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If you are on this page, chances are that maybe you love writing, you want to learn how to write, or you have been constantly googling online writing jobs, online writing training, or something closely related to work from home jobs.


Freelance writers are in high demand, but there’s a lot of competition.


You have to stay ahead of the game by learning from the best.


If you want to advance your writing career and make more money doing online writing, you just landed on a gold mine and you gotta grab that chance now!


Our online writing course is the solution for aspiring freelance writers who want to learn the writing skill, or up their game AND get paid more. Whether you are a student looking for a side hustle, lost your job or a full time employee looking for a side hustle to supplement your income, you stand to gain a lot from our professional online writing training.

Are you ready to start making money online through online writing?

We all know the internet is a great place to start your business, but it can be hard to figure out where to begin. Worry Not!

 We are here to hold your hand!

Academic Writing

Article Writing

Copy Writing


Start your online writing career with our professional online writing training

Made by our best trainers, our online writing course guarantees you success in the freelance writing world if ONLY you follow what is expected of you.

Get paid for online writing jobs while working from home.

 Our Online writing course is ideal for

✔️People passionate with online work

✔️Stay at home mums looking for extra income

✔️Students looking for part-time online work

✔️Full time employees looking for a side hustle to supplement their income.

From Zero to Hero; here is exactly what our online writing course teaches you:


✔️What is online writing and how to make real money from it

✔️Legitimate freelance writing companies to work with as a starter

✔️How to source and find high paying direct clients

✔️How to get your 1st job with ZERO experience after the training

✔️The 5 secret formula to write an engaging article

✔️How to write a high converting copy

✔️How to scale up your freelance writing business a 6 figures

Benefits Of Our Course


📌Detailed and tailor made to meet a beginner needs

📌Learn at the comfort of your home

📌Crafted by the industry experts (over 7years)

📌20 Modules with 82 In-depth Lessons

📌150+hrs of PDF content

📌100hrs+ of Video Tutorials

📌Assessment test after every session

📌 Unlimited support and Life time mentorship

📌Job opportunity to best performers

📌A one week internship in our office as you learn and interact from our team (optional)



Whats Inside the Freelance Writing MasterClass Training?


20 Modules
82 lessons
+200 hrs Content (Video/Reading Materials)
10+ Assesments/Quizes/End of Module Tasks
Over 200 writers Enrolled

Perfect for Beginners and Intermediate Freelance Writers

This Course Is For You If


✔️You are a beginner/intermediate writer & want to sharpen your writing skills

✔️You are looking for online writing jobs for students

✔️You are interested to learn how to get paid doing legit online writing jobs

✔️You want to take charge of your skill to generate income online

✔️You are interested to make money from your living room

✔️You are looking for online writing jobs for beginners

✔️You are an academic writer and want to advance to content/copy writing

✔️You are an article writer and you want to diversify to an academic writer.

This Course Is Not Yours If


❌You are looking for a lazy and quick way to make money online

❌You are NOT ready to put in the work to learn and master the skill

❌You DONT believe in your ability to commit and learn the skill

❌Your goal is just to make money, NOT learn anything new

❌You THINK that freelance writing is for lazy people who can’t find a 9-5 job

❌You think working online is a scam in the current digital world

❌ You’re looking for an easy way out of the rat race

How to  sign Up for the Course

Do you want to learn from the best online writing academy on the planet? Its Easy!

⭐ Register with Fee (40$) via Buy Goods and Services our Till No. (811 486- Brains With Concepts) or Safe Paypal Check out here
⭐ Forward your email Address to our team on 0736 322 100
⭐ Get Student Logins
⭐ Carry Out the Course
⭐ Await Assessment/Feedback
⭐ Graduate

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Start the Course

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Enroll Now

The Freelance Writing Master Class BONUS Package!!

Brief internship in our office as you learn and interact with our team (optional)

Certificate Upon Completion

Lifetime Mentorship

Regular emails and Tips

Regular Job updates

Free access to our physical freelance  writing Boot-camps


Student Reviews: What the Say About Us


What Does The Course Cover?

