of future results and the high degree of leverage can work against you as well as for you. Before deciding to invest in cryptocurrencies you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. It should not be assumed that the methods, techniques, or systems presented in this product will be 100% profitable, or that they will not result in any losses. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and therefore you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. Any opinions or information contained on this website or our products is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be personal financial advice. It’s important to be aware of the risks tied to crypto trading and seek advice from an independent financial advisor if you have any doubts. Your financial security is paramount to us, and we want you to approach crypto trading with a clear grasp of its associated risks.

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