How to Make $1000 a Month Working From Home

make 1000$ a month working from home
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How to make $1000 a month from home is a question that most Kenyans, especially students, stay-at-home mums, and jobless youths keep asking themselves. With the advent of technology and the internet, it is possible to make 1000$ while working from home. Having had a good experience in the online employment field, I am here to give you the most proven ways to make money, earn a living, and sustain yourself without leaving your house. As absurd as it sounds, people are making money from home, and some are making much more than people in employment. If you are reading this article, you are probably looking for work from home ideas.

Wondering how to make 1000$ a month online? Here are 20 real work from home jobs in Kenya

  1. Online Writing

Online writing is regarded creating texts that can be used as articles for academic purposes. Online writing is one of the easiest and most lucrative ways to make 1000$ in a month working from home. All you need is a working laptop or computer and a stable internet connection to begin a successful writing career.

Advantages of Online Writing

How to make 1000$ in a month working from home can be achieved by working as an online writer. Writing is also flexible since one can take up tasks that they can easily complete with flexible deadlines. The beauty of online writing is that your effort pays you; the more the tasks you complete, the more the pay you can earn.

Disadvantages of Online Writing

Without a computer and a stable internet connection, one can not work. It is impossible to use a smartphone to type lengthy articles and assignments. Working as a writer also needs full-time attention because one needs to be available to handle any revisions or changes requested by a client. Failure to address the modifications can lead to fines, thus reducing profit margins and negatively affecting your rating.

  1. Forex Trading

Forex trading is the global exchange of one currency with another. Forex is one of the most active markets in the world, with a trading volume of 5 trillion dollars. With forex trading, how to make 1000$ in a month working from home is not a problem. Once you learn the secrets of trading, money comes flowing abundantly.

Advantages of Forex Trading

There is always a potential for making money when you trade currencies regardless of whether the market is rising or falling. The transaction costs incurred during trading are relatively low, which increases the profit margins. The market is also highly liquid, which allows you to move volumes of money in and out. The forex market is active for five days a week, which increases your money-making chances.

Disadvantages of Forex Trading

            If you can not handle huge losses, forex trading is not the place for you. As you win big, you also stand to lose big; therefore, if you can’t stand to see your money go, do not trade. Without due diligence, one can easily lose their money by investing with the wrong broker.

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  1. Real estate

Real estate deals with the buying, selling, leasing, and managing property to make money. The property includes land, buildings, and natural resources are also included. In the real estate business, profits can be made through short and fast property sales, leasing property for agricultural purposes, renting out buildings and houses for business, temporary and permanent residences.This is the third method to make 1000$ in a month working from home.

Advantages of real estate

The main advantage of real estate is that property and buildings continually appreciate, which guarantees the investor a steady cash flow source that is passive. Real estate is also a good source of leverage; it can act as collateral whenever you need to borrow large amounts of money from banks. Real estate is also a good way to diversify your source of income.

Disadvantages of real estate

Real estate is not a liquid asset. Therefore, it can not be easily converted into cash when needed. Properties also require constant maintenance and renovations, which can be quite costly. When purchasing buildings and properties, the transaction costs are relatively high, making real estate an expensive investment.

  1. Online transcription

Transcription allows one to make money at home by changing speech into words. Transcription involves listening to audio and writing what you have heard. Transcription is one of the best online jobs that help people make money from home because it is simple, and it requires minimal experience before one can start earning. If you’ve been wondering how to make 1000 dollars a month online, this is how.

Advantages of transcription

Transcription is quite simple, and it needs minimal experience before one can start earning. It is also one of the most flexible online jobs; it allows one to set their working hours, making it possible to practice it as a part-time or full-time job. Transcription does not require expensive equipment. As long as you have earphones or headphones and a laptop, you are good to go.

Disadvantages of transcription

The flow of work is not consistent all through. There are times of the year when there is no flow of work; therefore, one should maximize when there is heavy workflow. Transcription clients are also not as consistent. They come and go making it a task to keep searching for clients.

