25 Ways to Find Writing Jobs

list of 25 ways to find writing jobs
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Writing jobs have picked up over recent years and seem like it’s just not stopping. In the USA the average pay for a writer per year amounts to $44,366 according to statistics by PayScale Survey.

If you have been wondering where you can find freelance writing jobs for beginners then you just hit home. We have created a diverse list of 25 ways to find writing jobs and some freelance writing jobs from home you could take a look at. We take a look at some of the ways you can find writing jobs, either online or in an office.

  1. Network With Other Writers

Do you keep wondering where you can find freelance writing jobs with no experience? Well just ask other writers. This might be the easiest way of getting any writing jobs since I highly doubt if freelancing is a competition. Ask your friends, those you know either know a person in freelancing or are freelance writers themselves.

You get to be referred to the best places you can get writing gigs and at the same time, clients in need of writers may be referred back to you.


  1. Make Good use of Facebook Groups

The potential for writing gigs online and other online jobs are limitless on Facebook. There are so many groups that have been created just so you and any other beginner in writing can easily get linked to the writing jobs that are present.

You can keep popping in and out of these groups until you find a group that fully helped you in the writing gig you needed or you can post and ask if anyone needs a writer. Am pretty sure that at first glance you will find the job even without asking if anyone needs a writer.

  1. Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn has been of great help to many job seekers who have been helped in networking with clients. LinkedIn even got better recently after they introduced a job board. You just type the job you are searching for and you will find clients from all over in need of your services.

You just need to create a good portfolio on your LinkedIn account and with enough patience, you will be assured of getting a writing job.

  1. Reach out to Content Agencies

The number of content agencies is also growing. This means that there is a need for writers in these agencies and if you are looking for a freelancing job then this might be an option you can consider.

Content agencies require writers to come up with marketing messages that are engaging to the target audience. Okay, among the 25 ways to find writing jobs, this might not be the best since it requires experience but it’s a great place to look at especially if you know you can do such kind of work.

  1. Freelance Directories

The age of website directories has grown to the extent of not only featuring movies, series, and documents but also featuring freelance writing jobs from home for anyone to do. The freelance directories work just like any freelancing site since you have to create a profile that describes who you are and what you offer then clients will approach you.

  1. Cold Pitching

So this is not a place where you can find these writing jobs, but it really puts you out there as a writer. You can have your own writing drafts that you can send to clients, companies, startups and anyone who you think may require a writer. By doing this you allow them to see just how good of a writer you are giving them, even more, reason them to consider taking you up.

  1. Job Ads

The number of social media sites right now still baffles me. They keep showing ads and ads and you can find these writing ads especially on sites such as Facebook and all you have to do to have freelance writing jobs as you work from home is respond to the ads.

It’s a great way to find writing jobs since you are assured that the owner of the ad actually does need a writer and you need a client. Win-win.

  1. Job Board Tweets

Now away from Facebook, welcome to Twitter, another goldmine for finding writing gigs. There are so many accounts and job boards on Twitter. Following them means that you get a notification every single time they post for any opening for a writing job. You can have a look at a few of the job boards on Twitter namely; @writer_jobs, @whopayswriters, and @jjobs_tweets.

  1. Guest Post

Okay, this will cost you your time and resources without really helping you earn to buy it’s still worth it among the 25 ways to find writing jobs. You can have a guest post on several websites that require your help.

This puts your work in front of many possible clients and you can easily get referred by the website owner. It’s like an advertisement for the job you do to the website users, not a bad deal right?

  1. Local Writing Agencies

You can head out to your local writing agencies and just let them know that you are a writer for hire. This lets the agencies have an idea that they can call you up anytime they need a writing job done for them. You can also do this on an online basis by communicating to the agencies via their websites.

Some good writing agencies I know around Kenya for freelancers are Brains With Concepts and Falcon Writers. But the list is endless if you look hard enough.

  1. Referrals

You can get freelancing gigs and any writing job out there directly by being referred by a friend, family, or any client who you may had worked for or knows that you are a writer. You have to ask for friends to help you put yourself out there by referring you to people they probably know need writing services.

  1. Ghostwriting

This might be a bit scary but there is a reason that ghostwriting pays more than a normal freelancing job would. Ghostwriting means that you freelance write for a person unanimously.

It’s among the best 25 ways to find writing jobs because you have an unlimited number of endless possibilities in getting writing gigs. You can find ghostwriting jobs on most of the freelancing sites.

  1. ProBlogger Board

It offers a list of blogging jobs and is a great place to start for freelance writing jobs from home. The board gets even better since it offers advice regarding blogging making it an awesome freelance writing job, no experience is needed here.

The job adverts also list the expertise needed and the exact pay the client will give you. It’s a site worth taking a look at.

  1. Freelance Writing Gigs

It is among the best ideas among the 25 ways to find writing jobs since, on this site, jobs are updated daily. The freelancing jobs on these sites go beyond blogging, to academic writing and translation jobs. They offer broad advice to landing any freelance writing jobs for beginners or anyone with no experience with a list of 100 websites you could try to work with.

  1. Craigslist

It’s not the best one we have but it offers some freelance writing jobs from home. You should be very cautious with the kind of jobs you find on this list because the ads are mostly spam.

