Fear of Failure; How to overcome


The main reason why people don’t invest is simply because they fear failing, they fear taking the risk because “things may not work out”. The acronym F.E.A.R stands for False Evidence Appearing Real.

Fear makes people to overlook the possible positive outcome of a situation and focus more on what could probably go wrong.

Fear will also make people blind to the great investment opportunities in front of them because most investments are seen with the mind not with the eyes.

The first step of overcoming fear is viewing failure as a lesson and reminding yourself that even if things don’t work out as planned at least you will have tried something new. You can choose to use the acronym FAIL to stand for the First Attempt in Life.

For some people, fear acts as a blocking factor that prevents them from achieving their goals, while to others it challenges them to take action towards that financial stability they desire.

The following are 5 ways to overcome the fear of failing;


Well, as they say a journey of a thousand miles start with a single step. This greatly applies when it comes to investment. The investment journey starts with transforming that idea you have into a plan, and working on this idea every single day.


Well this is never easy, especially if you have had your good share of disappointments in the past. But success is rarely achieved with the first attempt. The journey to success if filled with very many setbacks and sometimes failure but one has to get up after every fall, believe in yourself again, sett small goals and achieve them.


Look for people who have already gone where you want to go. These are people who will give you advice on what they did to reach where they are. They will also tell you mistakes they made reaching there and how you can avoid making the same mistakes. They will tell you the things they would have done differently and probably set you up with the right connections.


This will determine the effort you will put into what you do. The bigger your dreams the more you will challenge yourself and hence the more effort you will put to what you doing. Let your goals turn into a passion that drives you every single day. Everyone’s dream is financial stability and the small goals you set will act as stepping stones to achieving this.


Humility is key because this will enable you to take correction from others, to accept positive criticism and to ask for help when need be.

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