Best Hosting Companies for Freelancers

Best Hosting Companies for Freelancers
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Web hosting services have grown in diversity, and people are more and more allowing for the best hosting companies for freelancers to run their services smoothly. It gets hard to choose the best web hosting for freelancers service for any individual because they all come with different features that may work to your advantage. In contrast, others won’t necessarily work to your advantage.

Still, freelance web hosting remains essential. It is not in any way different from any other generic hosting. However, it’s necessary for the web host has various available tools that will help them improve their agility even if the web host is handling multiple customers all in one platform.

Freelancer server hosting is an idea that may terrify most people because it comes with more work than most people feel like they bargained for. It’s not just about building websites, setting up on hosting, then getting your money and going your way. It goes deeper than that.

For the best freelancer server hosting, you need to do a few more things like:

a) You have to search for the best website hosting companies in Kenya and pick one that will serve you and all your clients well.
b) You then have to create the websites am crest them right on the hosting account you have chosen.
c) Time to time, you will be required to maintain the websites and update what needs to be updated.
d) Also, in case of any issues that the client may have with the web hosting account or service, as a web-host, you will be required to intervene and act as the middleman or middle woman.

Freelancer server hosting comes with many different advantages on your side and also on your clients’ side. Given that you expect to make the best out of it, so does your client, and choosing the best freelance web hosting 2021 platform is as good as knowing what to do and expect from it.

For example, you should host all your clients’ websites because of the recurring revenue. If the website created is for shops, they get paid a specific rate per month depending on the number of development hours. If it’s for design agencies, they can earn this through maintaining, updating, marketing, and hosting the websites.

Another reason for freelancer server hosting is that it provides the chance for the web host, you, to upsell your services. This comes as an added benefit to the recurring revenue you get and could go as high as 30%. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at the best web hosting for freelancers.

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5 Factors to Consider While Choosing a Web Hosting Service

For your business to succeed, you should have a clear idea of what web hosting services you will require and where to get the best hosting companies for freelancers. All this you will need, and you cant have the best web hosting 2021 experience if you do not know what you are looking bout for. We’ll be looking at the best website hosting companies in Kenya in this article. For you to know which is the best for you, you need to have some qualification criteria. These factors include the following:

i) The Needs of the Sites

It is vital to understand the website you plan to build to determine the perfect web hosting service to suit your needs. There are tons of web hosting services available, ask Google, and you will see them, and they all claim to be the best hosting companies for freelancers in the market.

Start by asking yourself questions like the kind of website you intend to build and whether you will require WordPress. Take into consideration the amount of traffic that you expect to get. As essential as these questions sound, they play a very vital role in helping you choose the perfect web hosting service for you.

ii) The Stability of Your Server

In your search for the best web hosting for freelancers, stability is one of the most important factors you will have to consider. Nothing will hurt your web hosting services as badly as a wrong server. The moment that a server starts having problems, that when you begin losing clients because staying online is an essential aspect of website hosting. A good example is the case of the Amazon server, which failed for close to 30 minutes back in 2013.

The result was the site looking for revenues amounting to over $60,000 in a minute! To escape such problems, take a web hosting monitor test using the different monitor testing tools available, and you will get how reliable the servers are.

Anything less than a 99.95% reliability should be avoided. Some services are super dependable, score over 99.98% on reliability. The score keeps going up for those with premium accounts.

iii) Know of the Sign-Up and Renewal Prices

If you want to make some profit from any business that you run, you should first understand the expenses that you are set to undergo. Signing up for a web hosting service is way cheaper. However, paying for the renewal price requires that the web-hoster pay a higher price than previously requested.

The renewal price is depending on the discounts that were given and offers. Every renewal price increases the more you renew the services, and there is just no way to avoid it unless you plan to change the web hosting service every 2 to three years.

Before settling on the best web hosting for freelancers, we think it would help if you looked into the ToS and their renewal policy which is easy to find on most sites for the best hosting companies for freelancers.

iv) Features Available

Web hosting services are sure to provide you with all the basic features that you will need to set up a web hosting business. However, there are other essential features that you should take into consideration before picking the right web hosting service for you.

For example, a one-click installer is a tool that will help you install tools such as Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla, among others. Another feature is the .htacaccess File access feature which allows you to manage sites by modifying ad editing the password and how they are authenticated. Other features prove vital, like the FTP or the SFTP file access feature.

v) Availability of the Customer Care Support

Nothing runs smoothly, and in as much as these services can score reliability tests of as high as 99.98%, there might also be times when their servers have problems. Other problems can also arise, which will leave you confused and in need of a bit of support. That’s where the customer care support comes in.

Ensure that the web hosting service you pick for your freelancer server hosting has the best customer care support. You can know this by their response time to emails, live chats, or phone calls, given that every minute the problem isn’t solved is the money going to waste. Most of these web freelancer hosting services claim to have 24/7 customer care support, but it better to be sure than be sorry.


