How to Start an Online Writing Business in Kenya

how to Start an Online Writing Business in Kenya
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The internet explosion over the last couple of years has brought lots of benefits to writers. Google’s Strong policy on “duplicate content” ensures that webmasters cannot benefit from cloned articles. As a result, business-savvy Kenyans have been wondering how to start online writing in Kenya to take advantage of the demand for content.

This means that websites and blogs have to continually develop new content that is original to remain relevant. To make money from their sites, webmasters have to either develop their content or pay writers for content. As an individual, you can take advantage of this demand for quality content and start online writing business in Kenya.

Do you have a laptop, good internet connection, and a passion for writing? This article will guide you on how to get started on online writing jobs. If you’ve also been wondering how to start an online business in Kenya and you meet the above criteria for online writing, then this article is for you.

Types of Online Writing Businesses That Need Little Capital to Start

  1. Website Copy

If you’ve been wondering how to start online writing in Kenya, you must have considered website copy as one of your product offers. A website copy is crucial to every business. It communicates to potential customers and search engine crawlers, informing them about the brand or site. A great website copy should be informative, engaging, and unique. It should comprehensively address the subject which the sites’ visitors are searching for.

You can create an online writing business that writes exemplary website copies for clients. Create website copies that great compliment the clients’ Content marketing strategy.

  1. Blog posts

These are articles that are posted on blogs. For those wondering how to start a writing business online, you’ll probably have to do blog posts at some point. There are written to attract visitors to a website or blog. Blog posts are mostly advertorial and web visitors use them to make informed purchase decisions. You can start an online writing business in Kenya which creates high-quality blogs for websites.

The blogs you create should generate traffic for your clients with an aim of generating revenue. Here is your complete guide if on how to start a blog that generates 1000$/Month

start an online writing business in kenya

  1. Product Reviews

Reviews for products and services are one of the fastest-growing types of content that are published online. With most buyers requiring a review before considering any purchase, product reviews help buyers to make purchasing decisions. With companies launching new products and services daily, they need positive product reviews to help build trust among current and targeted customers.

You can make good money by running a content writing company in Kenya that is focused on product reviews.

Online writing companies cash in on this need for product reviews by offering product review services to sellers on Amazon and other platforms. The reviews usually appear on the products’ page, acting as a selling catalyst.

  1. Product Descriptions

These are short articles written by companies to describe their products. They make online stores look and feel professional. Online writing sites have a huge demand for writers who can accurately describe products. So, if you’ve been wondering how to start a writing business online, you should acquire product description skills. These descriptions, especially on eCommerce stores are meant to improve the customers’ shopping experience. With a growing e-commerce industry, a content writing company in Kenya that creates great product descriptions would do very well.

  1. Social Media Posts.

Most companies are unable to keep up with never-ending demands for social media. They hire content creators for their social media pages such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and many others. So, if you’ve been wondering how to start online writing in Kenya, you should consider social media posts as one of your products.

As you start your Start an Online Writing Business in Kenya, you should familiarize yourself with social media content creation. This is an area that will continue growing and requires little capital to start. You can create content for this business with a simple device like a smartphone. This is another great idea for a content writing company in Kenya and content writing services in Kenya.

how to start an online writing business in Kenya


Having analyzed the various types of writing businesses you can do in Kenya; let us look at the benefits of an online writing business.

Advantages Of Starting An Online Writing Business

Below are the benefits of online writing in Kenya:

  • Time Independence

Online writing jobs offer you an opportunity to manage your time. The amount of time you put into your writing job directly affects how much you earn.

  • You Can Work From Anywhere

Although you have started your online writing business in Kenya, you can access an unlimited pool of clients globally. The nature of online writing allows you to work with clients remotely. You can work from your house even from the beach and still meet the demands of your clients.

  • You Become Your Own Boss

Writing online gives you a chance to work with many clients. You can thus decide how much you want to be paid and who you should work with. You can make an unlimited amount of money and avoid bad working experiences.

