How to Get Your First Order on Upwork

How to Get Your First Order on Upwork
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Upwork for Beginners: Introduction

Upwork is an area that might leave you scratching your head wondering how to get work on Upwork with no experience. Upwork is a tricky place to work given the large numbers of freelancers present on the site, with some having some very amazing skills in their portfolio. It’s a survival for the fittest kind of struggle where if you are not careful enough, you might never get your first and order. It’s vital to understand that Upwork is a site that is very strict when it comes to looking at the skills that lancers have before they are even assigned their new accounts. These stock-up skills are what they call them, referring to common skills.

The best way to make sure your earn from Upwork consistently is to build a good rapport with a client. This means that first, someone has to take a chance at you. You either depend on luck, or you can go hard on it. This article contains a step-by-step guide showing you how to get your first Upwork job as a beginner.

How to Get Work on Upwork With No Experience: What to Do

You want to smoothen and learn how to get your first client Upwork? This is the ultimate Upwork for beginners guide that you need. It’s mostly about your skills, and the portfolio you have will either sell you or it just won’t. Following the given steps on this list would be a sure way to getting your first Upwork job within seven days maximum.

Step 1: Account Creation and Profile Setup

This is a very crucial step that if you fail, you might be as well as done with Upwork. Creating your account is the first thing you have to do. In creating your account, a fee personal information will. Be needed, and you will have to choose a method of payment. But most importantly, this is the part that you get to choose the skills that you are good at. As ut has already been highlighted, the more valuable your skills are, the better your chances of getting your first Upwork job soon.

You will then be told to wait for 24 hours before you are told if your account has been verified or not. If it is verified, then you move to the next step, which profiles setup. This is another major part, given that you are still creating your portfolio. Your profile is the first thing that any client will see. By ensuring that your skills are top tier, make sure you also include certificates and qualifications on your profile that will set you apart from everyone else.

Step 2: Master Proposal Writing

Upwork allows clients to pick the person who seems more suitable for a specific task than other sites that allow freelancers to bid. Therefore, writers find themselves writing proposals and sending them to clients where the best is picked. Even if you have the best portfolio, writing the wrong proposal is sure to let you fail to get jobs as much as you may want to.

How do you write an exemplary proposal? Grate question, don’t sit in your comfort zone but rather explore. This means that you shouldn’t write about what you can do but take an extra step and factor in how you plan to get the job done. What kind of skills are you going to use to get the job done? Have you done similar jobs in the past? If yes, include them achieve on your proposal. Also, look into other considerations like the duration it will take you to get the job done, and you will have a strong proposal which, when coupled with the best portfolio, is sure to get you any job.

Want to learn more about the art of writing? Read here.

Step 3: Applications Should Be Short

Be precise when writing all your applications. Even if you write a whole page explaining why you are the best guy for the job, your client won’t sit down and read the whole thing. If you want to know how to get your first Upwork job as a beginner, you must learn to write your application full and strong in just 3-4 paragraphs. It means condensing all your thoughts in those sentences without going around in circles. This will get your client interested in your work long enough to check your awesome portfolio and gift you a job.

Step 4: Don’t Be Scared of Taking Small Jobs

Is it your first work, right? Well, don’t be scared about starting small. You can begin by doing small works on the platform and building a rapport from there. On your first job, make sure you give your best to return you get a positive review from the client. You can even start with a small pay per hour so that you can draw clients to you. Through doing this, you begin creating a great self-image on the platform, as clients will be more ready to take a chance where they do not stand to lose a lot.

Step 5: Focus and Don’t Give Up

Nothing comes easy, especially in a world of freelancing, where finding work is as hard as it can be. Focus on your goal of getting your first Job client, and don’t give up no matter how many rejections you get. It won’t be easy even with a great profile, but approaching more and more clients increases your possibility of getting some positive feedbacks in response. The best part of Upwork is that once a client gets comfortable with you, then yourself a lifetime client who may refer others to you.

how to get first order on upwork

6 Upwork Jobs for Beginners

One thing that makes Upwork a best-seller among freelancers is that it contains all kinds of freelancing jobs that you may think of. Any work is better than no work, and here is a list of 6 of the best Upwork jobs for beginners.

  1. Machine Learning (ML)

This has to be the highest job on Upwork. It deals with the automation of routine tests that businesses do daily through the creation of programs. These will require freelancers who have great Java, C++, and Python, or any other programming language present. On average, an individual can earn from as low as $80 an hour to as high as $125 an hour.

  1. Web and App Testing Tools

This is a great start for any beginner interested in making quick bucks on Upwork. These jobs are frequent on Upwork and can easily be found by searching for them. They are characterized by being easy to do jobs that only require minimal input, no particular set of skills, and even though they do not pay much, they only take a few minutes to complete. Such jobs can generate an average pay of $10 an hour.

  1. Newbie Friendly Jobs

Still, wondering how to get work on Upwork with no experience? Well, things have been made easier because Upwork allows newbies to look for newbie works. There is a list of newbie jobs in the newbies’ welcome section. Here you will find clients who are willing to work with newbies. The biggest disadvantages to newbie jobs are that they have high competition, have a lot of work, and the pay in most cases doesn’t add up. If it’s writing, you can fin that per 1000 words, you get paid as low as $4, but you at least start building your portfolio further.