But some ads are genuine enough that other sites like Pro bloggers take some of the ads and post them on their sites. It might be a great place to get freelance writing jobs with no experience.

  1. Morning Coffee Newsletter

You have to subscribe to this newsletter to get daily updates on some of the available writing jobs. The newsletter operated under the website freelancewriting.com. They also offer weekly emails that they send to you with links that may apply to you. It’s among the most valuable resources for any writer worth looking at.

  1. Creative Placement Firms

This option is not for freelance writing jobs from home since some clients will need you on-site. They are good since they get to connect writers to the client in need of writers and you may have to work on the jobs on a full-time basis mostly. It is not so great for those who live far from cities or areas far away from clients but if you live nearby you can scoop a deal. Such sites may include Creative Circle and The Creative Group.

  1. All Indie Writers

It’s a good site that will show you places you can find a writing job, the professional level required, and then the pay that each job will give. It also consists of a market for writers for printing jobs and opportunities that writers should look forward to.

  1. Blogging Pro Job Board

This is another blogging job board that offers advice for freelance writing with no experience. They also offer other writing jobs that you can look up including copywriting jobs and editing jobs. They separate the jobs according to the type of hire.

  1. Freelance Writers Den

This is not exactly a free site but it gives you a whole freelancing guide towards becoming a better writer. By being a member of the Freelance Writers Den, you are given a list of jobs available for you twice per week on their platforms that you can have a look at. Plus they have a team that is set to answer any of the writing questions you may have.

  1. Behance Creative Jobs

It is a sit that is powered by Adobe and creates a platform where writers can showcase some of their best works and find inspiration for writing. It also doubles up as a platform that clients come looking for writers for hire. It’s a great place to start for writers who do not have websites for their own.

  1. Media Bistro

It offers great tools for freelance writing jobs work from home media jobs. It offers online courses and information regarding freelance journalism. They have a board that lists a range of freelance writing jobs you could try.

  1. Who Pays Writers

It’s an awesome online publication offering writers a good opportunity to find publications that have job listings for writers and how much they pay per word. They also feature in a list of opportunities for blogging that people could have on their site.

  1. Pitching

This might go against your need to find freelance writing jobs from home but it’s a good consideration. You go to companies where you get to pitch your writing business to them and alert them that you are for hire.


How to Find a Legitimate Online Writing job With No Experience

Finding an online writing job is hard, but finding a LEGIT online writing job with no experience is even harder. Facebook Groups will link you up with clients in need of writers and the clients may end up not paying you.

To find a legitimate online writing job will only have you take the risk of trying from sites and groups like Facebook groups that link you up with clients, or from freelancing sites or from writing companies that hire the writers.

You can log into your Facebook account and search among the dozens of writing groups online and find clients. Before getting the job is done and the clients running away from the money you worked so hard for, you can start by verifying if the client is legit.

These groups have random exposes of clients who fail to pay writers after completion of the jobs, something that you can have a look at and see if your client was listed.

Another way of having a legitimate online writing job is being the proud owner of a writing account. These accounts are so many given the number of freelancing sites that exist.

By owning your freelance writing account, you have the right to pay yourself as much as your hardworking get you since the sites make sure that clients get to pay you

The last way of having a legitimate online writing job is getting hired by a writing company

These companies already have real clients who approach them and since they are legitimate writing companies, they are legitimate enough to pay you to work for them.

Highest Paying Online Writing Jobs With no Experience

Writing is such a luxurious jib that mostly allows you to work from the comfort of your home. Finding the highest-paying writing jobs, we will take a look at three of the most common and yet best-paying online jobs out there.

  • Content Writing Jobs:

    these jobs mostly constitute fictional scenarios and have nothing to do with academic journals and such. As such, the writers can use their imagination and make the best content written material out there. It is a well-paying job such that the median earnings of any content writer in one year can amount up to $63,000. This means that the more work and the better experience you have may have you earning anything more than $63,000 in a year.

  • Copywriter

    : the jobs mainly constitute of marketing and advertisement content being created. Recent years have seen an increase in the number of copywriting jobs. The median salary per year for copywriters is $61,000.

  • Technical Writers

    : technical writers are required to write materials such as appendices, equipment manuals, or operating and maintenance instructions. The median salary for technical writers has been stated to be currently at $69,000 a year. It is also expected that technical writers are expected to increase to 4% by the year 2024.

How to Get Into Freelance Writing With No Experience

Some freelance writing jobs require experience from the writers. These jobs may leave you wondering where you can get some freelance writing guidelines or courses that can help you advance in the career of a freelance writer.

If you are starting out in the field of online writing, we have the best freelance writing course tailored for beginners like you. Our ‘Freelancing Master Class’ will accelerate your learning curve and take you from an ordinary online writer to a professional writer.

We also have a free online writing course for people who are completely no idea what online writing is.

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There is an endless list of places you can get online writing jobs with no experience and the list of 25 ways to find writing jobs does not exactly sum it all up. You can get proactive and log into the freelancing sites and hope for the best as they review your details but with a killer portfolio, there is no limit to the number of accounts, jobs, and clients you could get. Try the above ways and sees which one exactly suits them.

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