50 Businesses To Start Without Capital

A comprehensive list of 50 most brilliant business ideas that don't need any money
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Have you ever wondered what business to start without capital in Kenya? Wonder no more! We give you a list of the best businesses, you can start with little money in Kenya. This article focuses on 50 businesses to start without capital or businesses that will require as little money to start as possible

1. Blogging

On top of the 50 businesses to start without capital here in Kenya stands blogging. You get to use your social media accounts or your website to share articles and earn from individuals who might need some of their goods and services advertised.

The things you will need to start is just internet connectivity and a good following on social media platforms. You can set your blog in 20 minutes with blue host for only 2.95$/Month. Click here to claim the 60% offer including FREE domain for the 1st year.

2. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is the kind of job you get paid for being a personal assistant to an individual, but online. You get jobs such as keeping schedules, bookkeeping editing, designing, writing, or any other job that a personal assistant may be tasked with doing.

You can also look for clients who may need a Virtual Assistant on Upwork.

A virtual assistant business is one business you can easily start without capital

3. Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is among the top business to start without capital in Kenya. You get paid by different people to either do their assignments for them or write articles for blogs. The amount you can earn from this business is unlimited depending on the number of clients you have and how fast you can complete the jobs.

4. Freelance Editing

Freelance Editing requires you to ensure that the scripts provided for you are Grammarly correct. You can go to sites that have clients for this kind of job and bid to get the jobs. You can have a look at sites like Upwork and Truelance that offer this kind of job.

5. Resume Building

The skills required are being sure that you understand what employers are looking for, being a good graphic designer, and the ability to create a good structured professional résumé. You may create from existing documents or you can create these résumés from scratch. The cost associated with these is zero making it to the list of 50 businesses to start without capital.

6. Graphic Designs

You get paid to create graphic designs for client portfolio’s helping them to attract more customers to them. You can find such clients in sites such as 99Designs and Upwork among other known sites. If you don’t know how to create graphic designs from different sites such as Skillshare to start in this business. The cost coming with this business is zero, easy to start, and easy to run.

7. Programming

It’s not one of the most common things you may expect from the list of 50 businesses to start without capital but it is among the most paying. This work will require you to create applications, build websites, and building programs that different businesses or different individuals may require. You can client-hunt for this business and start earning money through programming.

programming is one of the lucrative businesses you can start without capital

8. Website Designs

You may think that website design is the same as programming but it is not. Website designs will require a person to design how different websites will look like and the kind of graphics that will be put in them. Some programmers look for creative website designers to make them look more user friendly and enticing. This business can be started at no particular cost.

9. Drop-Shipping

This is one of the most lucrative businesses you may have among the 50 businesses to start without capital. It requires no capital to start and has no limit of the time or place where it can be carried out making it an awesome business. Better yet, it does not require any skill set making it a job you should try starting.

10. Surveys

This job allows you to get paid to answer questions and be a part of a survey. This can be done on sites such as Swagbucks.

11. Affiliate Marketer

This is also a top business idea from the business to start without capital in Kenya. You sell goods and from another individual or company, then get to earn a commission from your sales. Being an affiliate marketer asks that you know the right audience for the right goods or services.

Affiliate marketing is a business you can start with no money or experience.

12. Social Media Manager

You can approach a variety of people or companies and get paid for managing their social media accounts. You may be required to engage with the customers and increase the number of followers or traffic in their sites and you get paid for it. This business does not require any particular cost to start.

13. YouTube Personality

This job requires anyone with a computer and internet connectivity. YouTube allows you to create and share videos online allowing you to earn a portion of the ads that appear on your channel.

14. Podcaster

It’s another great way of earning through advertisers and sponsors. You start your podcast then you can try and find sponsors for your podcasts.

You can make money as a youtuber without any capital

15. In-home Child Care

If you are a stay at home mom, or a student who just loves kids and you wonder what business you can start with zero capital, look no further. This job you will get paid for looking after kids. You can source out parents who are always looking for babysitters and have as many kids as you can handle.

16. In-home Dog Care

In this job, you get paid to walk dogs around, and only requires a very limited amount of time. You can turn your daily walks into a fun activity that you can earn for. The source is just neighbours around your area who have dogs and require assistance in walking their dogs around.

17. Pet Services

Pet devices is a business that is also not for everyone unless you just love animals. You get paid by friends, family, or neighbours to stay with their pets. You can look for neighbours who are not always around for their pets or are unable to travel with their pets. They get to pay you to have their pets for the time that they will not be available.

18. Etsy Businesses

Etsy Business involves small jobs such as logo creation, digital art, and printables. They mostly come with a cost but they have very low startup costs. The business will involve you creating a basic structure for the images and materials and leaving the clients to input the rest.

19. Consulting Services

A consulting business will require a skill set that you may have. This will vary, if you have a good marketing background or you are good at legal, this is a business that will suit you. You can then start sourcing clients for your business from family and friends before expanding more to other people. The cost of starting this business is also zero.

20. Jack of All Trades

If you were thinking of how to start a business with no money or experience, then this here is the right one. You get paid by locals to do some errands for them.  This may vary from getting sent to deliver goods or your other small errands. You can also go for doing errands for your seniors if maybe you are looking for some extra income.

21. Music Tutor

You can use a skill that you are great at, like music in this case, and find students who pay you to learn what you know in regards to music. All you will need for this venture is the instruments you may require to teach and the space to teach the music, something that doesn’t have to cost you even a single cent.

22. Uber Driver

Again, this is not on the top of the 50 businesses to start without capital especially if you don’t have a car, but if you do, you should try it out. You will have to sign under Uber or any other taxi company you may want, become a member and start as a driver. The cost this starting this business is low, maybe fueling your tank.

