How to Verify PayPal Using Credit Card

How to Verify PayPal Using Credit Card
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PayPal is among the most used payment methods in the world. For people dealing with international clients, this has to be the topmost featured method even in most sites that pay their employees.

This is all because the platform has remained effective and partly reliable in all the time that people have known about it. Above all, it is among the safest ways that one can transact money on an international level, thanks to the great security features it has.

This article takes you around the PayPal account verification 2021 features and on how to verify PayPal using a credit card.

Requirements of your PayPal Account Verification

Verifying your PayPal account comes with a number of requirements, things that need to start you off. They include:

a)      Identity verification

This is a condition that must be met before you can start using PayPal. It entails verifying your ID, giving them the required information and documents needed to confirm who you are

b)     Verifying your credit card or bank account

How will they get paid if they don’t have these things? This step also requires some of the following requirements such as providing their contact details for receiving emails from PayPal, agreeing with the terms and conditions stipulated in the agreement document

c)      Phone number confirmation

It is always necessary for people involved in business transactions to provide phone numbers where they can be reached at any time. This is a crucial step to making sure that your verification goes through. Otherwise, you can have an email address where the PayPal support team can reach you easily.

d)     Credit Card

You at least have a credit card that will be used during the verification process. PayPal accepts a wide range of credit cards, from different regions. You are assured that international credit cards such as MasterCard and Visa are definitely accepted by PayPal.

e)     PayPal Account

Of course, you have to create a PayPal account to even be able to go through the process of how to verify your PayPal account using credit cards. To create an account, you may need to provide your personal information such as name, address, and phone number.

Now that you have all the above details and items, then you are ready to learn how to verify your PayPal account using a credit card.

How to verify PayPal using Credit Card (Requirements)

PayPal Account Verification 2021 Process

These steps will cover the ultimate guide on how to verify PayPal accounts using Credit Card. The Paypal verification process using your credit card is done through the following steps:

i.                    Sign in to your PayPal account and search for the ‘Summary’ button.

ii.                  Click on the Summary button on your PayPal account.

iii.                The next step won’t be possible unless you have confirmed your email address and your phone number. If you hadn’t had that time, then this is the time to go through with it.

iv.                After confirming your details then you can proceed to the next step. Click on the ‘Summary’ button once more.

v.                  You will see the option of linking your credit card to your PayPal account. Click it.

vi.                Choose the card that you are using and you will be prompted to fill in a form. Fill it and add your card.

vii.               After the card has been added, you are expected to click on the ‘Add or Edit Credit Card’ button.

viii.             Confirm your card on the next step and click continue and wait as they process your 4-digit code.

ix.                 The final step to the process is going back to the add your credit card option and enter the PayPal code that they have sent to you then click on the verify button.

And just like that, you are DONE! That is the PayPal verification process. You can carry out your transaction straight from your PayPal account and your credit card.

Credit card

Are there Other Ways to Verify Your PayPal Account?

There are other ways that you can verify your PayPal account. This can be done through:

a)      Phone Number

You will be asked for your name, mobile number, and the verification code that they have sent you in a text message or in an email. Simply enter these details then click on the next button to continue verifying your PayPal account using this method.

b)     Uploading Your Picture

Another way would be by uploading a picture of yourself holding up some identification document like passport, driving license etcetera. You can upload one through PayPal’s website and it takes no time at all! Great how much easier life has become when technology comes into play huh?

c)      Through You Bank Account

The most common of all ways is by verifying your PayPal account through a bank account. This will only require a few things like having a bank account and a card that is issued by the same bank, or (depending on how much money you have in your PayPal account).

How to Confirm Your Credit Card?

You have to confirm your PayPal details before you get to know how to verify PayPal account using a credit card. The steps are the same as how to verify your PayPal account using a credit card.

The only difference is that you will have to input all of your details on how much money you have in the bank, and whether or not it has been verified by PayPal. These processes can be time-consuming but trust me they’re worth it!

How do I know my PayPal card verification was successful?

To check if one’s credit card has already been verified through their PayPal account:

i.        Go into ‘Profile’

ii.      Click on “Payment Methods”

iii.    Select “Credit Cards”. If there’s an exclamation mark next to any given card, then that means it needs verification from either the issuer or additional information. If it gets problematic at this step, then you have to contact your credit user.

iv.    Click on the card then read the information presented and finish by clicking okay. By doing that you will have confirmed your card.

Advantages of Having a Verified PayPal Account

Learning how to verify PayPal using a credit card and completing the provided steps comes with a number of perks such as:

1.      You’ll be able to access all the features and functions PayPal offers

2.      It will show that you’re a serious business person with transparent finances. This is how some people like buyers make decisions when buying goods from sellers online

3.      Helps in stopping fraudulent activities your account may encounter, as it’s more difficult for scammers to take over your account if they don’t have enough information about how you operate financially.

Those are just three of the many benefits an individual has by having using their credit card for paypal verification. There are other methods one can use but this happened to be the best option because it requires less time and effort than others such as bank transfers or wire transfers.

What are the Charges for Transacting with PayPal?

Transacting with your PayPal account to your credit account attracts some charges. These charges are dependent on how much you are transacting and how often. The charges for a transaction will depend on the type of method used to make the payment.

All transactions attracted an additional fee, which is about $0.30 USD per transaction but this amount may be different if other methods are chosen such as bank transfers or wire transfers. These methods do not require any extra charge because these two types do not attract any fees at all from PayPal (Transferwise).

Also, using your credit card for Paypal verification attracts a fee of $1 which is automatically deducted from your account. This is done to make sure that your credit card account is operational.

How to verify paypal using credit card: Card has been declined

Most Common Errors During PayPal Card Verification

Transacting with PayPal is of course not error-free. However, if it happens you get to have a solution to the error. There are a few common errors that may occur:

1.      Error Code 400 – This is how PayPal will indicate to you if your card has been declined.

2.      Error code 402 – The problem lies with how much money was charged on your credit card and how much should be deducted from it in order for PayPal account verification to succeed. It could also mean that there’s an invalid or expired billing address on file, which means that they need to update their information first before proceeding further into verifying their account through using their credit cards.

3.      Payment delay that occurs. During such a moment the solution you have is to either call up the hotline number or wait it out. You could try changing the browser and trying the same process all over again.

In case of any type of error occurring during payment processing, please contact PayPal customer service at +61 28 0340 0408 so they can help you resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Final Take on PayPal card verification

Learning how to verify PayPal account using a credit card is a great thing to do. PayPal verification using a credit card is a good way to save time and at the same time, confirm how you are spending your hard-earned money. It gets a bit complicated linking your accounts if you had not confirmed all your details, but you still learn about PayPal card verification if you want a card.

However, a couple of clicks is sure to get you exactly where you want to be at. In case of any problems unseen on this article, while trying to use your credit card for PayPal verification, contact customer care for help.

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