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Online article writing is one of the most sustainable jobs in Kenya, and people gain their skills by attending the best article writing training there is. Article writing is the simplest form of online writing, and it pays well once one becomes good at it. If you’ve been wondering how to write a professional article, then you’re in the right place.

Online writing training helps you become a pro article writer by showing you industry best practices.

To become a proficient article writer, one must grasp the different types of articles and know how to handle each one. Besides, good command of the English language is key to writing good articles. It is easy to become an article writer, and work is always available regardless of the season.

Learning how to write online articles has never been easier. One can sign up for free article writing classes or pay for some of Kenya’s best article writing courses. For people who write articles as a hobby, this article will show you how you can use your skills to make some money.

What is Article Writing?

An article is a piece of written work that addresses a large audience to give more information, influence people to think deeper about a subject, discuss contemporary issues and new developments, and give opinions regarding different subjects. There are four types of articles; the first one is expository.

Types of Article Writing

Expository articles explain particular topics or subjects for their readers. They focus on giving relevant facts, descriptions, and figures to their audience. These types of articles often describe processes through sequentially and logically presented ideas.

Cookbooks are a good example of expository articles. They sequentially explain recipes from the ingredients to preparation in a sequential and easy-to-follow format.

The second among the types of article writing is persuasive or argumentative writing. These articles contain the author’s opinion while including justifications and explanations that convince readers to agree with their opinions and accept their ideas. Persuasive and argumentative articles also prompt readers to take action, and they are used in editorials, commercials, and speeches, to mention a few.

A subject like “Reducing your carbon footprint” is persuasive. It intends to explain why the audience should reduce carbon emission, and the article will give well-thought justifications to encourage the reader to take action.

Winding up our list of types of article writing are narratives. They are used to tell factual and fictitious stories. Narratives are versatile because they allow writers to create from their imagination. The author is free to create characters and settings depending on the message he intends to convey.

Narrative articles include short stories, memoirs, and biographies. The final type of article is descriptive. Although a descriptive article is similar to an expository, it explains things to the reader while incorporating all the five senses through vivid description.

When reading a descriptive narrative, the audience should visualize the setting or empathize with the characters depending on the author’s intent. 

This style of writing is often used in journals, screenplays, and diaries. All these styles are defined by the author’s choice of words, tone, structure, and voice. Through the best article writing training, one is able to grasp these types of articles and effectively deliver them.

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Most common Article writing jobs online

Some of the most common online article writing jobs include; publishing articles for websites, writing magazine articles, writing newspaper articles, writing and publishing journal articles, and writing search engine optimization articles, also known as SEO articles.

Article writing jobs have become common because most organizations have attracted online audiences. With the countless online magazines and journals being published every day, one can never miss any work. Besides, websites are also using SEO articles to optimize their search results on Google.

SEO articles are one of the best paying online article writing jobs since they make it easy for people to search for and find websites online.

In the article writing field, there is something for everyone. During training, one gets to discover which field they can handle best and maximize on that.

Article writers are encouraged to be well versed with the different jobs available. This way, they can handle different articles, even those beyond their comfort zone.

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Qualities of a good article writer

Attention to detail is one of the pillars of pro article writing. Great writers are always keen, observant, and they always take mental notes, which enables them to spot any errors as they read through their work. Writers who are excellent in their work have a disciplined approach towards online article writing.

They constantly evaluate their work, and they make an effort to make their work better as they progress. An effective writer offers clarity by distilling complex ideas and thoughts and coming up with a concise and easy-to-understand language.

Clarity is one of the most valuable writing qualities because a writer can break down the most complex thoughts into uncomplicated pieces. A strong vocabulary is an attribute every article writer needs to have.

Nobody likes reading similar words every time; therefore, a strong vocabulary is a plus for any writer.

Using new and interesting words helps maintain a reader’s interest and allows for effective communication. A good writer should also be open to changes like edits and external suggestions.

Changes help writers improve their skills because seeing their work through others’ eyes helps them improve their weak areas. Great writers are often voracious readers.

Being immersed in different worlds through reading helps one understand more about writing, and it builds vocabulary.