  • Reduced Expenses

With online writing, you don’t have to commute to work. An average Kenyan spends 2 hours every workday commuting. Providing content writing services in Kenya ensures you say goodbye to daily commuting and save on time and money.

Generally, online writing guarantees job security since you cannot be fired, allows you flexibility and offers you an avenue to grow your income to limitless levels.

How to Start an Online Writing Business: Online Writing Accounts

Online writing accounts are run by companies who create platforms where writers can connect with relevant clients. These online writing sites help both new and old online writers to get online writing jobs without necessarily having to pitch and seek for interested clients.


Upwork is an online writing site like which allows you to create an online writing account. With an email and a few verification details, your account will is approved and you can start your online writing business.

Hundreds of clients post jobs on Upwork every single minute. You need to bid for relevant jobs which you qualify and build your portfolio in a short time. It is good to specialize in a specific writing niche and create sample articles for the same on the platform.

start an online writing business in Kenya


This is an online marketplace that allows you to advertise your Online writing services to potential clients. With Fiverr, you can create an online writing account, create an offer for your services (gig) and attract great clients who will pay you.

Other platforms offer you online writing accounts such as textbroker and iWriter. It is advisable to do a background check on each online writing site before signing up. You also need to adhere to the terms and conditions of each online writing site to avoid account termination.

Can A Kenyan Own An Online Writing Company?

Absolutely! Of course, you can own a content writing company in Kenya. Kenyans are known to be industrious and creative. An online writing company is an avenue to target clients directly without depending on online writing sites. With your company, you can offer article writing services to business owners who do not have writing skills and time.

Here are the steps you need to follow to create your own online writing company:-

  1. Carry out Market research.

Use data to find out about the online writing markets’ needs. Identify your main competitors and research on their pricing strategies. You also need to analyze the marketing strategies you intend to use and know about the costs. Good market research will help you make informed decisions before you start.

  1. Develop your Financial plan

A financial plan helps you understand how much time and money is needed to create your online writing company. Create a budget for your entire business and project the returns you expect from it so that you can understand your break-even point.

  1. Launch Your Website.

This is the first customer touch-point on the internet. A website is where you send prospective clients. It should highlight your expertise and offer a great experience to your visitors. A great online writing website should have rich content, be appealing and easy to navigate. It should also be as interactive and as appealing as possible.

  1. Promote Your Website

There are various avenues you can follow to ensure your online presence is felt. By populating your blog with valuable and interesting content, people will start visiting your blog. You can also higher a good SEO agency to carry out a good AdWords campaign for you. Although it is a bit expensive, getting on the first page of search engine results guarantees income possibilities for your online writing company.

  1. Continually Develop Your Online Writing Company

Since online trends change every day, you need to keep up and continually strive to make your company better. Identifying a specific niche that suits your writing company best sets you apart and enables you to perfect your craft.

Advantages of Personal Online Writing Sites

Starting your online writing business in Kenya through a personal online writing site has a load of benefits. These benefits include:-

  • Employment Creation.

Once you market your online writing company, the work demand will push you to involve other freelancers. Your company becomes a source of revenue to other people and thus you create employment.

  • Affordable Growth

Starting an online writing business in Kenya requires a relatively less startup investment when compared to other businesses. The growth of the business may not require additional capital injection and thus it is a good bet.

  • You Command Higher Wages

Online writing platforms require you to pay a certain percentage of your earnings for every order. Starting your own wring company means that you will not have to share a portion of your earnings with anyone and thus it is highly beneficial. You can also command favourable rates with decreased competition.


You can do it! Starting an online writing business in Kenya may be a bit of a challenge when you are beginning, but aren’t all other businesses? If you have a passion for writing, you can start off by working with online writing sites. Build a portfolio which is relevant to your niche. Whether you are writing website copies or blogs, ensure your samples are published on sites like LinkedIn or Medium. Spend time on planning, defining your goals, target market and even obstacles and go for it.

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