  1. No-Brainer Jobs

These are jobs that do not require any particular skills. They can be jobs related to peoples asking you to do something on their behalf, like downloading all their YouTube videos or something along those lines. They have an average pay much better than Newbie-friendly jobs. The no-brainer jobs have an average pay of up to $30 an hour and as low as $15. Other kinds of no-brainer jobs are designed Canvas thumbnails and data entry.

  1. Video Production

This is a great start for beginners who have skills that are in some way related to video production or are interested in leading it. Who said you couldn’t learn something as you go? Video production is not only a great job and valuable at Upwork, but it also is a great place for beginners to begin. This has been further facilitated by the fact that the uses for video productions are becoming limitless. These may include directing, team communication, logistics, scriptwriting, and budgeting. The average pay sits at least at $40 to as high as $85 per hour.

  1. Transcription

This is a great place to start as a beginner because this is a job that doesn’t require much know-how. All in requires is a person capable of listening and writing what they have done. They need a computer and a great headset to filter out the noises and probably software such as Adobe Flash player. It’s relatively easy to find transcription jobs on Upwork, and the pay is better than the pay you would get for most beginner jobs. These jobs are rated depending on the topic being covered and the language being used. The average pay sits between $18 an hour to $25 an hour.

Best Upwork Jobs For Beginners

The best Upwork jobs for beginners don’t exist, given different skills that may probably be needed for them. However, the best Upwork jobs for beginners have been chosen depending on the type of work, how much the freelancer is paid for, and the job’s easiness. Here is a list of the best Upwork jobs for beginners

1. Creative writing

This is a great place to start, especially if you trust your writing and imaginative skills. These creative writing jobs may include writing poems, scriptwriting, stories, and much more. They are easy to do jobs that are very available for newbies to try. One thing that stands out among creative writing jobs is finding temporary jobs that require you to write 700 words. While they are not billed by the number of hours, you can find a 700-word story being paid at $20, which is not that bad.

2. Email Copywriting

Email copywriting refers to the use of automated emails that may either be personalized or set for a group. They are good enough for beginners, and though at first, it may seem confusing to do, with time, you may get the hold of it and make some serious bucks off it. What more. Is it that they pay so well. For a bunch of emails, one order might come with around $200 of pay.

3. Social Video Marketing

Since the skill was considered a major skill by Upwork in 2019, it has remained to be among the best skills on the platform. This can be attributed to the growing need for businesses to adapt themselves to the changing marketing landscape and join video content marketing. They pay well, given that their average pay can go as high as $150 per hour.

4. Content Marketing

It’s another hot field in the world of freelancing. Content marketing involves writing blogs and articles, and they can allow an individual to make up to $5,000 a month. It’s a great place to consider as a beginner.

5. Copywriters

Copywriters are famous for. Writing website content and writing service and product descriptions, among other things. It’s a high-paying job on Upwork, given that the average pay rests somewhere around $250 an hour. However, the pay is determined by the skills of. The write and the level they have on Upwork.

How Long Does It Take to Get Your First Job on Upwork?

Getting your first job on Upwork requires a bit of patience, a boatload of determination, and the fire always to remain focused. The number of individuals who can score jobs within the first day of getting their accounts verified and approved is slim to none. However, as time goes by, the chances keep growing more and more until freelancers can get consistent work with their levels on the platform, increasing from beginners to intermediate and so on.

How to Get Your First Order on Upwork

As you might have gathered so far, getting your first order on Upwork is not a joke. It will be frustrating and you’ll require patience, determination, and persistence. First, you have to ensure that your profile is the best it can be. Second, you have to master the art of proposals. Identify the unique benefit a client gets when they work with you then focus on presenting this benefit in the best way possible. In the beginning, you should also send proposals on jobs with less competition. Additionally, send proposals to jobs as soon as they are posted. Third, assembling a high quality portfolio that showcases your best work will go a long way.

With these 3 tips and patience, you’ll be getting your first order on upwork soon.

Is Upwork Good for Beginners?

There’s a lot of competition on Upwork, which means that it can be difficult for a beginner to kick off their freelancing career there. On the flip side however, hundreds of jobs are posted on Upwork each week. This means that as a beginner, there is a good chance you will get a job despite the competition.

Additionally, there are clients on Upwork who are willing to hire beginners for low rates. This is because experienced writers may be too expensive. As a beginner on Upwork, you should take advantage of this and bid for such jobs. Once you get an order, give your best so that you can slowly build your reputation and in time, raise your rates and earn more money.

Upwork for Beginners: Final Take

How do you get your first client on Upwork is a question that has already been answered at the beginning of the article. Getting your first work on Upwork may take from anything between 2 days to a month, depending on your portfolios and how you write your proposals. If it persists and you can’t get your first work, start with the newbie jobs, and you will get great ratings to advance you on your career on Upwork.

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