Besides, one becomes more conversant with the different writing tools, and they learn about existing stylistic angles. Through the best article writing training, one can acquire some of these qualities, and they can improve on and polish the qualities they already possess.

Finally, finding a good online writing training course will polish your already existing skills and help you acquire new ones.

How to start making money through article writing with Zero experience

It is possible to start making money through online article writing even when one has zero experience. Article writing modules and guides are available online as free online article writing courses. They give correct guidance and easy-to-understand tips that equip you with basic article writing skills.

After carefully reading these materials, it becomes easy to write your first paper, and with time, everything becomes easier. It is often advised that one enrolls with the best article writing training experts in Kenya. With the best article writing course in Kenya, one is guaranteed of their success in the industry.

Mentoring yourself can become difficult, especially when you are struggling to find work. It is easy to give up when you do not see the fruits of your hard work.  Online article writing trainers in Kenya often mentor individuals, and they give them work at the end of their training.

Through mentorship, one not only learns about the dynamics of the industry, but they get enough support until they can walk on their own.

Their work is always subject to polishing and improvement until it becomes perfect. Mentorship eliminates the phase where clients and companies turn work down due to low quality.

Training under a mentor may take longer, but one is assured of acquiring pro article writing skills. Getting the best article writing training through online article writing academies is the best way to go.

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How can I learn article writing?

  1. Self Learning

There are several ways to learn online article writing. First, one can teach themselves through platforms like Youtube, and google where free article writing courses, modules, and writing tips are available. 

By reading, watching, and practicing, the skills are acquired, and one can gradually begin their online article writing career. There is no shortage of article writing courses online.

Free article writing courses are useful, especially when one is passionate about article writing. Self-learning takes longer because the lack of an organized training program denies a learner insight into the Kenyan article writing industry. It may also be difficult to know where to find work after finishing the learning process.

2. Friends and Relatives who do online writing

One can learn online article writing through friends and peers. If one has successful friends in the industry who are willing to teach for free and give work, it’s a plus.

They are ideal because they mentor you and give you work at almost zero expenses. When selecting friends to mentor you through the process, find people who are willing to teach and whose consistent workflow and success in the industry are guaranteed.

3. Training with professionals (How to write a professional article)

If you are looking to learn online writing professionally, we highly recommend you to learn article writing by training with experts.

One can find the best online article writing course in Kenya that will equip them with the right skill, but it will also mentor them until they are confident enough to write independently.


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Want to get started with our online writing training? We are here to help you!

Our pro article writing course makes it easy for you to learn from any part of the world. It’s one of the best article writing courses online. The training covers both academic writing and article writing.

With quizzes and practical sessions at the end of each Lesson and Module, the student is guaranteed excellent performance.

How Do I Sign Up for the Course?

1. Register with Fee (40$)
2. Get Student Logins
3. Carry Out the Course
4. Await Assessment/Feedback
5. Graduate

Article Writing Jobs in Kenya

Once you are done with your article writing training, it can take you less than a month to find work. Usually, writers look for article writing jobs outside the country. However, article writing jobs in Kenya also exist. Nowadays, a lot of businesses have migrated online. Content marketing has become digital. As such, there are numerous blogs, email newsletters, social media articles and white papers that need to be written.

All these article writing jobs in Kenya are available if only you are willing to look for them. Local jobs may not pay as well as foreign jobs. However, they can be a good way to develop your skills. Additionally, the more experienced you are, the more you will earn, even for article writing jobs in Kenya.

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Getting the best article writing training is the first step towards pro article writing and making a lot of money as a writer. With the right skill, it is possible to make money while doing online article writing.

Now that businesses, magazines, journals, and newspapers have moved online, there is plenty of work in the field. One can be an SEO article writer for a website or a journal and newspaper article writer.

There are free online article writing courses that one can enroll in. However, paid online article writing training courses are the ones that teach pro article writing.

Academies like Brains With Concepts offer the best article writing training courses In Nairobi. They offer excellent online article training that is tailored to ensure one succeeds in their career.

The academy also offers mentorship and work until one is stable enough to work on their own. Enroll in an online article writing course and begin a successful career today.

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