How to Make Money with Your Phone

How to Make Money with Your Phone
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If you are the kind of person who has a flair for business and has been looking for ideas on how to make money without a laptop, then this article is just right for you. After all what better way to make extra cash than at the comfort of your own home and without leaving your bedroom!

For many people, especially during these economic times where jobs are hard to come by, making money even from something as simple as your cell phone can be just what they need to help get them out of debt or secure their financial future. Lucky for them, there are many online money-making sites out there.

After all, making money online without a laptop comes with several pros. For example, you can make money without leaving your house or spending a dime. But don’t think internet marketing is the only way to go. In fact, there are other lucrative venues you can locate and start making some cash with your cell phone right away.

For example, one of the hottest trends today to generate income from home is through mobile apps. If you’re an iPhone user like I am, great news for you because there are lots of opportunities to make sales and even turn it into a business if you wish.

Indeed, making money with your mobile app is definitely something that will be in high demand in the next few years as more people get their hands on applications for their smartphones and tablets.

Still wondering how to make money without a laptop? We take a look at 13 definite ways of making money with your phone.

Money Making MethodIncome Potential
Online Surveys$1-$5 per survey
Selling Photos Online$1 to $10 per photo
Affiliate Marketing$0.50 to $10 per click
Blogging$1,000 to $10,000 a month
Reviewing Items$10-$50 an hour
Moderating & Classification on online forums$20-$50 an hour
Customer Support$15-$30 an hour
Trading in Crypto$10-$100 a day
Referrals$5-$50 an hour
Freelancing$5-$50 an hour

13 Definite Ways to Make Money Online Without a Laptop

The following ideas will give you a few good ways to turn your mobile device into a veritable gold mine.

1.      Online Surveys

Online surveys have proven to be a good way to make money online for many years now. It is relatively straightforward, and it can generate a nice income if you invest the time in doing them on a regular basis.

You sign up with an email and then you get given surveys with various questions about products and services that are relevant to what you like or need. You fill out your responses and submit them back online.

The better your answers fit into the results the survey-giver is looking for, the more likely you are to get paid for taking part. Surveys generally pay between $1-$5 per questionnaire depending on how long it takes; usually, they range in length from 10-30 minutes.

There are so many sites out there that offer online surveys and getting an account with them is as easy as signing up for a social media account. Sites that offer online surveys include SwagBucks, Survey Monkey, and Survey Junkie among many others.

Income potential: $1-$5 per survey

2. Sell Photos Online

Selling photos online is a terrific way to make money without a laptop. If you are interested in photography, perhaps there is a particular style or subject matter that you prefer to shoot.

Other people might be willing to pay for your shots if the images fit what they are looking for. For example, if you enjoy taking nature photos then maybe someone will buy them from you so they can use them on their website or as part of an outdoor conservation campaign.

Or perhaps your city has its own tourism board and they would like pictures of your area for their brochures. You can make money online with your phone by taking them and uploading them online where multiple sources will bid on using those photos in advertisements or other promotional materials

You can do this through sites such as Shutterstock and Smugmug. All you have to do is post your photo on these sites and make sure they have a copyright label attached to them. They can be bought by people such as bloggers and sites that may fall for them.

Income potential: $1 to $10 per photo by one person

3. Affiliate Marketing

You can make money online with affiliate marketing, where you get money for referring people to different websites. Affiliate Marketing is quick and easy because it involves no product creation, investment, or delivery which means no risk at all!

You can do this if you own a website or you can create one that will ultimately benefit your customer. Offer useful information on it and add links to various sites that might be relevant in return for a commission from those same companies.

It is the easiest way to make an income if done correctly as there are no start-up costs or work involved; It’s all automatic once you’ve built up traffic via blogs, tweets, and more.

Income potential: $0.50 to $10 per click from one person

4. Selling Stuff Online

It may sound obvious but it’s a great way to make money online without a laptop and can be very time-consuming, especially when starting out. You do, however, need some extra help on the technical side of things like the cost to set up your shop space so look around for cheap or even free services that allow you to do this.

You can also sell all your stuff online with no need for an actual shop. Need resources? Most online stores offer their own tutorials and guides for you to use free of charge which allows you to customize everything accordingly to how you want.

Another way is by selling your own digital products such as books, eBooks, etc… All of these items are available with all kinds of different royalty rates. Be careful here because many companies take an obscene amount of money from each sale.

You can do this using your social media accounts and start small by selling stuff to friends and family before expanding further. It’s a bit hard to start but once it takes off, then you are on.

Income potential: there is no limit to how much you can make with this in a day.