Factors to consider when choosing the best hosting companies

8 Best Web Hosting for Freelancers

Have you been wondering what the best website hosting companies in Kenya are? From all the factors considered, the best hosting companies for freelancers are supposed to be reliable in every possible way, fast, secure, with great features and customer support that you can entirely rely on. Web hosting services come in all shapes and sizes to help you do what you think a freelancer hosting service should do.

While some come with the basic requirements, others meet the basic needs and go the extra mile to turn your business into a bigger company.

Here are some of the best web hosting 2021 services available to you:

  1. Bluehost Services – Our Recommended Freelancer Hosting service

Bluehost web hosting service is no doubt the best of the best web hosting 2021. It is located in Utah and already has over 200 million websites operating beneath it. The fact that it has been in operation for more than twenty years gives you an idea of what you should expect from it, and that is nothing but the best web hosting 2021 services in the market.

Like web hosting service providers, they require a monthly fee that is video coating you around $2.75. This is subjected to a three-year contract that you have to renew once it ends.

Once you create an account with them, you will automatically be given a WordPress setup and other popular apps like the Mojo Marketplace to power your system.

best hosting companies for freelancers: bluehost

You get the ability to change a few things that you may need, thanks to the cPanel feature. They use a Weebly-based website builder from a basic board-based affair to create six pages of websites. There are no extra templates that are provided after this.

Bluehost is known for its high functionality, excellent customer support, free site migration tools, amongst other things. They are adding a $20 per month WordPress plan with the price stated above is discounted price.


a) Their high functionality allows for them to be super fast.
b) Using their platforms is easy with no need for prior training.
c) Their services are highly reliable given that they have maintained 100% reliability since April 2018.
d) They have a great security feature capable of filtering out the spams allowing for peace of mind.
e) Bluehost is known for having different kinds of benefits that their customers enjoy, which is why it is one of the best website hosting companies in Kenya.
f) They have an Ever-present support system that is fast to respond to queries.


a) Even though it’s a big company, they only have one datacenter.
b) Their support system is not that well trained for their duties.
c) They do not provide an uptime guarantee to their customers.
d) They have a list of practices available that are not needed, but still, the customer has to buy.

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2. Hostinger

Hostinger can not equal Bluehost, but it can beat it as the most affordable web hosting platform with the best hosting plans. They have meager hosting service fees starting at $0.99 for single shared hosting, $2.19 for premium shared hosting, and $3.99 for business shared hosting. This is all thanks to the low running costs and overheads by the company.

So far, it handles over 30 million users and uses its kind of technology to offer low costs to its consumers. They even allow for cloud hosting plans divided into Cloud Startup, Cloud Professional, and Cloud Global, which all offer unlimited bandwidth and can support up to 300 websites per single account.

When it comes to the pricing of the Cloud services, they are determined by the contract you draft. You can choose to pay on a month-to-month basis which will cost you $29. You can also opt for the year-to-year plan that will have you paying $12.99 a month. Then there is the last contract which runs for two years that runs for $10.99 a month, and the four-year contract, for $9.99 a month. With these two services, you are allowed to choose the one that works for you. When it comes to price, hostinger is one of the best website hosting companies in Kenya.

Best Hosting Companies for Freelancers: Hostinger

a) They are really fast.
b) They have a commendable up time of 99.99%.
c) They have a range of benefits that increase the speed of their services.
d) They have other excellent features like the cache loader, which is also a bonus that increases loading time.
e) They have unlimited features like unlimited bandwidth, websites, and emails.
f) The new Zyro Website is a great tool for beginners in website building.
g) Their support team is highly responsive.

a) They do not offer daily backups, and it has to be paid for.
b) They have a nonstandard payment time.
c) They have had an inconsistent uptime in the 12 months.

3. Hostgator

We are still listing the best hosting companies for freelancers available, and Hostgator stands out from the rest and has been rated as the best web hosting 2021 companies for freelancers service provider. They work under the same company that mothered Bluehost, Newfold Digital. They offer excellent and very competitive services, which might lure any person in.
They offer three different hosting plans, namely Hostgator Business Plan, the Hostgator Baby Plan, and the Hostgator Hatchling Plan. They come at a monthly cost of $4.48, $2.98, and $2.43, respectively. As you would expect, all these hosting plans differ with the number of benefits you wish to get from each plan.

The most common plan, the Hatchling plan, comes with unmetered bandwidths, a free cPanel/ WordPress website transfer, and an SSL certificate free from charge. The Baby plan offers small the same features and adds that you can host an unlimited number of domains. The Business Plan model allows you to upgrade to a positive SSL, get your dedicated IP for freelancers, and some free SEO set tools.

best hosting companies: hostgator

a) No matter the plan you choose, Hostgator can still brag about its fast speeds.
b) They have first-timer user discounts.
c) They always have responsive and ever-present customer support.
d) They have more than one multiple support channel.
e) The server uptime is high and has always remained solid at 99.9% uptime.
f) They have nearly unlimited hostings.
g) They allow their customer to migrate without additional costs and fee installs.

a) Even with their high speeds, they remain inconsistent.
b) Hostgator has a backup limitation which prompts customers to pay extra if they want unlimited backups.
c) The renewal fees can be expensive.
d) They have an overpriced website builder.