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  1. Completing online surveys

Online surveys are tools used for empirical research and study and taking official statistics of a population. Through survey websites, people are paid to complete questionnaires that give information about a target audience. Most surveys collect information about products, markets, and industry trends. Online surveys involve sharing information in the form of words or pictures.

Advantages of online surveys

            Online surveys are inexpensive and convenient because smartphones can complete them. Besides, one does not need consistent internet; they can purchase a flexible bundle to complete the survey. They are also fun to do since they do not involve thinking and research. They are also easy to use, and most of them guarantee instant payment.

Disadvantages of online surveys

Unlike transcription and academic writing, online surveys do not pay a lot of money. The maximum pay a website can give is five dollars, which is not much. The surveys are also not as frequent, making online services unreliable for people seeking full-time online employment.

  1. Airbnb

An Airbnb is an online marketplace that connects people who rent out their homes to individuals who need accommodation in a specific area. Airbnb’s are residential houses and not hotels, making them cheaper and more accessible. It has become of the most lucrative businesses in Kenya.

Advantages  of Airbnb’s

            Airbnb’s make it easy to passively generate income by temporarily leasing out property to people. The amount that can be earned is unlimited because the property can be leased or rented out every day. The amount paid in a month is higher than fixed rent since the property is charged on a daily basis.

Disadvantages of Airbnb’s

            Property damage is the biggest challenge that hosts are facing, especially when they host rowdy party-goers. The income can also be erratic, especially when people are not booking the property. Bad reviews and customer complaints can affect how people book the property, and in some cases, dealing with negative reviews can be quite challenging and taxing.

  1. Blog

With a defined niche and interesting blog topics, one can make money by building a following. Once a good following is established, one can sell their advertising space to brands as banners on their websites. One can also write advertorials for companies and get paid for sponsoring the content. Through the blog, one can also be hired to write content for social media pages.

Advantages of  blogging

With a defined blog and a website, it is easy to get paid through clients who want their products to reach a larger audience. Blogging is inexpensive; the only things needed are a website, working internet, and a laptop to type the work on. Creatives and people who are passionate about certain topics are lucky because they do not need research to create engaging posts.

Disadvantages of blogging

Sometimes people may leave inappropriate and rude comments that affect the following, thus reducing traffic. Finding consistent and engaging content can become difficult, which subsequently reduces the followers. The information published in a blog is accessible by everyone. Therefore suggestive blogs can reduce the following and chase away potential clients.

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  1. Affiliate marketing

One of the best work from home ideas is affiliate marketing, where a company pas an individual for each visitor that visits their website and each customer who purchases their products. One of Kenya’s best affiliate marketing companies is Jumia which pays people whenever Jumia products are purchased through them. Lucrative International affiliate marketing programs or companies include, commission junction and share a sale.

Advantages of affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is an ideal work from home job in Kenya because it is low-risk and requires very little investment to start up. Affiliate marketing gives one the freedom to target their traffic, choosing the kind of products they want to identify with. Affiliate marketing can also help one create reliable partnerships with brands and influencers who can increase traffic by exposing your brand to more clients.

Disadvantages of affiliate marketing

            There is a lot of competition in the affiliate marketing field; therefore, your game has to be good. It also takes some time before one can be established as an affiliate marketer, which begs for a lot of patience and self-discipline when starting. Choosing the right products to market can be difficult, resulting in bad partnerships.

  1. Create a youtube channel

Youtube has become a real work from home job for many people. Through Youtube, people can create educative or entertaining videos and get paid for the number of subscribers, and their view time. Youtube is being accessed by billions of people daily, making it easy to make money from the platform. This is one of the best methods of how to make 1000 dollars a month online.

Advantages of a Youtube channel

Youtube is an easy way of making money passively since videos can be viewed and earn money while you sleep. Viral Youtube channels can attract paid partnerships with brands, and in some cases land you paid advertising jobs that earn even more money. The amount of money earned through a Youtube channel is unlimited, especially when social media accounts are involved.

Disadvantages of a youtube channel

Youtube has many rules, limiting what one posts on their channel. Building a Youtube following requires time, effort, and consistency. Without these, it is hard to build a steady following. To produce Youtube content, one need s a clear camera or a phone with a good camera which can be expensive to purchase.


