20 Free Online Jobs that Pay Daily

Jobs that pay daily
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It goes without saying that jobs that pay daily definitely help those who have urgent bills and also sustain their needs daily. The current Covid19 pandemic restriction has limited the movement of people from one place to another. Technology has taken over with people connecting from different parts of the world through social media using gadgets such as cell phones.

Technology has enabled individuals to get jobs that pay daily instantly without leaving the house. Majority of online jobs pay daily through pay pal, so one must ensure that you open an account with pay pal. Free online jobs that pay daily in Kenya have enabled individuals to invest cash immediately on various investments that bring about compound interest and growth of assets, which helps attain financial freedom. Many apps are completely free to use and best in business tracking cash flow, investing, and savings.

Although this has its challenges, everyone can achieve financial success if instructions and care are taken seriously. The money provided is either daily or monthly regarding the terms and conditions of the work.

Looking for some jobs that pay daily? This article exhausts the free online jobs that pay daily in Kenya. Here is a list of work from home jobs that pay daily.

  1. 1 Q.com

1 Q.com is a company that deals with market research, whereby the website users get money immediately after participating and finishing in taking surveys. 1Q is one of the best free online jobs that pay daily which is evident through the payment done instantly after taking and finishing surveys through the website. The job is done through a website whereby one answers brief survey questions through responding to texts on their cellphone. Each question answered is paid instantly upon completion.


  • The survey is not time-consuming
  • One earns for each completed survey
  • 1Q surveys are usually short
  • All you need to do is use a mobile device to respond to different questions
  • Answering 1 questions qualifies you to get paid
  1. Fiverr

Fiverr allows users to earn money through doing tasks (gigs) as a way of utilizing your skills and talents. If you are interested to start free online jobs that pay daily then you can set up a free account on Fiverr and start selling your services right away. One sells skills and earns money once the job is completed and money is transferred to your account.


  • The website has no limitation on how much to spend
  • All you need is some knowledge and skills you can in exchanges for cash, for example, video design and editing
  • You set your own price for what you have to offer

In fiverr, all you need is to set you gigs and if people willing to pay for your services they will contact you, and the payment is done immediately, which is perfectly considered as daily pay jobs according to the opportunities.

  1. Ver-a-Fast

Ver-a-fast is open to all people and usually has small requirements to work on daily payment basically for hours. It’s one of the best daily payment online jobs you can do from Kenya. Work is done anytime, nights, and weekends included. This job is a job that meets the daily requirement of people by providing daily part-time pay.  However, one is committed to working for 16 hours a week, making calls to customer services to follow up and set up an appointment. An individual is contracted to take surveys as a telephone agent. Surveys are taken from people for businesses such as different newspapers. More so, people are questioned on the newspaper subscription and their renewal subscription to paper services. This company requires 15 hours working per week, which is a part-time daily paid job.

  1. Mindswarms

Mind swarm is an app that is used to take surveys hence lists among the free online jobs that pay daily. If you want to get daily payment online jobs, this is a good app to start since it allows one to earn and work online in the house. For instance, one can earn $50 easily for answering seven questions on one’s phone. If you want to work online and get paid daily from Mindswarms all you need to do is watch videos on your phone to earn money. After that, you would be asked several questions that enable you to make money.


  • Surveys take less time
  • Money is sent instantly after approval
  1. Picky Domains

Picky Domains website allows people to earn money every day through doing simple work. One can make about 50 to 100 dollars on this website. Thus, one gets the money after proposing domain names of their choice. This includes coming up with domain names for people that would like a catchy domain names for their websites. If one is good with words and creatively puts them together then this would be a good source daily cash.


  • Even if your domains are not selected one receives some money
  • Money earned is sent to one’s account on the same day
  1. Door Dash

In Door Dash, people make money daily by making deliveries. For instance, most people make about 5-10 dollars per delivery by delivering food from the restaurants, allowing one to make money daily. The company promises quick deliveries of products to people’s doorsteps, which saves time. This company offers jobs that pay daily in cash. All one needs to do is to have a license and a means of transport, such as a car. After signing up, food orders are given to pick up from restaurants then deliver to the ordered person’s home addresses. Money is given according to the deliveries daily.

  1. Slicethepie

Slicethepie allows one to earn money from writing reviews on songs, fashion, and commercial hits before hitting the market. It’s one of the most fun daily payment online jobs. On this website, your opinion about a song or fashion allows you to make money. After listening to music samples and taking a look at apparel, reviews of your opinions are asked. The quality of reviews determines the money you make. Therefore, the money for each study, may it be music or for a clothing item, your writing goes right to you; thus, payment is done on opinion.

  1. How to make money on ClearVoice

Clear voice hires people to write content for different companies and clients. If you have been wondering how to make money on clearvoice, you first need to sign up and upload your CV. If you are good at what you do, you can earn good amounts of money since you may be their favorite freelancer. The clients pay you to write content for their websites. After approval of the work from the client, you will receive your funds immediately.

  1. Fetch wards

Fetch ward is an app on mobile devices that allows people to earn money online through doing simple things outside. This is one of the jobs that pay you daily; you make money from buying items at the stores and sharing your receipt. If one is purchasing items at the grocery from buying things at the grocery store that issues a receipt with items differently. Fetch wards gives cash back for buying groceries, and immediately the money goes to your account, which can be withdrawn when you want once it clears. If you’ve been searching for jobs that pay daily near me, then you need not search anymore.

