Academic Writing Vs Article Writing: Which Suits You Best?

academic writing vs article writing
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Freelancing has come with a lot of opportunities where people rely on it for making some side money or just earning a living out of it. One of the top ways that people have found a great use for freelancing is through writing using academic writing sites and article writing sites.

There are many forms of writing from academic writing, which is the most popular to creative/content writing among others. Today we take look at academic writing vs article writing.

This will help you know which is most suited for you according to your skills and creativity.

Academic WritingArticle Writing
AudienceAcademics like professors and industry professionals The general public, sometimes a niche audience
LanguageOfficial and with industry-specific terminology Easy to understand and engaging
StructureRigid structures that are strictly adhered to Less rigid structures that may act as guidelines
StyleFormal, with little flexibility in tonesInformal, with more flexibility in tones
Creativity Little room for creativity Creativity is allowed and is essential

What is academic writing?

Academic writing is a form of academic research communication. It is done by an academic and published in academic journals or conferences for the purpose of educating, explaining scholarly knowledge, and establishing credibility.

Academic papers are written from different perspectives and viewpoints which depend on the academic field and level of study. Often, academic papers will be reviewed by peers before publication to ensure that all sources have been cited properly and that all information has been collected according to accepted standards.

However, academic writing requires more than just proper citations; it also needs good argumentation so as to contribute new ideas while supporting them with credible evidence.

Everything that your write should be backed up with evidence through referencing and citations from other studies that have been conducted.

Features of Academic Writing

Academic writing comes with different features such as academic tone, academic language, and academic citations.

a) Academic Tone

The academic tone for writing is a formal or neutral academic tone written in the third person. It gives a perception of objectivity and helps you to avoid using slang and simplistic construction. Ideally, an academic tone should be used when writing your research paper.

b) Academic Language

Academic language is another feature of academic writing which makes it different from other kinds of writing styles such as newspaper articles or fiction books for academic publications require scientific terminology which should never be mixed with terms of a common language.

c) Environment

Academic writing is done in an academic environment. It is always done in the academic world and academic context. This involves being done in high schools, colleges, and universities, and any other academic institution available.

What is Article Writing?

The main difference between academic writing and article writing, is that article writing is done in an informal style as opposed to academic writing. This usually involves publishing articles in magazines or newspapers instead of academic journals.

Article writing aims to give the readers a general knowledge about certain topics like health care, science, animals, and so on while academic writing aims at providing detailed information about academic issues for those who might be interested in it but may lack the needed academic background for reading academic papers.

Article writing is broad since it can be written about any topic in general. It is prose writing that is written in a modern language that people can understand easily.

Article writers are usually pointed towards things they should include. They are however informative and at times very entertaining. That’s how you know that article writing is what makes you the DIY king/queen that you now are.

Features of Article Writing

Article writing has some very general features that have to be included in the materials that are created. Some of these features include:

a)      Creativity is Paramount

Article writers are known to be creative and even when they diverge from certain academic writing formats, they still manage to create a beautiful paper that will blow anyone’s mind.

b)     Structure

It has structuring elements like academic writing but it also manages to keep the fun element alive in academic content.

c)      Tone

Article writing is what helps people retain information with more entertainment than academic papers. That’s why article writers should learn how to make academic materials very simple for everyone to understand without losing their meaning and content.

d) Ease of Understanding

A lot of people have been able to travel all over the world due to article writing because of its nature of being easily understandable by a large number of people who can then translate it into their language.


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What You Need to Start Out in Both Writing Areas

To start out in both academic writing and article writing, academic writers must know the academic rules like referencing. The academic way of citing, paraphrasing, and quoting should be followed when academic writing since citations are very important so readers will not have doubts about what you said in your academic paper.

Article writing has its own rules too though which is different from academic paper writing that’s why article writers should read academic papers for references so they can write their articles with accuracy.

You can find writing gigs for both academic writing and article writing in most writing accounts online. Every account has its own requirements and tests that you are given before getting your account. There you get linked with clients from all over the world.

Difference Between Academic Writing and Article Writing

The main differences between academic writing and article writing are three in number.

1.      Structure

While the structure of academic writing is on-topic, academic writing should be based on academic research. On the other hand, article writing doesn’t need a lot of academic resources and all you have to do is just write an article that will entertain or inform.

2.      Formality

The formality in academic writing and article writing differs because academic writing is written by academic and expert writers who are academic-level experts. On the other hand, article writing isn’t usually formal and academic writers don’t use the phrase “the writer”.

3.      Audience

The audience for academic writing is academic college students, academic experts, or academic resources. On the other hand, articles are written for the public’s information and entertainment.

Which is Better? Academic Writing Vs Article Writing

Having gone through this article on academic writing vs article writing, you get to understand that the two are really different, especially when it comes to the freedom of expression.

Depending on your skills, talents, and creativity, you have a better idea of the kind of writing that you are capable of doing. There is no limit to writing accounts that are present and you can join to start you out. Best of luck as you choose your writing career.

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