  1. Podcasts

Podcasts are spoken word episodes or series about specific topics that people listen to on their phones. It is a real work from home job where people earn from producing insightful audio. Depending on the content’s validity, and the following the podcast has, brands can sponsor one to market them, and they can also earn through selling their products and services.

Advantages of podcasts

            Podcats are an efficient way to communicate, and since they are portable, they can be listened to anywhere, anytime. Therefore if quality content is produced, it is not difficult to get real clients to consume the services. Podcasts are also easy to produce, especially when certain about the content’s validity.

Disadvantages of podcasts

Before the earning process begins, one has to produce a consistent program to get serious business and start making money. Unlike Youtube Channels, podcasts require one to treat them like a business to make money. Without selling products, services and regularly producing captivating episodes, the following wll be minimal, and brands will not hire the podcast.

  1. Create an online course

Creating online courses is one of the best work from home jobs in Kenya, but it reqires expertise. If you are an expert in academic fields, or areas like fitness, life coaching or beauty, you can create an online class and sell it. As many people are looking to learn things online without physically being in class, creating an easy and well packaged online course can get you clients who can make you 1000$ in a month.

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Advantages of online classes

When one has the necessary skills, it is easy to make money through online classes. People will only agree to purchase an online class that is neat, organized, easy to understand and beneficial to them. As an online creator, the most important thing is the output’s quality and its educative power.

Disadvantages of online classes

Online classes are difficult to create because they require professional equipment like cameras to produce good quality content. Before beginning this career, one must properly be skilled, which can take some time before learning the dynamics. To teach online classes, one must also be confident in front of cameras, which is a skill that takes time to learn.


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  1. Data entry

Data entry is the updating of data into a computer system. Most companies with websites are hiring data entry clerks to upload captcha entries and to perform tasks that require page entries. A good profile on websites like Fiverr and Upwork guarantee one more chance to get work.

Advantages of data entry

Data entry is an inexpensive job which is one of the best jobs for stay at home mums because of its simplicity. One only needs a computer and an internet connection to complete tasks. How to make 1000$ a month working from home is easy through data entry since one is paid per entry.

Disadvantages of data entry

Data entry is not a passive way to make money; the more you work, the more you can earn. To make good money through data entry, one must be experienced and fast. Finding a genuine data entry company is an uphill task since most companies in the market fail to pay their clerks.

  1. Online tutoring

Online tutoring has become one of the best work from home jobs in Kenya. All one needs is to host a class through platforms like zoom or google meet. Online tutoring is like having a virtual classroom, where people can pay to be taught similar to what they would have done from a physical school.

Advantages of online tutoring

The beauty of online tutoring s that one has the freedom to teach from anywhere. With a good microphone and a camera, any tutor can organize a google meet, skype, or a zoom meeting with their students and teach them online.

Disadvantages of online tutoring

Online classes open opportunities for distraction since there is minimal supervision. With minimal discipline, students are not likely to learn much. Technology issues are also a problem since some people might lack updated technology and s stable internet connection.

  1. Becoming a virtual assistant

Earning money as a virtual assistant is lucrative since one earns from 10$ to 30$ per hour, making it an eligible answer to the how to make 1000 dollars a month online. Virtual assistants provide technical, creative and some administrative services from their homes’ comfort.

Advantages of being a virtual assistant

One can choose who they want to work for as long as they fit their criteria. Being a virtual assistant also gives one the freedom to set their rrates. The expense of becoming a virtual assistant is minimal since one requires a smartphone and a laptop.

Disadvantages of becoming a virtual assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant requires one to be skilled to get well paying clients. Sometimes being a virtual assistant needs one to perform mundane tasks like paying taxes.

  1. Selling homemade items

This is one of the ideal jobs for stay-at-home mums. All one needs is to make items like floor mats, decorative flower vases, beautiful wall hangings, bracelets, and earrings, to mention a few. Through social media pages, they can advertise their products, build their clientele, and begin a successful career.

