Proper Standards In Life. Do they matter?


The quality of life you live will depend on the standards you set. Life standards are made and formed out of a lifestyle.

When setting your life standards the following are some few areas which you can focus on;


There is a big difference between working to live and living to work. Living to work implies someone who is enjoying their work, the type of person who looks forward to the next workday. This is the kind of person who is most likely to be able to balance social life and career life.

On the other hand the person who ‘works to live’ views work as something that must be done for survival. Work is no fun for them. To have a happier, proper life you must begin by loving the work you do, considering that your work place is the one place where you spend most hours of your day at.

If your work days are spent working, sleeping and preparing for work again, then it is time for a change. It is time to get your life back. Find exciting interesting things to do amidst your work schedule. You can start by adding a fun activity in your daily work preparation routine.

It is important to know and embrace the idea that there is more to existence than working to make money. Have fun and enjoy while doing it!


Discipline is the ability to control your own behavior so that you do what you are expected to do. It is a skill of learning to control your mind. It is contrary to what most of us think when we hear the word discipline, mostly we view it as a form strict punishment or staying focused on given routine or task. To some extent this is true, but when it comes to happiness it brings out a different picture all together.

When it comes to setting proper life standards, being happy should be key, in fact it should be a priority. Set yourself to do the things that make you smile, live a kind of life that makes you happy.

Discipline comes into play when we think of the ways we can keep ourselves happy and in high spirits everyday.


In order to set proper standards in life, you must be passionate and enthusiastic about life itself.  Don’t let negativity ruin your life. Actually it’s not the negative things that sway your attitude, it is basically your thoughts, and the things you choose to focus on  and choose to be sad of their occurrences.  You are the one who chooses to believe that things are not going your way or nothing seems to be working out.

To live a higher standard of life, start by developing a change of heart towards life, be optimistic about life. Let passion lead the way you live your life. Don’t let negativity bring you down and stop worrying about things beyond your control.

Start by doing the things you dreamed of doing and begin living the life you have always wanted to live. The world will never change but you can change your mind towards the world around you.


“A picture says a thousand words”. When setting proper life standards the way you dress and present yourself should be an area of focus. The way you dress, appear and present yourself will say a lot about you.

The way you choose to dress should be a clear indication of your personality because like it or not, the world will always judge you by the way you dress.

Well when setting standards, remember to display an excellent attitude by the way you dress.


Don’t set lower standards because you are worried of what people will think or say when you live your life to that high level that you want.

One of the things that usually slows us down in life is worrying about what those around us will think. If you spend so much time worrying of how people think of you or if they like you or not you will miss out on enjoying your life and miss out on your purpose all together.