4. Dreamhost

They are an excellent web hosting service provider company with the most competitive rates regarding month-to-month pay. They have a solid hosting performance that is great. Their monthly price stands at $3.95 and comes with several great deals. To save more, you could subscriber to the one year and two-year plans that allow for you to pay $2.49 per month
They also have a great web host managing system with their custom control panel while other sites use the cPanel. It allows developers to have more control over their websites. Dreamhost is perfect for nonprofit organizations with their free trial, which is longer than any other with 97 days.

best hosting companies: dreamhost

a) Dreamhost has fast server speeds but can not be considered to be super fast.
b) b)They have a great customer service support system
c) Using their dashboard is super easy even for beginners.
d) Their backup feature is among the best in the industry.

a) They have issues with migration
b) Some updates have led to servers crashing
c) Their pricing structures are complicated and not easy to choose from.

5. InMotion

This is the best reseller web hosting option available in the market. They have existed for over 15 years in the game and have been able to develop an array of plans, including the reselling option. They have an assisted setup and migration and takes care of all server-related problems allowing their clients to focus on other more critical issues.

The beginner plan allows the client to host around 25 clients, which comes at monthly pricing of $26.59. This comes with 80 GB of storage plus a bandwidth of 800GB to support the built websites. However, on a commuted basis, you get to pay $15.29 a month for the two-year contract they offer. They have a money-back guarantee that lasts for 90 days.

best hosting companies: Inshot

a) They have improved site performance.
b) Their technical support is best at the least.
c) They provide a domain-associated email address.
d) They are highly reliable and have an excellent security feature.
e) Their uptime is commendable.

a) They have no Asian datacenter
b) They do not provide NGINX.

6. Green Geeks

This may sound weird bug Green Hosting is the only eco-friendly web hosting service present in the market. What sets them apart from others is the fact that they have continuously used renewable sources of energy for the past decade to power everything they run. They have been able to do this while ensuring that their services remain among the best in the market.

Their wide range of hosting services include WordPress, WooCommerce, reseller, Virtual Private Servers, and shared web hosting services. They can keep running and might be the biggest company in the business as people keep looking towards enterprises that use sustainable sources of energies, or not.
Their prices are, however, high, with the Life plan going for $2.95, the Pro plan going for double that with $5.95, and the Premium plan also doubling the Pro plan with $11.95 a month each. They arrange the latest technology that they employ in running their activities and have a great customer support system that is ever running.

best hosting companies: greengeeks

a) They have a highly commendable uptime standing at 99.99%.
b) They have a highly advances security feature with Dailey backups.
c) They offer scalable hosting options.
d) customer support is very responsive and can be reached in several ways.
e) They have free domains, migration, and site builder.

a) There is no window server hosting.
b) They have a misleading pricing structure.
c) Taking the 30-day money-back guarantee will lead to your domain costing you more than other host providers.

7. Hostwinds

They are a dedicated web hosting service known for their robust configuration options that allow people to host all kinds of websites on them. Whether it’s a business web hosting you want to provide or a gaming web host, you want to become, Hostwinds remains a great web host service you could choose.
They allow their clients to customize the base options and choose whatever ones that suit them. This makes it a perfect fit in the list of Best Hosting Companies for Freelancers. They come with some of the biggest RAM spaces given that the basic plan comes with 8 GB of RAM storage. They are, however, costly than most other options listed on this site, depending on the server you choose. The cheapest range stands at $90 a month, and then the additional price is to pay for $135 a month.

best hosting companies: hostwinds web hosting

a) Their customer support is very impressive.
b) They offer free dedicated IP for freelancers, addresses, and domains with sharing options.
c) They have live support options for customers.
d) They are affordable.
e) They have high-performance VPS plans.

a) The dedicated ip for freelancers plans are limited.
b) Specifications for the shared plan servers are lower.

It’s mostly known for providing domain options, but its web hosting services are not as low quality as most people may have you think. They have great freelance web hosting plans to find the basic plan offering a scalable bandwidth and unlimited storage. It comes with a free SSL certificate, ten databases, and five FTPs accounts. The deluxe accounts give you 25 databases and FTP accounts, while the Ultra account has no restrictions. How do you like it now? The basic plan is $3.75, the deluxe plan goes for %6.75, and the ultra plan goes for $13.75 a month each. They, however, do not offer monthly to monthly pays but offer from year’s contract to a four-year contract.

a) Their bandwidth is scalable with unlimited subdomains.
b) They have a drag and drop support system.
c) They have an easy-to-use interface.
d) Transparency remains at their core.
e) Their complementary products are great.

a) is the most expensive web hosting service provider.
b) They do not guide beginners through all the steps for setting up an account.

The Final Take on the Best Hosting Companies for Freelancers

From the most affordable freelance web hosting service providers to the best hosting companies for freelancers service providers using renewable energy sources, this guide has led to you the best ones in the market. Understanding what’s good and bad about all of them gives you a better chance of deciding just what to pick that will suit your web hosting needs.

Hopefully, you have chosen web hosting for you. 

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