Best Online Writing Sites in Kenya

Online writing sites in Kenya
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The online writing industry is widely gaining popularity in Kenya. With the huge unemployment rates, online writing in Kenya provides freelancers with the prospects to be self-employed and earn extra cash. It has attracted people from diverse backgrounds, professions, ages, and more.

Besides the majority of fresh graduates looking to meet their daily needs, there are also writers with inborn talent and passion for writing. While this is true, accessing genuine online writing sites in Kenya is a major problem. With so many sites available, starting the journey of online writing in Kenya can be confusing. That’s why we’ve analyzed the best academic writing sites in Kenya to help you choose the right one for you.

That said, the guide below provides the best online writing sites in Kenya. We even review sites like and Falcon writers Kenya to help you decide whether they are legit.

1. Falcon Writers Kenya

Falcon writers kenya is one of the leading platforms for online writing in Kenya with steady and reliable supply of jobs. The site offers plenty of writing categories to choose from depending on what one is best at. The platform was started by professionals with wide experience in the writing industry. Also, the site offers the best rates and timely payments once every week. Besides, they have a bonus scheme for writers who exhibits excellent writing skills.

Working with article writing sites such as Falcon Writers gives writers the best chance to train with the best and make money online. Falcon Writers Kenya undoubtedly tops the list of best academic writing sites in Kenya.

2. Nerdy Turtlez

Nerdy Turtlez is among the best online writing sites in Kenya that are convenient for both new and experienced writers. With over 500 employees, this is one of the article writing sites that is ideal for creative writers, copywriters, SEO, bloggers and more. It gives one the chance to choose any project to work on and payments are made once every month. Though it’s based in Kolkata, the company has a presence in Kenya.

3. Apexlistings

The site offers a central point for writers who want to work and clients looking to hire. Apexlistings allows writers of different skills from content creation, academic writing, web design, data entry, editing, translating, copywriting, and more. Most writers prefer the site due to its convenient withdrawals of cash via Mpesa. Such convenience makes it one of the best academic writing sites in Kenya, as well as one of the most preferred article writing sites.


This online writing in Kenya platform is ideal for new writers looking to sharpen their writing skills. It is an online writing school where one learns how to write while also getting paid. Besides, it allows new writers to connect with other writers. will not only help perfect your writing skills but also win direct clients. Some writers consider it one of the best academic writing sites in Kenya, especially for beginners.

5. Kuhustle

Just like its name suggests, Kuhustle helps clients to connect to the best writers. It’s one of the best online writing sites in Kenya. It’s a writers’ paradise with plenty of opportunities in article writing, academic writing, design, proofreading, translation, and legal freelance services, among many others. With over 30,000 writers handling diverse jobs, this is one of the biggest article writing sites in the country.

Freelancers can choose to work on posted jobs or get hired full-time by a client hence giving stability. However, just like other writing platforms, freelancers must be skilled in making bids and delivering tasks on time. Kuhustle would not be a bad place to start off your online writing in Kenya.

6. WriteHunter

WriterHunter allows for academic writing tasks. The site features clear instructions on every posted order in terms of the deadline, citations, and the pages needed. Since it’s one of the best academic writing sites in Kenya, writers can find jobs on different niches including business, nursing, literature, law, education, and more. Overall, it’s one of the best online writing sites in Kenya where writers can expect to flourish.

How to start your own online writing website?

If you’re a writer, it makes perfect sense: Starting your own writing website can serve as an avenue for marketing your work, finding new writing clients, or authoring. If you really want to make a lot of money, you can even go ahead and establish multiple article writing sites. Other Kenyans have done it, why not you?

Here’s how to start your online writing websites in Kenya:

  1. Pick a domain name

As a writer, you are your own brand. You need to use a variation of your name for people to easily find you online. Visit Bluehost and click on “new domain.”  You can try appending a “writer” onto the end of your username. Alternatively, you could choose a creative writer name. Once you pick a domain, buy it immediately.

  1. Purchase a hosting package

Once you settle on a domain name, next you need to pick a web host. The role of a web host is to ensure your website actually appears when visitors search your domain name into their browser. I highly recommend due to its affordability and reliability.

  1. Install WordPress

There are plenty of choices for writing websites in Kenya, but we recommend WordPress. Not only is the site easy to learn, but it’s also free. You can read online on how to install WordPress on your new writing website.

  1. Put your website in “maintenance mode”

It’s recommended to put your site in maintenance mode while working on its appearance. Try to include a link to your social media page where people can reach you. Once your site is ready, simply deactivate and delete the plugin.

  1. Choose a website theme

The theme you choose greatly determines what your website looks like. Ensure your theme is “responsive,” which means it spontaneously fine-tunes to look good on any device.

  1. Create a site header

For a new writing website, it’s worth getting a custom header. A graphic designer can help create one.

  1. Write your web pages

You need to create a few static pages that don’t change. They include:

  • About
  • Contact
  • Portfolio
  • Resources
  • Start here
  • Work with me
  1. Install plugins and widgets

If your writing website has a sidebar, you can spruce it up with a few plugins and widgets.

  1. Write!

Your website is ready for writing. Remember you’re writing for the web, so your style should be unique than if you were writing for print.

How much do online writing sites make?

It all depends.

Many factors affect the amount online writing sites make. This includes the urgency, complexity of the tasks, number of clients and more. It is crystal clear that those tasks that are ordered by students pursuing masters and doctorate attract a higher rate than high school students.

The same applies for articles belonging to a complex level. The average amount of money online writing sites make ranges from 10 thousand dollars to 1 million dollars per month. The price translates to millions of dollars per year.

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Since all you need is a strong internet connection and a computer, nothing should hinder you from becoming an online writer.

With plenty of legit top online writing sites in Kenya, you have the freedom to work from the comfort of your home and make extra cash.

All you need is passion and motivation to succeed in this promising field.

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