The Android Secret Apps. Which are they?


Hello guys, do you know that there are many Android secret apps that are not available on Google Play Store because of what they offer. But before starting we would like to remind you to share my posts with your friends and follow us for more interesting posts. We will take a close look at some of the apps which are very useful. Lets get started!


Whenever we play videos on YouTube the first thing which we see is ads. Some ads can be skipped after few seconds. But some ads cannot be skipped. If you want to skip ads and move directly to the video in the YouTube app, then this is for you. Simply download the app and run it. Enable mute audio during Ad option and enable the app. This app will automatically skip the ads and video will be played.


There are many apps on Goggle playstore which you would like to download. But the problem is some of them are payed apps. And they cannot be downloaded unless we pay some amount to download them. So this app will surely be helpful for you. Just download the app. This app have similar interface same as Google play store. All the paid apps and games available on Google play store are available on AC market for free. Happy downloading 😉


YouTube is an alternative app of YouTube. It may look similar with YouTube but there are 3 difference.

You can directly download any video you like using this app.

You can play videos in the background just by clicking the background option beside download.

If you want to use another app while watching YouTube video you can do it using this app.

This app is far better than YouTube.

So guys, lets know your opinion on these apps and don’t forget to share this post with your friends.