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Guide for free online writing training in Kenya
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Learning is key in any field, even in online writing it is better if you can gain more skills in this field giving us the need to look at some free online writing training in Kenya. We’ll shine a spotlight on the different entities that offer content writing training free.

Online writing is a broad field where you have article writing, academic writing, blogging, ghostwriting, technical writing, scriptwriting, and transcriptions among others. Being pro efficient is a good thing in this field cause it means that you will have a high rating, something that clients are always looking for.

Most people out there are offering training classes that you have to pay for mostly ranging from $40 to around $100.

But what if you are a stay at home mom who can’t raise that money?

What if you are a student who needs to receive this training to help yourself out of unemployment?

This article has got you covered! We take a look at a few places where you can get the best free online writing courses for new writers and advanced writers in Kenya and beyond.

How can I learn academic writing?

Academic writing is a growing field that has attracted millions of youths to work in.

But what happens when you do not know where to start in academic writing?

What do you do?

How do you ensure that you become a pro in this field?

Just like any other field, writing requires some skills that you need to learn. In academic writing, a major skill set you will need is being pro efficient in English and your grammar should be on point. There are so many paid-for courses out there that you can have a look at.

Only a few organizations or individuals seem to offer writing training and some free article writing training.

The best way to learn academic writing would be to get enrolled in the best free online writing courses for new writers, feel the experience then go for the paid training if the free training impresses you.

Wondering where to get FREE training? Join our FREE online writing training now!

What is the difference between paid training and Free training?

  • A trainer walks you through all the writing tutorials that you need and answers your questions.
  • The trainer will be tasked with ensuring that you understand all you may need to become an independent online writer.
  • Premium materials that will push you farther into the field.

How Can I Get Content Writing Training Free?

Probably, you have heard them say that ‘content is king’. In the digital age, content writing is as big as it gets. You get to act like a digital nomad, working for companies all around the world in the comfort of your home. Content Writing mostly involves the use of fictional writing majorly for marketing.

You could go for free article writing online courses that could help you on your way to growing as a content writer.

Alternatively, here are some websites that have been known to provide some of the best free online writing courses for new writers. They offer content writing training free!

  •  Skillshare
  • Google
  • Hubspot
  • Udemy
  • Open2Study

These websites offer good content writing courses that will upgrade your content writing skills to that of a pro. These courses are namely; writing for the web by Open2Study, SEO training by Udemy, Content Writing certification by Hubspot, become a better blogger by Skillshare, and fundamentals of digital marketing by Google.

Brain With Concepts Free Online Writing Training Minicourse

If you are getting started and are interested in freelancer Kenya training, our FREE online writing minicourse can introduce you to the world of online writing. The 5-day course covers both academic and article writing.

🔥🔥What you will learn in 5 days🔥🔥

✔️Why writing is the No.1 skill every entrepreneur needs to master

✔️ What is online writing and how to make real money from it
✔️Types of Freelance Jobs and opportunities available online

✔️Legitimate freelancing companies to work with as a beginner

✔️The latest freelancing trend in Kenya and how to jump into it
✔️7 Key traits that will make you a successful freelancer

Brain With Concepts complete Online Writing Training

If you want to jumpstart your journey in online writing and earn a real income, then I suggest you should join our freelancer kenya training also called ‘The Freelacing Master Class’ .

Our Fulll online writing course ensures any aspiring writer from all over the world can access the course.

Here is what you get from our full online writing course

✔️Detailed and tailor made course that meet your needs

✔️Learn at the comfort of your home

✔️Crafted by the industry experts (over 7years)

✔️20 Modules with 81 In-depth Lessons

✔️100+hrs of PDF content

✔️24hrs+ of Video Tutorials

✔️Assessment test after every session

✔️Unlimited support and Life time mentorship

✔️Job opportunity to best performers

✔️A one week internship in our office as you learn and interact from our team

Check our full online writing training outline


To have a fighting chance in the ever-growing online writing jobs that remain consistent to all the unemployed people, getting the best freelancer Kenya training is a sure thing that will work for you. T

Our team is dedicated to helping any individual grow to their full potential in online writing. If you are interested in moving from a beginner to becoming a pro we invite you so that we can walk the journey together.

We cant wait to see you!

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