Best Forex Trading Training Schools In Kenya

Best Forex Trading Schools In Kenya
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At a Glance of the best Forex Trading Training Schools in Kenya

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If you landed on this article, probably you are looking for the best forex trading training school in Kenya, forex schools in Nairobi, or a credible forex academy in Kenya.

Well, forex trading in Kenya and Nairobi is a field that seems to be drawing more and more Kenyans into it, creating the need to find the best forex trading training school in Kenya. While joining forex may be easy getting the results you want may be hard until you get the best forex trading training school or academy to teach you the ins and out of forex trading.

If you are wondering what the right online forex trading courses or the best forex trading training schools in Nairobi, Kenya is and what it looks like, this is your complete guide to finding the best forex trading acadeny that suits your needs. Possibly you will learn about the best forex trading colleges and schools in Kenya that are run by most successful forex traders in kenya,

If you are in a hurry and you need to get the right forex trading training school in Kenya, here are 3 Key things that you need to consider before starting forex trading in Kenya:

  1. The best forex trading training school in Kenya needs to have a good reputation from every sector at least, great reviews from the followers and critics as well.
  2. Also, consider the online presence on all social media platforms such as facebook and Instagram. Having a good social media presence is a common indicator among the best forex schools or forex academy in Kenya.
  3. Finally, try and find out if they are full time traders or just people concerned with making money by training people how to trade. If they only get their money from training traders, then that is a red flag. The best forex training course can only be developed by someone who trades for a living.

Choosing a good forex academy in Kenya can be a daunting task. Good research is what you need when choosing the best forex trading schools in Kenya. But no worries! This guide is the ultimate guide you need to find the best forex trading schools and colleges in Kenya, giving you an unbiased view from personal research about them.

But before you find a forex trading school or forex trading training academy in Nairobi, Kenya, you should know what forex is and know how to join. So how do you join forex?

How to Join Forex Trading in Kenya?

Most people consider forex trading in Kenya as an easy way out of their money issues. Thus, from time to time people ask ”How can I learn Forex trading in Kenya?”

Truth is that forex can be a quick way to the lavish lifestyle driving posh cars in well-to-do areas if you master the skill. While there is nothing wrong with that, it’s easy to come as you would expect. There are a lot of perks when it comes to trading forex in Kenya.

But just as the perks are many, so are the risks. One of the advantages of enrolling in a forex academy in Kenya is that they will teach you how to manage risk. That way, you won’t lose all your money like many other people have done.

Here is a 5 step to start forex trading today

  1. Find a good Forex broker to trade with. You may check here for a list of Kenyan forex brokers that accept Mpesa.
  2. Sign up and submit your personal details for account verification. You will need to upload your national ID, KRA pin, and national identification card, among other things depending on the forex broker you are deadling with.
  3. Fund your forex trading account with the amount of money you can afford. Most forex brokers accept as low as 10$.
  4. Get a modern device, one that can connect to the internet and support the trading applications that you will need when trading. This can be a smartphone, a laptop, or a tablet.
  5. Download and Install Mt4 or Mt5  trading software
  6. Start Trading forex

From the 6 steps above, joining forex trading is a simple process that doesn’t require much input, given that you can start with a capital of as little as $10 or $20.

But someone may ask, is that all you need to do to join forex trading? Pretty much, but if you only want to trade. If you want to be a successful trader, you need a couple more things in your trading arsenal.

  1. It would of great importance if you find a trading strategy that works for you. This is a crucial part of becoming a successful trader. It will determine how and when you trade and also the markets you will be trading in. If you lack a trading strategy that is reliable, dont worry since we will let you know where to find and join successful forex traders in Kenya that you can learn from.
  2. Be disciplined. This cannot be expressed enough. Forex trading is all about knowing when to trade and when not to trade. No matter how good the market may look or how bad you may want to make back your losses, it’s always about understanding when to trade and when not to trade
  3. Maintain a low risk per margin trade. Big words, right? They shouldn’t scare you because all this means is that as a beginner, it would be great if you could only make sure your trade risks are not high. The better you become at it, the more you can risk.

This is a perfect start to trading in forex. You can learn to trade on a demo account until you feel comfortable and start using a real account. When you enroll in most of the forex trading training academies in Kenya, you should get access to practice your skills on a demo account to hone your skills before going onto to a live account.

