Best Transcription Companies

Best Transcription Companies to work for
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A look into transcription and you sure will want to know of the best transcription companies in the world right now. The existence of so many writing and transcription companies in Kenya creates a problem as well as an opportunity. The problem is that it gets hard when it comes to identifying the best of the best and the ones that can easily scam you; it’s the online world, scam is the biggest threat to working. However, this creates the opportunity for most people because it shows that there is plenty of work that needs doing.

You do not need a lot of things to start yourself out as an independent transcriber working under top transcription companies in Kenya and the world. All that you will need for this is as follows:

  • A computer (of course)
  • Good and a strong internet connection
  • A great headset. A good headset should have great noise-canceling capabilities. ‘
  • A nice typing software like the Express Scribe Pro (Preferably)
  • A pedal (an accessory that can help both pros and beginners)

With the above then you know that you have a complete starter pack. Now, let’s dive into 8 of the best transcription companies of the 21st century. We hope this information will help you determine what is the best transcription company to work for.


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Best Transcription Companies

By looking into the advantages and disadvantages of top transcription companies in Kenya, we will see the best companies to work for in different situations and for different people. They include

  1. Rev

Rev is among the best transcription companies that exist today and a Rev account is undoubtedly one of the best transcription accounts you can have. It was started around 2009-2010 and has been in operation ever since that time. The minimum pay per audio hour for Rev stands at $10 but it can go for as high as $30 depending on the language, urgency, and topic being covered. Its requirement is at best minimal since the writer requires the basic materials plus a chrome browser and an adobe flash player. Signing up for the account, the transcribers are tested for their skills in a 60-second test and a PayPal account.

best transcription companies: rev


  1. They pay every week and are known to have some of the best pay per hour rates among the top transcription companies in Kenya.
  2. You have the chance of listening to the work before picking it which saves people a lot of trouble.
  3. A 24\7 support system that is well trained and ready to help the transcribers with any problem that they may have.
  4. They have great features that make it easy for the transcribers to do their works. These features include the autocomplete feature and the theme colors.


  1. They easily terminate their accounts when they notice matters as small as a fall in your commitment ratio or when their expectations are not met.
  2. They do not cover all the countries and this limits the people who can make money from their platform.
  3. They are the strictest company on the list and do not hire people who are under 18 years.

2. GO Transcript

This is one of the best transcript companies that are available for beginners with very nice ratings on multiple review sites. They work with other international companies as their biggest clients, companies like Netflix and BBC. Their pay is also great given that they pay from as low as $0.6 per hour to as much as $20 an hour. They pay every week and through PayPal. This is clearly one of the best transcription accounts to have.

To join the company, you have to go through a test but it doesn’t require timestamping or any other conditions imposed on them. It is widely agreed in the transcription industry that this is one of the best transcription companies to work for.

best transcript companies; go transcript


  1. They provide tests that only measure the language capabilities of individuals and not their skills. This makes it one of the best transcription companies for beginners to grow.
  2. They give the transcribers enough time to complete their works and are not as strict as Rev.
  3. They pay weekly and they have a great payment rate per hour.
  4. The platform is user-friendly and has some nice features.


  1. It doesn’t always have a consistent workflow.
  2. You have to keep a rating of as low as 3.5 out of 5 to be assured of getting work easily.
  3. Their pay rate is relatively low.

3. Scribie

Scribie has been in existence since 2008 and has a vast network of clients and transcribers. They have been known for their fair entry test since both professionals in the field and beginners can create an account with them. It’s therefore one of the best transcription companies for beginners to hone their craft.

They have a lower pay rate compared to other transcription companies in Kenya, paying between $5 to $25 per audio hour. The best part about it is that they give chances for the writers to be promoted to proofreading and editing positions which allows for the transcribers to get in much more money. They have a test when new writers try to join the company.

best transcription companies: Scribie


  1. It pays well and the pay is always on time.
  2. Joining Scribie is free and it is beginner-friendly. The Scribie transcription guidelines available on their website are useful.
  3. The jobs available come in different varieties
  4. It offers certification for transcription in which you have over 8 chances to redo.
  5. Their quality control measure goes to transcribers who can for below 2.5 as compared to others who have quality control measure of over 3.0.


  1. You have to take a test and pass before you can finally own an account with Scribie.
  2. They don’t accept mobile payments.
  3. They are accessible to countries that have PayPal services.
  4. Payment happens once a month
  5. They can easily reject work that has been done.

4. Transcribe Me

Transcribe Me has been one of the top transcription companies online for some time now and is one of the best transcription companies to work for. They offer a great opportunity for anyone looking to break into the transcription business. It offers a variety of work from which beginners can learn from and it is very flexible when it comes to job life and the hours you chose to spend on it. It is therefore one of the few best transcription companies for beginners.

What sets Transcribe Me apart from other companies is that most of its audio files are from 10 seconds to one minute long. This is because the audios that have been submitted to the company are sliced into many fragments and then spread out to transcribers who work on it simultaneously. They pay about $15 per audio hour and transcribers working with the company can cash out every week as long as they have the $20 minimum account balance.

best transcription companies: transcribe me


  1. Transcribe me is beginner-friendly and has an average payout.
  2. They offer a flexible work schedule determined by the transcribers
  3. They have informative forums where transcribes can network and learn
  4. Signing up is free and easy to do
  5. The work is short and someone has no limit to the work he/she can do.
  6. Offers growth potential and can be accessed anywhere in the world.