23. House Sitting

You get paid for managing a person’s house. This will require you to have trustable behavior with the need to focus on the client’s needs first. The easiest way of getting this job and making as much profit from is through references, meaning you source from family, friends, friends of family, and friends of friends. You require no cost in starting this business.

24. Home Organizer

If you are great with cleaning up places, then out of the business to start without capital in Kenya, this is the one for you. You get paid to clean up houses and make sure that everything is in order. You can learn more about being a home organizer on the website organizer365.com.

Home planning is a business that is easy to start without capital

25. Professional Finder

Why include this in my list? What are you getting paid to find? Trust me, the list is endless. You may be tasked with finding stuff like old records, roommates, or lost family members for people. It may be far-fetched but if you are great at unravelling mysteries then this might work for you.

26. Gardening

Here in Kenya, this is a business that most people shy away from but you should not. You can find clients who pay you to now their lawns and tender to their gardens. You only have to have a mower or something you can mow the gardens with.

27. Office Cleaner

Just like home cleaning and organizing, you get paid to clean offices and making sure that they are tidy. This business does not require any specific skill set and the cost that comes with it may come down to the basic materials you may need to clean up.

28. Event Planner

This is a top consideration among the 50 businesses to start without capital. That capital will be needed to set your name out there and brand yourself. You can look up articles on even planning to give you a better view of what this entails. Requires a small capital to start.

event planning is one of the businesses you can start without a lot of capital

29. Sewing

Sewing is a great business to start with zero capital. You only need the desire to learn how to be a seamstress and the basic materials needed like needles.

30. E-Book Author

For all writers out there, if you can be able to write a whole e-book, then this will work for you. This business allows you to create your eBooks and sell them online. There are a lot of self-publishing online platforms that may allow you to publish for free and some require you to pay money upfront.

31. Used Book Seller

It’s another form of business that is easy and may require little capital to start in this list of 50 businesses to start without capital. You get books at a lower price or maybe for free from people and sell them back.

32. Life Coach

Life coaching involves advising people. You can earn from this by finding clients who need life coaching services that you offer at a certain fee.

33. Personal Trainer

Do you like to exercise? Being a personal trainer involves instructing people on various physical activities and you can judge a fee for the services rendered.

34. Dance Teacher

Just like the music teacher, you get paid for training people to dance. You only need a good sound system and an even better space for dance classes. This means it requires little to no cost to start it out.

35. Interior Designer

This again goes to the creatives and those with an eye for unique designs. You can lend your services and creativity without incurring a lot of upfront costs.

businesses to start without capital in Kenya: interior decor

36. Make and Sell Stuff

If you have something, like a hobby, that you love doing, you can transform that into a business. If you create artifacts or draw, you can sell them or if it’s a hobby that can be a service like you love dogs, you can start walking your neighbor’s dogs for a fee. Just turn your hobby into a business.

37. Vacation Rental Person

You have an extra room or house that is laying bare? Well, you can get money from it by renting the unused space to people in need of the space. You can list it on sites such as Airbnb and get clients right away.

38. Baker

This might also be far-fetched on the 50 businesses to start without capital but if you know how to source clients, it is an awesome way of getting money. You bake cakes, cookies, or any other bakeries and sell them online or to direct clients.

39. Online Tech Support

If you are a techie person, the this might be the best business to start with little money in Kenya. You get paid to offer tech support services at a fee.

40. Becoming an Influencer

This is an easy way of cashing in given that you earn from being a social media influencer. You get paid for advertising goods and services from different brands.

41. Content Creation

It allows you to get paid by using your creativity to create shareable content for businesses and media. You can market yourself on any of the freelancing sites or through using your social media sites.

42. Professional Reviewer

This is a real thing. People will pay you to just review some of their goods and services offered. Better still, it requires no initial cost to start it out.

43. Personal Chef

Other than good organization and perfect cooking skills, this business is easy to go. The capital required will boil down to the foods and spices that need to be cooked. You then find clients you can cook for possibly on a daily or routine basis.

44. Software Trainer

For techies again, if you have a skillset for a program that is well known or in high demand, then this just might be for you. Get paid to share your skills with amateurs and professionals in need of the skillsets you have.

45. Digital Marketer

Why not get paid to market goods and services from companies and individuals? This business requires no cost to start it out, just good salesmanship skills to start.

46. Dating Consultant

You can offer online support to couples online. You can source them from the ever-growing number of social sites out there. Still requires no costs to start, but good advising skills.

one of the businesses to start without capital is a dating consultant business

47. Domain Name Buyer

You can also make money by buying and selling popular domain names. This business may require some little capital to start with for you to buy and sell the domain name. Skills needed will be computer skills that will allow you to research and purchase the domains.

48. Ticket Reseller

This involves buying and reselling tickets at a premium value allowing you to have some profit. This may require some small capital input depending on the number of concert attendees there might be.

49. Webinar

Webinars is where you get people to sign under a program you run and they pay for your services. You will need a webinar program in a specific area of expertise and clients who are interested in the same field then you get to monetize the idea.

50. Copywriter

A copywriter is an individual who is paid to write for advertisements. All you need is good grammar use and the ability to create engaging content that will market companies. This means that it requires no particular cost to start it off.


There is a limitless number that not even the 50 businesses to start without capital can not feature all of them.  If you keep wondering, ‘What business can I start with zero capital?’ We have the answers for you and you don’t need to look further than this. The list features the best business to start with little money in Kenya. Read For the list features business to start with no experience in Kenya.

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