Do’s and Don’ts When Learning How to Trade Forex in Kenya

Forex trading is a major market, possibly the biggest market in the world, with a daily pumping of up to $5 trillion. This shows great promise and opportunity for those involved in the trade. As the old saying goes, with a great opportunity comes great risk. Hence, if you want to join the list of the most successful forex traders in Kenya, you ought to internalize the do’s and donts.

This short list of the dos and don’ts is only here to help you skip the pitfalls you would normally fall to.


  1. Have a trading plan. I just had to stress this again. Having a trading plan/strategy means having a clear objective/goal when entering the market. If you have had people claiming that forex is gambling, well, that is what it is without a plan
  2. Look into every aspect of forex trading, from the best brokers in the market to the best trading time zones and strategies. Be more into everything that may affect the market, like world politics that can move markets, and you will find that knowledge indeed is power.
  3. Learn patience. This will keep all your emotions in check. Similarly, it will let you be more disciplined.


  1. Don’t complicate your strategy at all. Having many things you have to do at a go or you are probably thinking about at a go will overcloud your judgment leading to a complicated strategy. Rule 101 to an unsuccessful trade.
  2. Don’t revenge trade. It’s common that after every loss, all you want to do is take back the money you lost. But what drives you? Are you sure that you can make that money back at that specific time? Revenge trading is the road towards a blown account.
  3. Don’t use what you can’t afford. The rule has always been to trade with 10% of your capital for each trade, especially beginners. Don’t overdo your trading. Manage your risks and be sure only to use trading capital that you can comfortably lose.

Simple and basic are these dos and don’ts, and though they may seem easy, things are different when you start trading.

Best Forex Trading Schools In Kenya

Possible Forex Scams When Learning Forex Trading

I have heard friends asking if forex is a legit investment plan and how safe it is. Like any other investment, forex is a risk that an entrepreneur takes, but only to some extent. For example, the forex trading market is a legit individual component of the financial markets worldwide, trading over $5 trillion a day. However, you can either profit from it or lose. It’s business, after all. Still, this doesn’t mean that there are no scams present.

There are a few online forex trading training schools that offer online forex trading courses. However, when looking for the best forex trading training course, you should be careful not to end up a victim of forex scams. These scams are as real as they get, and they include:

  1. Signal sellers. These are individuals or companies who promise that they can sell you signals, information regarding how markets will behave. They charge people to give them the signals daily or weekly, or monthly for a certain number of signals per the duration. Beware of such people or companies even if they have a great review from the so-called ‘’satisfied customers’’.
  2. Bid/ spread manipulation. There have been these cases where traders have been trading with their brokers only for them to find their profits a couple of pips lower. They are less common these days, thanks to regulatory agencies. Also, there were instances where spreads would go for as high as 6-8 pips instead of 2-3 pips. This shows how important it is to get the right broker for you.
  3. High Yield Investment Options (HYIO). These are Ponzi schemes that will promise very high returns with super low risks involved. In reality, these schemes use traders to help them generate money as they pay back their investors. After they do, they close the scheme down and take any remaining money.
  4. Software scams. Most professionals traders are known to use softwares that aid in their daily trading activity. Some are genuine others are not. Some fraudlent software scams include robot scammers who will lure the unexpecting victims into buying their products with exergerated income returns or fake results presented as real.

Forex Trading Mentors in Kenya

Being under the guidance of a mentor in any business is always a good idea. The same applies for forex trading in kenya. If you want to start trading Forex in Kenya, you might have already started looking for the best forex mentors in Kenya. Such mentors can mostly be found in the different forex academies in Kenya, such as Brains With Concepts Forex trading academy.

So, if you want access to a mentor for your forex classes in Kenya, you should consider our online forex trading courses.

If you choose any other, make sure that the forex school pairs every learner with a mentor who can guide them once they’ve completed their training. This way, you are less likely to make mistakes. Such forex mentors in Kenya also provide their mentees with trading tips that lead to huge profits.

Best Forex Trading Training Schools in Kenya, Nairobi

With forex trading and forex trading training gaining traction in Kenya, there are increasing forex trading schools in Kenya, and we can only hope you want the best. This guide includes three of the best forex trading training schools in Kenya, definitely the ones that are worth mentioning.

The list ranks the schools from the best to the least good, but they all have their perks for different traders.

