Online Writing Training In Kenya

Online writing training in Kenya
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For the last few years, online writing and online writing training have become lucrative businesses in Kenya, especially among the youth. Although many individuals have benefited from it, so many are still in the dark about the subject.

While some doubt the academic writing industry’s existence, others have given up after being scammed due to lack of knowledge and proper guidance. Online writing or freelance writing is the production of academic papers and articles for money. It is an existing business, and it is making profits for numerous freelancers in the country and beyond. This has led to the rise of freelancer training in Kenya.

An individual is paid to write articles and complete academic assignments for individuals and various organizations in the business. Before delving into the online writing industry, it is crucial to understand the different aspects of online writing and get familiar with the dynamics of the industry.

Through this article, you will be informed about the functioning of the online writing industry, its legitimacy, and how you can kick start a successful online writing career.

What is online writing?

Online writing can be best described as the creation of text through computers, which can be published as articles or academic papers. Online writing can be divided into academic writing and article writing. Academic is the research and drafting of plagiarism-free assignments for students abroad.

In academic writing, one handles different types of papers, including; research papers, term papers, dissertations, proposals, and mathematical problems. Academic papers are limited to educational disciplines like law, biology, engineering, physics, medicine, linguistics, and psychology, to mention a few.

On the other hand, article writing is diverse, and it involves the prose writing of various subjects, which is non-fictional, and it forms an independent part of a publication. Articles are not purely researched, but they are informative opinions about multiple topics in the field.

 If you have come across short writings in magazines and newspapers, you already have an idea of what article writing is. With the best online writing training, one can get proper guidance and build a successful career.

Can I make money writing online?

Money making is one of the most common questions asked by newbies and beginners in the industry. Yes, one can make money writing online, and the amount is unlimited. With the diversity of the industry, it is impossible not to make money writing online.

By completing academic assignments and articles, one is paid per the number of pages or the total number of words written. This amount increases when more tasks are completed and when one has a team of individuals that are working under them.

It is possible to make money while writing online with the right training and guidance from online classes for writing by experts in the industry.

Why do you need online writing training before you start your freelancing career?

Like any other career, one needs to be trained or to study the industry’s dynamics before beginning the practice. Through online writing training and online classes for writing, one gets to learn online writing, know what they will be doing, and they need to get used to it before diving deeper.

Through training, a student understands both article and academic writing, and they can choose what they are more comfortable with. Training equips one with the right skill to proficiently handle any of these assignments.

To get the most out of your classes, you need to be taught by some of the best online writing training schools in Kenya.

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How to select the best online writing trainers while starting your freelance career

When starting your freelance writing career, it is crucial to know how to select the best online writing trainers. When selecting your tutor, you need to find an online writing training academy in Kenya whose reputation for quality Kenyan writers mentorship is unmatched.

One way to verify the tutor’s proficiency is through social media groups like Academia-Research on Facebook, where you can ask. Anyone who has been mentored by your selected tutor gives their reviews, making it easy to decide. Through Google, you can also check the reviews and ratings of the online academic writing training academies and schools in Kenya.

An important aspect to consider when selecting an online writing trainer is your budget and the value you will get for it. Look for an online writing academy in Kenya that fits your budget while giving you the best training and Kenyan writers mentorship service.

You can also consider working for your trainers, which will give your money back, but it will also guarantee you work and growth in the industry.

For instance, here at Brains With Concepts we are the best online writing training in Kenya.

Why we are the best online writing trainers in Kenya

Brains With Concepts is the best online writing academy in Kenya because we offer inclusive training at a reasonable rate. When you enroll in our online writing training school, you get paired with one of the best online writing trainers who gives you all the information and insight you need to start a successful online writing career.

As the best freelancer training Kenya has, we offer excellent training packages. We have a comprehensive online writing module that has been crafted by the firm’s best and most successful writers. The training module is tailored to help beginners understand the aspects of writing quality papers and how to handle different articles and assignments. We also offer learn as you earn services to Kenyan writers if they are interested.

Joining this online writing training institution is the first step towards a successful online writing career.

Our full course covers both Academic & Article Writing.

Online Writing Training

How to Enroll to our online writing training course

How Do I Sign Up for the Course?

1. Register with Fee (49$)
2. Get Student Logins
3. Carry Out the Course
4. Await Assessment/Feedback
5. Graduate

Our Online academic writing training outline

Our online writing training outline covers the following ;

a) The different styles used when writing academic papers. These include; MLA, APA, Chicago, and Havard, just to mention a few. These formats are the most frequently used for citing and formatting academic papers.

b) The different types of papers handled in academic writing, including; research papers, term papers, and dissertations. It shows students how to work on these papers and deliver them accordingly.

c) The grammatical aspect of writing academic papers. It focuses on how to ensure spellings and grammatical errors are minimized when drafting papers. In grammar, crucial factors like the use of tenses and punctuation for different papers are explored.

d) The tools used to check for grammatical errors and plagiarism are explored. The module educates students on how to use these applications to improve the quality of work.

Our Online article writing training outline

The article writing training outline covers the following areas:

a) The different types of articles and the most frequent in the industry like SEO articles and journal articles. It explores how to handle and successfully deliver various types of articles.

b) The grammatical aspect of handling articles. It focuses on the correction and minimization of spelling, tenses, and punctuation errors when handling articles.

c) The most common techniques of handling articles and the most effective techniques used by successful article writers.

d) The tools used to check for plagiarism, and grammatical errors, and how to use them to maximize quality.


What is your online writing training fee?

We charge 49.99 dollars or 5,000 Kenya Shillings for our online writing training sessions. The charges are paid separately for each module.

Where is our online writing school located?

The Brains With Concepts online writing school is located In the Nairobi area, at Lumumba drive in Roysambu. Our offices are on the fourth floor of Jeda Plaza.

How long do the classes take?

The classes are self-paced depending on your learning speed. Lifetime mentorship and support is offered afterwards.

The Kenyan writers mentorship is guaranteed whether one is working with the company or they are writing independently.


Online writing training is crucial for anyone who wants to be successful in the industry. The online writing industry is comprehensive since it incorporates both articles and academically written work. Articles and academic papers are different, and they require different approaches when drafting and delivering work. T

o be successful, one must understand the aspect of the online writing aspect they are taking, and they must perfect their skill in the said field. It is easier to enroll in online writing training classes in Kenya because it will guarantee that one has acquired the right skills. Besides, most online writing trainers offer work after training, which ensures that the craft is put into good use and its rewards are visible.

Learning online writing from online writing academies in Kenya is one way to guarantee a successful online writing career. We pride ourselves as the best online writing academies in Kenya with a group of expert article and academic writers who skillfully impart knowledge and mentor beginners as they walk their online writing journey.

Besides, our charges are affordable and we ensure that each student gets value for their money.

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