5. Blogs

Blogging doesn’t necessarily need a laptop. It is done with a smartphone, but not always. However, many people prefer to use their laptop web browser. You can write about anything you want on these blogs and start off with small payments from advertisers.

You can join affiliate programs of other websites or products and promote them on your blog. You will get a commission for each sale made through your link.

This is a great way to make money with your phones because it does not require you actually doing anything beyond setting up the blog in the first place.

Just set it up and leave it alone until sales start coming in then collect your share of each sale that comes in through that website or product you are promoting (by using links from there).

Income potential: $1,000 to $10,000 a month

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6. YouTube

YouTube is a video-sharing website where you can upload videos and provide information. The site also offers an affiliate program, and you receive revenue from each viewer that clicks on your link.

Advertisers pay YouTube to host their ads and pay them more if viewers click on the ads. To get started making money with YouTube, set up a YouTube account by selecting a username, providing contact information, creating a profile picture, writing a brief description of yourself.

You could add some other basic information about you or your business, setting up an email account especially for use in connection with your YouTube channel, and then linking it all together.

YouTube pays according to the number of views you get in which the click costs from $0.10 to $0.30 per click. Advertisers can pay you for advertising in your channel and other affiliate programs may work as well.

Income potential: No limit, depends on your influence.

You can make money on your phone with youtube

7. Social Media Influencer

Becoming a social media influencer is far from just being luxurious, it pays and it pays good. To become a social media influencer, you will need to have an audience of at least a thousand followers on any given social media platform.

You can grow your followers by simply posting interesting content and interacting with others. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and even Google+ are great places for such opportunities.

It`s important to make sure that when people follow you, they are not simply following because of your popularity but also that they like what you post in the long run. And yes, there are websites out there where you can get paid per tweet or per short review posted online. What`s better than getting paid for doing things you love?

Income potential: No limit to this one too, the more the influence the more you get paid.

8. Reviewing Items

You can make money online without a laptop by simply reviewing items. This is another one of the easiest ways to make money online without actually creating content. All you have to do is find items that are popular, broken, or being sold at prices higher than regular retail (odd things happen in a capitalist world) and write a review about them.

One problem that faces people who are into reviewing products for fun and profit would be making sure their reviews aren`t taken down by lawsuits from the company behind such products.

However, there are sites that can pay you to review items if you don’t have your own blog. They include SwagBucks, Review Stream, and Inbox Dollars.

Income potential: $10-$50 an hour

9. Moderation and Classification

Moderation and classification are both ways to make money online without a laptop. Classification can be done by answering questions asked by commentators, moderators are people who help with the organization of forums and websites.

Since they need to keep an eye out for any possible troublemakers, it might be better if you`re older for this one. The actual work would be simple enough: locate threads that have already been answered, move them to their relevant forum, or delete them if no one has replied in a while.

There are sites that pay for this including Micro Workers and TaskUs.

Income potential: $20-$50 an hour

10. Freelancing

Freelancing can still allow you to make money online without a laptop. Wondering how? You have no idea the number of websites that pay good money all by just trying out different apps for both android and IOS.

You can also make some money attending classes for someone who will pay you money for your time. Be creative enough and the world of freelancing will, make a living for you.

Income potential: $5-$50 an hour

11. Referrals

You can a great amount of money if you know you are well networked. This can help you earn money online for free without a laptop.

You can always make referrals and get paid big time if your friends agree to pay what you are asking them to do for you, and there is no limit to it as long as it doesn’t involve any illegal work.

Income potential: $5-$50 an hour

12. Trade with Cryptos

You can make money without a laptop by simply trading with cryptos. You have the option of being a trader, selling and buying the cryptos making sure you get profit from the sales.

All you have to do is have a starting capital, and join a platform where these crypto traders are and make yourself a trader. It’s simple and you can source buyers from the internet or just from your immediate surroundings.

Income potential: $10-$100 a day

We use paxful for buying and selling crypto online

13. Customer Support

In order to make money without a laptop, you can also do customer s support work by answering the call of clients who have questions. All you will need is a phone and internet, and voila!

You will have to go through some training in order for the regular customers to trust you with your service. The work done here doesn’t really require any special skills since all it takes is patience to answer calls and feedback information using speech recognition software

Income potential: $15-$30 an hour


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Final Take

Making money online without a laptop is something that anyone can do right now if they know where to look. It’s not doing anything illegal and doesn’t require any special skills aside from being able to know how to use a smartphone. So step out of your comfort zone and start making money online without a laptop through the many online money-making sites.


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