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Alex Murithi Maitethia

CEO & Founder Brains With Concepts

Alex is a young and innovative entrepreneur who is passionate about changing and expanding the mindset of young people towards entrepreneurship.


Alex has been an entrepreneur since his early days on campus (2011) by selling laptops and other electronic devices to students after identifying their need created by the growing university student’s population and locals around the campus vicinity.He later on started his online entrepreneurship journey using the same tools he was selling while also training others to join him in this lucrative field of online writing.


He later on expanded his wings into other ventures such as Forex Trading, Transport Industry, and Real Estate while offering consultancy to startups on how to start, build and scale their ventures.Through his leadership, he has steered his venture Brains With Concepts, a platform he created while in campus (2015) to be a leading enterprise that helps young people venture into innovative digital concepts of entrepreneurship and also other offline ventures.


So far the platform has trained, mentored and nurtured over 500 young people and into the world of entrepreneurship. The platform has also offered consultancy to over 20 start-ups. The platform also employs a team of 20 young individuals working on a full-time basis either as in-house freelance writers, marketers, in house event trainers and organizers.


Alex is currently enrolled for a Masters in Social Entrepreneurship, a course he believes will catapult his venture in achieving its mission.

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Chat with our Team
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