  1. They reject works easily and they may fail to provide a reason for rejecting your work.
  2. Their servers are slow and you may have to spend some extra time reloading back your work to the system.
  3. Given the high number of employees on the site, you are no guaranteed a continuous workflow.
  4. The minimum payout exceeds a single audio hour.

5. Tigerfish Transcription

Like many other transcription companies, Tigerfish transcription allows for the transcribers to turn video and audio files into texts. Even with their great online presence and services, they have offices in New York and San Francisco showing you just how legit this company is. There is no list of best transcription accounts that does not feature Tigerfish transcription. They however have a disappointing pay given that their pay per word is low at $0.005. This transforms to around $5 an audio hour but it can reach $10 at times.


  1. Tigerfish transcription is one of the few top transcription companies that fully supports beginner transcriptionists.
  2. It offers great flexibility when it comes to the jobs available, hours you plan to put in, and when to work.
  3. Anyone is eligible for owning an account with Tigerfish transcription.


  1. Biggest letdown is that to work with Tigerfish transcription you have to buy a $200 software that you will use to get and surrender back the work that you have done.
  2. The company is not as transparent as you would expect
  3. The pay is not enough to sustain a leaving

6. Speechpad

Speechpad is among the big wigs in the transcription industry given that it has been around since 2009. It is one of the best transcription companies to work for and definitely one of the best transcription accounts you can have as a freelancer. To start on Speechpad, there is a basic and grammar test that you are out through followed by a confidentiality form that you have to sign. Sounds pretty serious right. Well, they are, and another thing they are serious about is how much they pay their transcribers. Per word, a transcriber can get $0.25 which will transform to at least $15 per audio hour.


  1. They let you learn from your mistakes since they have an editing team that proofreads your work before sending it.
  2. Their fast and responsive 24/7 customer support will sure come in hand
  3. They do not penalize for any jobs that have been returned because of any issues.
  4. They offer a great growth opportunity if a transcriber proves to be a consistent user of the company.
  5. They pay two times a week


  1. They have a flawed rating system
  2. The start out pay is below average
  3. Work approval can take as long as two weeks.
Best Transcription Companies

7. GRM Transcription

Grm transcription is one of the transcription companies that won’t make any bold promises of retiring early or even becoming rich quicker. They offer jobs to beginners too and they transcribe and offer translation jobs. This is one of the best transcription sites for beginners. Their pay ranges from $0.75-$1 per audio minute which still is better pay compared to most transcription sites out there.


  1. Their pay is higher than average
  2. You are assured of a steady workflow
  3. Flexibility remains paramount to GRM Transcription.
  4. Their support team is available 24/7 for any inquiries present.
  5. They notify transcribers of the level of difficulty that each project has


  1. You can only make a limited number of mistakes before you lose your Grm transcription account.
  2. The work style is changed by the company more than just once in a year

8. Daily Transcription

A lot of the questions asked about this company are whether it’s a legit company or not. Truth is, the company is as legit as could be and has very nice working conditions for beginners. It’s one of the best transcription companies to work for as a beginner. They go ahead and prove their legitimacy in their pays in which they pay per week at a rate of $150 per working day for an average worker.


  1. They allow for flexibility
  2. They have a great average pay of over $15 per audio hour paid per week
  3. They are beginner-friendly because they offer pieces of training
  4. They have a very understanding staff and great customer care support.
  5. It’s interesting given that transcribers can transcribe movies and TV shows.


  1. There are cases of work slows from time to time.
  2. Some files come in super low quality


How do I Start Transcription?

Starting on transcription is easy. You need to have the relevant pieces of equipment that will help you set up an account with the companies needed above and help you execute the workload. You can refer back to the type of pieces of equipment you will need.

How Do I Get a Transcription Job with No Experience?

Getting a transcription job is not a big deal. You first need to choose from one of the best transcription sites for beginners according to the information we have shared in this article. Once you choose, simply create an account. From there, you can strategy looking for jobs on those platforms or go through training to have a better understanding of transcription.

What is the Best Transcription Company to Work For?

If you’ve been wondering what is the best transcription company to work for, the answer depends on a person’s priorities and will be different for different transcriptionists. If you are looking for a company that will help you earn a living, look for the companies with the higher pay per audio hour and work with them. If it’s a side hustle, any company on the list can work for you.

How Much Does a Beginner in Transcription Make?

The best transcription sites for beginners can pay as low as $5 per audio hour. This can translate to a monthly payment of $700 a month. This is not a bad start because as you advance you can make even higher than that.

How Long Does it Take to Transcribe One Audio Hour?

Transcribing for an average person for one audio hour will take approximately 4 hours. An average. Transcribing fifteen minutes of audio takes approximately 1 hour in slow mode. However, the higher the quality of the audio the faster transcribing it will be.

Final Thought on the Best Transcription Companies

Getting the best from your work from home as a transcriptionist will require you to give your all. The pay does matter but so do the conditions of work and terms of the agreement. Joining the right company will mean the best for you as a transcriber and a CEO.

The information we’ve given in this article includes the best transcription sites for beginners, which can help you start your career on the right foot. We wish you all the best on your journey.

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