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Take academic writing accounts comes with benefits that most of the best academic writing accounts in Kenya don’t have. Academic writing is very popular in Kenya. There are many best-paying academic writing accounts in Kenya that you can go for and enjoy the best services.  What makes academic writing so inviting is the fact that it is that you get to work from home, and on your own time.

Academic writing accounts come in two forms, i.e. take accounts and bid accounts.  Bid accounts will require you to bid for the projects that are available and then wait for other writers to bid, but if you’re used in the writing world it’s a lot easier because they pay very well.

On the other hand, take academic writing accounts are when you apply for a job and the client writes back saying that they are interested. Here, you will be asked to complete some tasks before getting hired.

Most of the best take academic writing accounts in Kenya offer payment through PayPal or Payoneer so that clients get their money securely. But there are some accounts that offer M-Pesa as a payment method.

To succeed in academic writing, you need creativity, positivity, good work ethic and good English

What You Need to Get a Writing Account

To find and get the best paying academic accounts, especially take accounts, you will need to have a good understanding of what is required from each company. You’ll also need an online presence through blogs, websites, etc. so that you can show that you’re qualified enough for your chosen task. Apart from this, here are some more qualifications that many companies look for in new writers that would boost your chances of getting accepted:

  1. A Good Attitude- Payment is important but it’s not everything. Many companies require that you show that you have a good attitude before they can allow you access to their clients’ accounts. This means that you need a big heart, an open mind, and something positive to say about anyone at all times.
  2. Good grammar command- You need to be able to compose decent sentences that the client will understand. This means that you don’t need to have a PhD but you do need to know your grammar rules well as this is the best way to show that you’re competent enough for some writing tasks.
  3. A high level of creativity- Many companies do not just accept professional writers but they accept those writers with a high level of creativity. The ability to come up with new ideas for the article is what will separate you from other writers.
  4. You need to be ready to work- You should know that writing academic papers is not a joke and you just can’t wake up one morning and become great at it overnight. It takes time; practice makes perfect.
  5. These are just a few things that you should consider having before you get to own a writing account. Other than that, every site has its own requirements and tests that you will have to pass before you get to have your own writing account. Here are the best take writing accounts in Kenya.


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Best Take Academic Writing Accounts in Kenya

  1. Uvocorp

Uvocorp provides one of the best take academic writing accounts in Kenya. There are different uvocorp account levels depending on your expertise and comfort level.

You can either go for an advanced account or a basic account where they only pay you upon successful completion of each order. The best thing about Uvocorp is that it provides both types of accounts, bidding and take accounts.

With the different uvocorp account levels, payment can range from $5 a page to as high as $26 a page. This is dependent on the type of account that you have among other things.

Best take academic writing accounts: Uvocorp

Advantages of Uvocorp advanced account

  1. You are paid to generate ideas and concepts for your clients and that means you will get a lot of orders.
  2. Also, Uvocorp has what they refer to as advanced orders. You get paid $15 a page for these types of orders and that is good income if you have the resources to generate them.
  3. Uvocorp allows you to pick your own hours of operation which makes it easy to plan alongside other things or even find another high-paying writing job.
  4. You are ranked because you will be doing a lot of work for the client. Note that you get to rank up when you complete an order. You start getting paid $0.5 per page but this goes up as you make progress in completing orders until it reaches $1 per page.
  5. Uvocorp has a bonus program that rewards its top writers with cash prizes based on how many pages they have generated for clients over time.
  6. The pay scales at Uvocorp are also among the best out there right now and there are even some freelancers who earn more than their full-time jobs from working at Uvocorp.

Disadvantages of Uvocorp include

  1. Uvocorp limits the total number of registrations per day.
  2. Uvocorp also has limited support services.
  3. Getting an account with Uvocorp is hard, given the rigorous tests, you will be taken through.

    Academic Experts

Academic experts have one of the best pay-per-page writing websites giving it the feel of being one of the best academic writing accounts in Kenya. What makes this site stand out from the rest is that they have a 24/7 support team, which guarantees customer satisfaction.

Best take academic writing accounts: Academic Experts

The assignments are good, ranging from basic essay writing to formatting documents and beyond. It is recommended that you do proofreading and free review before payment in order to ensure the quality of work delivered by the expert for your assignment.

They also mostly stick with academic experts such as college professors and other academic experts to make sure that their clients get the best services. The pay is rather handsome too.

Advantages of Academia Experts

  1. The pay at Academia Experts is great, much better than that of many other accounts.
  2. The customer service is always there to help you.
  3. The assignments are interesting,
  4. The experts take a lot of care in writing your work assuring that they do not miss anything in it.