  1. Brains With Concepts – Best Overall Forex Trading School In Kenya

Brains with Concepts Forex trading training academy has been known to be the best among the schools that teach forex trading in Kenya. We pride ourselves on our extensive forex trading programs that have been in existence for the last 7 years.  If you are looking for Kenyan forex trading trainers’ whose methods have been tested and proven as successful formulas, then you are at the right place.

On top of our online forex trading course, we have a lifetime mentorship which is of great benefit to new and intermediate forex traders.

Our Lessons are offered in a professional interactive E-learning portal which is very convenient to the learners since they can learn from any place in Kenya. Here is what you get with our training package:

✔️Robust Trading Strategy

✔️ Verified Trading Results

✔️Advanced Price Action

✔️Live trading and Webinar sessions

✔️LifeTime Mentorship in our Premium Group

✔️Access to our Free Daily Signals and Set-Ups

✔️Access High Premium leaning Books and Videos

If you need a Forex trading course that is easy to understand, beginning from basics to more advanced levels then you to go check our full course details here.

  1. Nairobi School of Forex – Best for Robots and Autotrading 


NSFX is another option for the best forex trading training colleges in Kenya. They offer a comprehensive forex trading course covering currency, commodities like oil and gold, stock markets, and indices tradings. They are a great school that can change the beginners to a pro-status within the two months that their courses run.

They use eLearning materials like videos, text notes, quizzes, and narration audios to help their clients learn. They also offer mentorship services to their students and provide a $500 account to put their skills to practice.

  1. Fine Eagle – Second Alternative Trading Training School In Kenya

Another option among the schools that offers forex trading training in Kenya is Fine Eagle. They are a specialized institution in trading, having divided their courses between beginner courses and advanced courses. Their courses run for two weeks, with the beginner course costing $99 and the advance course costing $499.

They go the extra mile of providing every learner with a mentor and a trading account to help them navigate the world of forex. With their analysis reporting, proven education, and great certified trainers, they are among the best forex trading schools in Kenya.

Best Forex Trading Schools In Kenya

5 Key Factors to Consider When Selecting Schools That Teach Forex Trading In Nairobi

1. Price of the Training Course

If you are looking to join forex trading in Kenya, it’s likely that the more you get to pay for your classes, the higher the quality of the education from the forex trading training schools in Kenya. There are schools that you can get for as low as $50, but they ONLY touch on the basics of trading with very poor quality services offered. Price is one of the most reliable determinants of quality in most forex trading training schools in Kenya.

Please note that this does not mean that the most expensive does not mean the best in this case. Rather, the price must not be the most expensive course considering the status of unemployment amongst our youths but should be fair enough to a learner interested and ready to commit.

2. Experience of the Forex Trading Mentors in the Forex Training School

If you are looking to join Forex trading in kenya, the more experienced the mentors are, the better it will be for any learner within the institution. Research about the forex school mentors and know whether they teach forex trading, or do it themselves as well. Some forex schools in Kenya have failed forex traders as teachers. You should beware of them.

3. In-Depth version of the Course Outline

Some of the rogue forex trading training schools in Kenya take advantage of the limited knowledge that people have about forex, and so they offer very shallow materials regarding forex. To top it off, they add account management. Have a good look into the course outline they offer and learn just how comprehensive they are, for the more comprehensive it is, the better.

4. Past Trading Records

Well, the only way to know how an individual/institution is an expert at something, the track record should speak to itself. Read the reviews about the school, learn about the past trading records of the mentors teaching you, and have a better idea of what to expect from the school. Some forex trading training schools in Kenya will be hesitant or dodgy when you ask them for their past trading records. You should take this as a red flag.

5. Mentorship Training After the Training

Not all institutions offer mentorship to their students after completing the course. The best forex trading training institutions in Kenya provide a mentorship program that extends past the students’ time in the institution. This can be seen from the three best schools that teach forex trading in Kenya, as seen above.

Where Can I Learn Forex Trading in Kenya for Free?

”Can I teach myself Forex trading?” Well, this is also a common question amongst most people who want to learn forex trading. If you are constantly searching ”How can I learn Forex trading in Kenya?”, several resources will prove very helpful when it comes to learning forex in Kenya by yourself.