  1. Field Agent

If you are looking for jobs that pay youdaily, Field agent is an app that enables you to earn money by completing simple tasks. The tasks may include taking photos of businesses to get specific information required. One may choose a job that is in proximity since the time allocated for the job to be completed is short. One gets paid as soon as the quality control team has reviewed the task.  More so, money is earned through writing reviews of the displays inside of stores. The job is paid after taking photos of stores, promotions, or products around; hence, you instantly receive your money.

As a field agent, you require;

  1. App downloading
  2. Filling profile and answering the questions
  3. Choose a job and after finding a job.
  4. Click the job to see details added to.
  5. One space

One space brings together workers with skills such data entry, internet research and content writing, and more on the website. You will need to sign up to and answer a couple of questions to join one space, such as the services you will be offering and which language you speak. Once you fill in these details, you will need to add your pay pal account, take some tests and then start work. One Space allows earning extra money every day by working on many tasks. This service takes a short period to complete, enabling one to make a lot of money quickly. Traditional jobs are replaced by one space since the platform offers flexibility and everyday pay.

This is one of the most favorable options if you have been searching for “jobs that pay daily near me.”

  1. Rev

In rev, one listens to audio text and then type them accurately. To be hired, you may need to take a simple test that emphasizes accuracy and speed. If you are good at transcription, you are destined work online and get paid daily. Rev is done by listening to Audio texts and typing through them accurately. The site has its demerits because some recodrings may have some distorted the audio, but if one has deciphered audio well, this site can make frequent income daily.

  1. Gig walk

Gig walk is another source of regular source of jobs that pay daily cash. The app pays for completing short gigs in your home surrounding. Gigwalk tasks include taking house pictures, checking prices in a store and giving feedback, standing in line to get concert tickets. People use Gigwalk to supplement their paychecks while other people depend on this app for daily pay.  The platform of Gig is easy to use because there is no timesheet to fill out; your phone does everything.

To get started with Gigwalk is easy as;

  1. Download App on the mobile
  2. Register an account
  3. Link your pay pal account
  4. Find and complete a Gig in your area
  5. Task Rabbit

Task Rabbit service allows you carry out a certain task to get paid. Tasks include, house cleaning, assembling furniture, and running errands, doing shopping and so on. Task rabbit pays upon completion of tasks. Task rabbit tasks are is high demand in major cities where people are busy to do some odd tasks. Taskers get paid to hold up a sign on a busy intersection or fill an empty seat at an event, whereby many find that they can pick up multiple tasks in a day.  Task rabbit provides a good mobile app that connects people who need your help are the area around. An invoice is submitted after finishing the job for the request of payment, which is paid daily immediately after delivering the job. This is definitely a top contender for those who’ve been searching for “jobs that pay daily near me.”

  1. Mechanical Turk of Amazon’s

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk’s platform is a good way of making money by taking a few minutes to complete the tasks that are near you, thus adding more work to suit your budget daily. Taskers perform micro tasks that require human intervention, which consequently results in work that is simple enough to be performed from anywhere. Taks may include tagging photos on social media and doing internet research.

  1. Content Writing

content writing

Content writing sites such as Content Authority, Writer access, BKA Content, and Constant Content hire writers to write content online and get paid daily. Content writing is one of the best work from home jobs that pay daily. A content writer can make a full time living by earning as much as $ 10000 depending on their content quality and speed. Content writing tasks are assigned to a writer depending on writing speed and quality level. People earn full time with these kind of sites. However, money is made through following instructions, writing error-free contents and quality submission or on time.

Incase you are wondering how to get started with online writing, you can check out our FREE online writing training course.

  1. Cambly

Gambly is one of most popular job for work at single moms who wants to work from the house. One earns through tutoring tasks, and can earn up to $ 10 hourly by assisting students in conversation and language learning. This job requires no structured lesson and it is the reason why teachers enjoy working on Cambly. Tutors registered on Gambly are work with students from China who are learning the English language.

  1. Post mates

Post mates offers daily jobs by making sure packages are dropped in their destination areas, which require a flexible schedule and a car for making deliveries. Post mates delivery taskers earn up to $20 hourly each time they complete a delivery. This service is a quicker way of making money from daily duties assigned..

  1. Uber

Uber is an App that requires little training and enables one to get money daily by picking dropping people to their destinations. It is a driving service rendered as a way to get paid daily. The job does not require much training because one needs to have little skills, and it is all about knowing how to drive. Uber drivers earn a flat fee for each person they pick up and take them wherever. Competition in the market today is a great challenge for a uber driver but still drives you from uber. Knowing how to drive is the most prerequisite requirement. Uber driver may get additional cash through tips as they take people where they want to go.


  1. Sig track

Sig track is a company that works and verifies voter registration accuracy. The company is one of the best companies that provide jobs daily or weekly, considering the work done.  To become a sig track worker, you must have skills in spreadsheets and processing software for word. Sig track requires a high-speed internet connection. The workers are paid daily and weekly. Most workers who work with sig do not work in remote areas or coffee shops. Instead, they work from their home offices. Sig is one of the best work from home jobs that pay daily. The worker has to be in a location that is supported by a desktop computer.

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With the spread of the internet use, people are constantly searching for jobs that pay daily in Kenya. However, some people take jobs that pay daily as a side hustle. The truth is that jobs that pay daily can be a full time hustle for anyone who takes them seriously. All you need is to identify the skill that your possess which can solve a problem then look for the best platform that fits your needs and skills. Once you sign up, then you can start to work online and get paid daily.

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