In what seems to be “a dream come true” to many online workers, Safaricom has announced a partnership with PayPal and TransferTo that will allow M-Pesa users to receive money from any PayPal account across the world directly into their M-PESA accounts in real time.

This comes in as a sigh of relief to the online workers community and the growing E-Commerce sector who have experienced difficulties in making withdrawals for their hard earned cash.

This collaboration is powered by TransferTo which operates a global Cross-Border Mobile Payments Network for emerging markets and is the technology partner underpinning this strategic collaboration.

“PayPal’s collaboration with M-PESA is part of the company’s long-term strategy to enable eCommerce and democratise financial services on the African continent,” says Efi Dahan, General Manager for the Middle East, Africa and Russia, PayPal. “We are excited to bring the M-PESA mobile wallet and PayPal joint services to the Kenyan market, which makes it more convenient and secure for users to withdraw and add money to their accounts while participating in the global digital economy.”

The service is now live and available to all Kenyans with qualifying PayPal and M-PESA accounts.


To register for the service please visit:


Users will be able to use the paybill NO.800088 to load their paypal via mpesa.

For Top Ups, you will be charged a 4% conversion fee. In addition, for Top Ups, M-PESA will charge you a customer to business paybill charge (the “Paybill Charge”).

Top Ups will generally be processed in real time but may take up to 4 hours to be reflected in the your PayPal account.


For Withdrawals, you will be charged a 3% conversion fee.

Before executing each Withdrawal, you will also have the option of viewing the applicable fees, charges and the applicable exchange rate for that transaction and you will need to confirm those in order to complete the transaction.

Before executing each Top Up, and only when using the calculator on the Service Website, you will also have the option of viewing the applicable fees, charges and the applicable exchange rate for that transaction.
Withdrawals will be processed in up to 3 calendar days according to the value of the transaction your M-PESA Wallet. You will be informed, prior to confirming the withdraw transaction, of the processing time.

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What a great time we are living in today; 🙂 I know this is an absolute celebration to the online workers community. Please share the message with your peers to spread the good news!