To be honest, these resources are very easy to access, and in most instances, they are free but may have some limited information. They include YouTube, Facebook groups, FAQs, and blogs. However, for the best results, you should consider enrolling in one of the forex trading schools or academies that teaches forex trading professionally.


This is a very informative area when it comes to forex trading because not only is it very accessible, it’s also free. There is an unlimited number of traders who mentor people by trading online, and it may take only one or two hours, but it has proven to be very educative.

Facebook Groups

This is another area that is very accessible and free to use. You can yield very many results by just searching ‘forex trading groups.’ They act as forums where traders share information and any questions that multiple other traders answer one trader. This provided different aspects of one very informative question.

Some of the resourceful traders that offer value include Rayner Teo


These are the question and answer pages found in almost all major sites. Here you can find answers asked about forex trading in these forex trading sites by other traders. They are helpful and very insightful, and free to access. No requirements or sign-ups are needed.


There are many bloggers out there writing about forex trading. Articles such as these are ever-present. All you got to do is search for what you want to know on google, and all these blogs will pop up.

Which Degree is Best for Forex Trading?

Forex trading does not really require a certain degree of understanding of the financial market that people can learn about through degree courses in universities and colleges. A degree is not a requirement when enrolling in the schools that teach forex trading in Kenya. As long as you have the basics of reading and writing, then you are good to learn and master forex trading.

Is Forex Trading Profitable in Kenya?

Forex trading is the number one go-to online business that people are seriously turning to. It is a way for young adults especially graduates to make money online easily. Furthermore, it is relied on by a lot of the older generation. But is forex trading profitable?

Forex trading is a profitable business, even though it comes with lots of things that you need to understand. 1st you need to know how to study the charts, be up-to-date with the current happenings around the global economy, have a strategy, and so much more. It is quite a handful when you begin forex trading. That is why we all need to know the best forex schools in Kenya and Nairobi, as they easily help you understand this.

Can I Teach myself Forex Trading?

Teaching yourself how to trade, also called self-study, is a good way to learn forex trading if you are on a budget. Thus, we can say that indeed you can teach yourself forex trading. But it would definitely take you a long time to grasp the material.

There are a lot of sites and books that you can use to learn how to trade forex. But you still require more than just books and signals to make money online. The best way to trade forex is to be independent having equipped yourself  with the best education about the craft.

It is for this reason, forex trading academies exist since they can enable you fast track your learning. Additionally, forex schools save you the time you would spend searching for the right materials to get you started on the skill.

How Much does it Cost to Learn Forex Trading?

Getting the best forex trading schools in Nairobi or Kenya as a whole will cost you a bit. The cost of studying forex in Kenya will cost you anything from Kshs 10,000 to Kshs 100,000, depending on the school you choose. We highly recommend you to check the kind of service offered by the forex training school you choose before enrolling

While the amount may be seemingly high, it does not compare to the amount of money you will be able to get from forex while trading daily.

Can I Learn Forex in 3 Months?

Learning the art of forex trading will take more than just a few months to make sure that you encounter consistent trading profits. The truth is that if you intend to be a master at the craft it will take a little more time.

You have to know so much before you become a real trader experiencing good profits and limited losses. You need to understand the charts, setups, terms, and so much more. Within three months, you will have familiarized with the basics which are a great foundation for your forex trading career.

How do Beginners Learn Forex?

There are numerous ways that beginners can learn forex, depending on their preference. The most used method is through YouTube videos. YouTube has thousands of people uploading content on the daily teaching forex.

Also, you can rely on articles and books to set you up as a beginner in forex. Another way would be taking some free online forex trading courses that will introduce you to some of the jargon used in trading forex, the basic strategies, introduction into the chart, and so much more.

Of all the ways you could rely on to learn forex, getting a trusted mentor is or a reliable forex trading training school is still the best method for beginners getting introduced to it. But it’s according to individual preference. The question in this aspect should be tailored back to the individual and ask, how best do you learn?

Final Take on the Best Forex Schools in Kenya

Finding the right forex schools in Kenya is a process that will require the right research understanding what to look for and how it affects you. This guideline detailing some of the schools that teach forex trading is such a guide. The degrees highlighted are unnecessary for joining any forex trading schools in Kenya, but they help you understand how financial markets work. Find the right broker, find the right school, and find the right mentor, and the forex trading world will be super easy to conquer.

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