Advantages of selling homemade items

The goods are made from the comfort of the home, and one is free to explore their creativity and make anything they want. The more creative they are, the more their freedom when it comes to charging their goods. It is also easy to retain a clientele since they can identify with a specific person’s goods.

Disadvantages of selling homemade items

            The materials required to make the goods can be expensive to purchase. The selling of homemade items mostly relies on marketing. Poor marketing skills can lead to stalled goods and losses in the long run. The selling of homemade goods also relies on quality; therefore, poor quality things will not get potential buyers, which are losses in the long run.

  1. Testing websites

Companies today are paying people to test their websites’ workability and feasibility. They pay people to give honest reviews about how the general crowd will perceive the website once it is released. This way, they know how to make the right corrections.

Advantages of testing websites

It is a simple work from home job in Kenya where you only surf the website, take relevant notes for a website, and you are done. It also requires minimum resources when beginning, and one is paid per website review.

Disadvantages of testing websites

To become a good website tester, fluency in English is reqired. Computer literacy skills and some website experience are required to know what aspects require a change in a website.

  1. Recording audiobooks

Today, most people read books by listening to audios. As more books are being written every day, there is the need to turn these books into audios. Publishing companies can show you how to make 1000$ a month working from home by converting books into audios.

Advantages of recording audiobooks

Recording audiobooks is easy, and one can do it from home provided they have good recording equipment. It is also a real work from home job where authors and publishers pay lucrative amounts of money to have their books turned into audios.

Disadvantages of recording audiobooks

To record an audio book, one has to be fluent in a language. It also requires pricy equipment that can record clear and high-quality audio that has minimized noise and background disturbances. The recording equipment is also expensive to purchase.

  1. Opening an online shop

Online shops have become one of the most popular work from home jobs in Kenya. One can create a website with an online shop, and its choice is endless. Once a niche has been established, getting clientele becomes easy. The range of products includes; clothes, shoes, electronics, stationery, and furniture.

Advantages of online shops

Established online shops have the advantage of not paying for physical space to display their objects. They save a lot on expenses like rent and business licenses. These businesses also offer proprietors the opportunity to choose their products and market them to the best of their ability.

Disadvantages of online shops

For an online shop to be successful, many strategies have to be employed. There have to be aspects like social media, an elaborate customer care service, and a well placed delivery technique. The success of the business also depends on the quality of the product. Poor quality products will not get the best customers.

  1. Sell the pictures you take

Most people are not aware but selling pictures is a lucrative way to make 1000 dollars a month online working from home in Kenya. If you take good photos on your phone, or better yet if you are a professional photographer interested in selling your pictures online, there are websites and companies which pay for pictures online. These include; iStockPhotos , Dreamstime, and Shutterstock.

Advantages of selling pictures you take

If you are a photographer who takes creative pictures through your phone or your camera, you can easily make money by selling them as stock files to people online. These clients pay you to use your pictures in restaurants and their websites.

Disadvantages of selling pictures online

The only pictures which can be bought online must be of good quality. It must be good enough t be printed to any size. The photography equipment used to take these pictures is expensive.

  1. Social media account management

Managing social media accounts for companies has become one of the best full-time work to make 1000$ in a month working from home ideas for many young people. Most social influencers, online stores and companies are hiring people to manage their social media accounts and engage the audience on their behalf

Advantages of social media account management

Not only is social media a real work from home job, but it is also inexpensive since one can use a smartphone to do it.  The job also requires basic skills, and anyone active on social media can do it.

Disadvantages of social media account management

To be hired as a good social media account manager, one must have good social media skills. They must know their audience and know how to keep them engaged. They must also be very responsive to the questions asked, and they must know how to grow the page’s audience.


Making 1000$ money from home is something everyone has always thought about. In Kenya today, most people are making money from home without setting foot outside. There are plenty of ways to work from home; you just have to find what works for you.

There is something for everyone, from university students, to full-time employees and even jobs for stay at home mums. How to make 1000$ a month working from home can stop being a question if you make one or some of these online jobs your full-time career. Sometimes the results might not be immediate, but once you become good at it, the income appreciates tenth fold.

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