Man Behind Kenya’s Finest Fashion Show

Jeffrey Wilson
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He is a Model, Designer and a Fitness Trainer, his name is Jeffery Wilson. He has been an entrepreneur for the last 6 years thriving in the world of fashion and now he has been able to create arguably one of the most anticipated fashion event in Kenya. If you have not heard about it then you might be missing some juice, the show is dubbed JW SHOW.

In our first start-ups feature, I managed to meet with the man behind the famous JW Show and Jeffery Wilson Entertainment. He is a testimony that all you need to build and grow your business is the right mind-set and self believe. Our meet up brings out a success story full of glamour and hope for young Kenyans who have big dreams in their lives.

What is THE JW SHOW and how long has the show been there?

The JW SHOW is a fashion TV show that aims to connect Africa to the World through Fabrics and Design. The show takes place every year, supporting designers and models. The show’s main tagline is #MADEINKENYABYKENYANS.

The show has been there for five years. This year we will be hosting the 5th edition on 4th of November 2017

How do you contribute to the fashion industry unlike the rest of the guys?

At the JW SHOW, we build talents and grow brands. Our show is not all about people in the games but also people who want to join the game. That’s why we do tours to every county to give designers and models a platform to showcase what they have.

What Challenges have you faced so far

Financial capital is a common issue and still one of the biggest issue the fashion industry faces here in Kenya. Sponsorship is important; however people don’t want to invest in your vision until it is alive, well and breathing. When the show kicked off it was hard to get sponsors to chip in and help us make it the best of the best. I am happy now because currently we have big brands and personalities on board with great ideas that have come to support us.

Talking about big brands and personalities, could you let us know some in attendance?

At the moment we have VW, DHL, Tequila Rose, Jambo Pay, Red Bull, DT Dobie, Undisputed Man, Fusion Media, Sabravy and The Yard.

Some great personalities that will grace the show include, Renown Media Journalist Betty Kyalo, Charity a Designer based in the US, The Band Beca, Ziporah a Fashion Blogger, The undisputed Man among many others.

Betty Kyalo
JW models/team

Where do you see your brand in the next 2 years?

This is our 6th fashion and we have grown consistently. In two years, I see the show on an international level.

What advice do you have for anyone struggling to build a brand or starting their business out there?

A brand begins with you believing in your idea and building a winning team that shares your mission and vision. One needs to understand that brands take time and you have to flexible to change your strategy for the good of you Mission if things do not work out. However, all these start with self believe.


The 5th edition of the JW SHOW will be going down on 4th of November at THIKA CONVECTION CENTRE in TRM. The event starts at 7:00 PM ends at 11:00 PM.


Get your tickets via JamboPay

For regular tickets 1500 ksh




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