The course covers academic writing, article writing, copy writing and SEO.

What Is The Format Of The Course?

The format of the course is in an interactive learning portal with Recorded Videos & Tutorials, Presentations, PDFs, Quizzes and Practice Sessions.

Necessary support and assessment is offered through email and Phone calls by our team of trainers as you proceed through the course.

How Long Does The Training Take?

The training is self-paced and there is no limited time for you to take the course. You do it at your own pace. Most trainees take 3-5 days to complete.

However, if you happen to take longer we highly recommend 2 Weeks Maximum in order to get proper feedback and assessment from our trainers.

How Soon Can I Start The Course?

As soon as you pay the required fee, you get special logins instantly to access the course material.

How Much Does Course Cost?

The course costs 40$ (Ksh 4000) inclusive of our lifetime mentorship to our online writing academy. This is a onetime fee and you can log in any time to access our premium course.

Can I Pay In Installments?

No, we dont allow installments.

How do I Enroll for the Freelance writing Master Class

⭐ Register with Fee (40$) via Buy Goods and Services our Till No. (811 486- Brains With Concepts) or Safe Paypal Check out
⭐ Forward your email Address to our team on 0736 322 100
⭐ Get Student Logins
⭐ Carry Out the Course
⭐ Await Assessment/Feedback
⭐ Graduate

Why Do You Charge For Training And Mentorship?

The fee is a sign of commitment for the value we are offering you. It will therefore be less hectic if we can limit the interaction to only those who have already shown some level of commitment.

To be honest, there are a ton of online writing classes out there. Most, however, offer poor training and student support. That is why we wanted to make our online writing academy different.

Our students have a dedicated mentor and trainer matched with them. This expert has a very limited number of students assigned, so they can actually answer all the questions in a timely and dedicated and also need compensation for their good work 😊.

Does The Course Need Any Background Qualification?

No. You do not need any background qualifications to take the course. Our course is suited for any person who can read and write in English provided they have good grammar and basic computer skills.

Infact, form 4 leavers have also outperformed some college graduates depending on personal dedication.

Do You Offer Writing Jobs After The Course?

Yes. We do hire the best performers who complete our course successfully as part of our team. We also connect our trainees with legit employers in the industry. However, we do not guarantee a position once you complete our course since the course teaches you how to be an independent freelance writer.

How Much Do Freelance writers Make?

Freelance writers have no fixed income unlike the 9-5 job. Your salary is pegged on the rate card you charge your clients, the volume of orders you execute and how strategic you position yourself in the business. Ideally 1000-2000$ per month is an easy and achievable target for seasoned freelance writers.

How Can I Reach Your Team?

Book an appointment to our office or call us via 0784 411 069 or 0736 322 100

Want to get started? We will be Glad to Assist You

⭐We have taught and mentored more than 500+ students on how to earn a living straight from their living homes using this simple but powerful skill.

⭐Want to get started? Enroll now with our offer price of 40$ and receive our professional training inclusive of lifetime mentorship.

⭐Even if you’ve never written an article before, even if you don’t have any fancy degrees or credentials, even if the idea of getting paid to write sounds like an impossible dream…

⭐We are going to show you what’s working in the real world of freelance writing right now!

Limited Spots Available!

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We stand by our high-quality products and Services and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Disclaimer: We do NOT believe in get rich quick programs. We believe in hard work, adding value and dedication to reach your goals. It’s a fact that if one does not take action, one will see no results whatsoever. The results claimed on this page are from hard work, commitment and dedication by following through and taking action after learning. Your results are based upon your actions. There is no magic button that will fulfil your life with riches without effort. We are here to help and guide you to move forward faster by giving you insightful content, smart ideas and proven strategies to reach your end goal. We encourage you to purchase our informational products only if you are willing to put in the requisite effort.

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