Top Online Survey Sites That Pay Through Mpesa

online surveys that pay via mpesa
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Online surveys are a great way of making money. The only thing better than that is online surveys that pay through Mpesa. Online survey sites are quickly becoming a nice side hustle for most people in Kenya and beyond. Being able to do the surveys on the go or from home is a plus for most.

Currently, there are some top online survey sites that pay through MPesa in Kenya available today if you’re looking for one.

The biggest concern that most people have with most online sites is whether the sites are genuine or they are scams that won’t pay back. Pay through MPesa gives you the best of both worlds where you can earn a living online in Kenya through surveys and at the same time, protect yourself from fraudsters. Read on for a list of online surveys in Kenya that pay through Mpesa, including one that is based in Kenya – Palm Research Kenya.

Online Survey Sites That Pay Through MPesa

We are not just going to look at any sites, but we are going to take a look at the best online surveys in Kenya that pay through Mpesa. Thus you are assured that they are as genuine as can be, and while in Kenya, you can’t just make it a side hustle but possibly earn a living from them. These are the top paying and best online survey sites in Kenya.

1.      Swagbucks

One of the survey sites that pay through Mpesa is Swagbucks. This is the top leading site where you can earn money from online surveys in Kenya. The site is legit and gives you online surveys that pay through MPesa, Paypal, or Amazon gift cards. It has received excellent reviews from its users who have attested to the fact that they earn more here than at other similar sites.

The surveys are not minded crushing as they are mainly about the quality of service which most people would like to share with others. Expect some of the best companies in Kenya to ask you for your opinions on their product or services including booking for hotels, flights, and transport via Uber among others.

If you live in Kenya, you can either receive payments via MPesa or PayPal depending on the survey. The most you can earn is $500 per month which is decent even for part-time jobs.

2.      InboxDollars

InboxDollars is an online survey site capable of providing you with great online surveys that pay through MPesa. The moment you sign up; you will be sent free offers via your inbox. These offers may include product samples, coupons, and other stuff that is totally free.

In return for sending these offers to the targeted users of InboxDollars, you earn points which can then be redeemed into cash via MPesa or PayPal. The best part about this site is the rapid payments they offer as soon as a threshold of $10 has been reached on your account.

The minimum payout amount stands at $10 while the maximum payment is pegged at $300 within 24 hours. More so, you are assured of a high response rate because InboxDollars reward members with additional bonus points in case their contacts read the recommended emails.

3.      iPoll

Some sites are not as talked about as others but that doesn’t mean that they are any worse. iPoll is one such site, and among the online surveys that pay via mpesa. With iPoll, you earn points by participating in polls and answering online surveys.

iPoll offers a simple but fast way for its members to earn cash. The amazing feature of this site is the daily payments it provides to members. Earnings are credited daily and can be withdrawn through PayPal or MPesa whenever you reach the $10 threshold.

Of course, what’s $10 when there are people who can’t even buy a meal in the city! But imagine how many meals that amount would buy for your family or friends back home as long as they have internet access?

That’s why online surveys in Kenya that pay through Mpesa are worth it – they help you make an impact on those around us without needing to spend so much of your money! So whenever you are stuck up, you could always try getting some surveys on iPoll offering paid survey jobs in Kenya.

4.      Opinion Space

Opinion Space is one of the brands that have risen to fame in recent years. Opinion Space ranks as among the top online jobs from Kenya since they were established in 2009 and has been accredited by Payoneer for their fast payments, excellent customer service, and trustworthy work that is used by over 20 million people all over the world today.

They are known for their simple surveys that don’t use misleading questions nor require any special skills or previous experience to answer. In fact, you can even take an opinion space survey with your phone on hand!

You also get paid through PayPal or MPesa once you accumulate $10 or more – if only you could withdraw it from a traditional ATM too! Clearly, this is one of the best online surveys that pay via mpesa.

5.      Palm Research Kenya

Palm Research Kenya is a market research company based in Nairobi, Kenya. The company offers marketing research across multiple fields including consumer behavior, brand loyalty studies, and advertising effectiveness evaluation among others.

This well-known market research firm can hire Kenyans interested in online surveys that pay through the MPesa to work for them on their advanced online research software such as Sona, Qmatic, Survey Anyplace, or WebQual+Omnibus®+.

This software makes it easy for them to carry out and earn money from online surveys in Kenya and from anywhere in the world while at the same time ensuring that each respondent is compensated fairly and promptly using direct deposit or PayPal.

Their pay is good, especially when you consider this is an online survey and allowing you to work from home.

The Best Time to Take Online Survey in Kenya

It’s not the last time you might hear this question. Online surveys have turned into one of the most important work opportunities for people who want to make extra cash at home. You can earn money while sitting in your pajamas and watching TV! Online surveys that pay via mpesa double only serve to double the convenience.

For some reason, hundreds of thousands of survey takers prefer online surveys that pay through MPesa over all other types of paid surveys. It’s not hard to guess why: more and more people are using the Internet regularly to find out where to shop or what restaurant is better than another when on a business trip.

Why You Should Participate in an Online Survey

There are several reasons to consider taking online surveys. If you think about it, this is the ONLY place where you can make money online in just a few hours if not more than one day. It works for you!

In addition to making money through online surveys, here are some other benefits:

Find out what products and services people like best; recommend those products or services to others.

Help businesses know how they can improve their business; earn extra cash on top of your current salary by being an honest judge/tester/reviewer of a product or service.

What Are the Benefits of Taking Surveys for Money?

There are lots of ways to earn extra money, but there are three main benefits that surveys have over many other business models:

1. You can make quick cash with online surveys, and fast cash is exactly what everyone needs sometimes.

2. When you take a survey for money, it’s usually about something you’re interested in or use regularly anyway – so instead of spending your time doing something boring (like housework) you get paid simply for helping someone else out!

3. With most online surveys, you don’t need to work full-time hours; just a few minutes here and there will bring in regular cash rewards. It works because it works for YOU!

Cost of Joining an Online Survey Job in Kenya 2021

We’ve looked at the survey sites that pay through Mpesa. you might be wondering: For online surveys that pay through MPesa, is there any cost to becoming a part of their team? The answer is NO.

You don’t have to pay any fees in order to participate in an online survey that pays through MPesa.

A typical online survey job in Kenya 2021 will want you to sit through a short introductory video or two about how the site works and what they’re looking for (you know how some companies are…), but after that, it’s just regular surveys!

Your time brings in your cash rewards with no additional costs involved.

Is This Method of Earning Cash Really Legit?

Survey sites aren’t always the most straightforward businesses – so finding a legitimate one can be tough sometimes. Luckily, our list of survey sites that pay through mpesa includes totally legit options for earning some extra money from home.


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What More Do You Expect?

You have figured out that there is some online survey that pays through MPesa, what are you waiting for. The best thing about these online surveys that pay through MPesa is that they do not require much of your time. ‘

Their pay is obviously dependent on the company you are working with and the kind of survey you are taking. If it hasn’t hit you yet then know that the more the amount of money you get to spend on these online survey sites in Kenya 2021, the more you will get from them.

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