Disadvantages of Academia Experts

  1. The only disadvantage about Academia Experts is that if you fail to do the review before payment then sometimes they will charge you for rewriting. Otherwise, this is one of the best take accounts out there.
  2. Quality Writers

The thing with Quality Writers is that they have a transparent vetting process that ensures the kind of writers you work with. This means that they check whether their writers are qualified and experienced enough to handle your work.

This is what you would consider similar to most writing accounts. Quality Writers are best if you are looking to hire academic writers in Kenya or other kinds of people who will be able to write in a manner that is reflective of the school level you have set for your papers.

Best academic writing take accounts: Quality Writers

Advantages of Quality Writers

  1. Their services are offered at an affordable price This is because they offer custom-made paper.
  2. The editors will edit the paper before delivery to you, which ensures that your paper has no grammatical mistakes.
  3. Quality Writers can handle most academic levels Quality Writers has writers who are both highly qualified and experienced in different fields of study. This means that you can hire a writer for any academic level, including university or postgraduate levels.
  4. They offer free revisions in case your paper doesn’t pass their quality control check The Quality Writers guarantees the quality of work by checking it twice before delivery to you. If there are mistakes, they will be corrected and delivered to you free of charge.

Disadvantages of Quality Writers

  1. This is not a free service. Quality Writers offers quality services at competitive prices.
  2. Also, their pay is not as high as that of its competitors.
  3. You can only submit your order to them after logging into the website, through PayPal or wire transfer. They don’t accept other online payment methods, such as credit cards or debit cards.
  4. 4Writers Account

4Writers is another great paying writing account that allows the writers the chance to take orders that are within their capabilities.  Professional academic writers get the chance to choose when they want to work and how much they want to make.

If you need a writing account that lets you be in charge, then this is the best option for you. There is no case of unwanted communication or being forced to complete orders above your capabilities. Moreover, since a 4Writers account is one of the best paying academic accounts, you will get to make as much money per page as possible.

Best academic take writing accounts: 4writers

Advantages of a 4Writers account

  1. The management team gives you ample time to do what you are supposed to be doing and they also assign you jobs according to your speed of writing so that it doesn’t get overwhelming.
  2. 4Writers has excellent customer support available to you 24/7.
  3. They make timely payments and best of all, it pays better than any other writing account in Kenya.

Disadvantages of a 4Writers account

  1. There are no major disadvantages for 4writers apart from the fact that it doesn’t offer high-paying jobs only.
  2. Its writers do not perform as much as writers from other writing accounts. This is can be an advantage since you are assured of a chance to grow and grow fast in such an area if you are an expert.
  3. Writers Labs

Writers Labs is one of the best take academic writing accounts in Kenya for several reasons. It has been in existence for a while and has been taking both ENL and ESL students. This means that apart from teaching reading, writing, and comprehension skills in English, the account also trains students to communicate effectively.

It has over 100 active writers on its platform which means that it receives a lot of work to do. This creates an environment where fresh graduates are given enough room with which they can grow as professional academic writers and improve their craft even further.

Best take academic writing accounts: Writers Labs

Their pay ranges from $6 per page for a high school level paper to the least for a Ph.D. paper costing $15.

Advantages of Writers Labs

  1. All writing work is accepted. This means that even if an assignment seems complex, the account will still take it and assign it to writers who are flexible in terms of meeting deadlines.
  2. Offers students a clear path as far as their career is concerned because they know what to expect from Writers Lab for a long time.
  3. Writers on the platform can earn more than Ksh 15,000 monthly especially if they have been doing this work for a long time and know what to look out for in a job description.
  4. One feature that stands out in this online tutoring account is its simplicity. Other platforms have developed so many features over time that writers can get lost when they read an assignment description for the first time. Writers Lab keeps things simple and clear.
  5. Another key feature is that their payment schedule is one of the best around. They do not wait long before paying writers for their work.
  6. The feedback system is one of the most unique structures I have seen in online writing platforms and does a lot of good to the writers

Disadvantages of Writers Labs

  1. They have a relatively low page limit
  2. They do not accept everyone.

Final Take

If you’re looking for a way to earn some extra cash, take academic writing accounts could be the perfect gig. The best take academic accounts in Kenya on this list are among the best there are in the market.

Owing to the fact that you are able to determine the time that you get to work and where you get to work, take academic writing accounts take it further by allowing you to also decide the jobs that you are most comfortable with.

So whether or not your skills lie within research papers and term papers or essays and assignments of any kind, these sites have got something for everyone! We hope we helped make things a little less confusing when it comes down to choosing which take accounts are right for your needs.

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