Academic Writing: High Season and Low Season

high and low season in academic writing
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High and Low Seasons in Academic Writing

Academic writing is one of the major ways that young Kenyans earn an income online from. However, academic writing seasons, that is high season and low season, are an issue for most writers. High season in academic writing is a period in which there is more than enough work and a lot of money. Low season in academic writing is when most writers can’t find work and money becomes scarce. Academic writing low season is a nightmare for most writers, especially the new ones who hadn’t made a survival plan. Most writers spend a lot of money during the high season in academic writing, rather than saving it for the rainy days that are sure to come. Some of the questions we’ll answer in this article include, “When is low season in academic writing?” and “How do I survive the low season in academic writing?”

Through academic writing, websites such as Academia Research and Nerdy Turtles, have become some of the sought-after freelancing accounts known by many who want to do academic writing.

If you are an academic writer, chances are that you have faced academic writing seasons dilemmas. Times when the plate is so full during the academic writing high season and times when the plate has nothing at all, during the academic writing low season.

This post shows will open your mind on how you can take advantage of the high season in academic writing and simultaneously survive during the low season in academic writing. We hope that this article explains what academic writing in high season and low season is in a way that helps you.

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Academic Writing Seasons [High and Low Seasons in Academic Writing]

Academic writing is highly reliant on the academic cycles of the year given that the clients are majorly university, college, and high school students.

Having an idea of where your money comes from gives you an advantage in understanding these academic cycles. In the USA and the UK, students mostly study from September all through to December. They then go on a short winter break before resuming on January all through to May before going on a 2-3 month-long summer vacation.

Understanding this cycle of high and low season in academic writing is a big advantage for any academic writer. The academic writing seasons are explained in regards to the months they occur.

high seasons and low seasons in academic writing: survive the low seasons by saving in the high seasons

When is the academic writing high season?

The high season in academic writing, also known as peak season, is experienced in October, November, December, March, April, and May. Sometimes may extend until mid-June.

When is low season in academic writing?

On the other hand, the low season in academic writing is experienced during January, February, June, July, August, and September.

Academic Writing High Season – Job Flow

Academic writing is one of the work from home Jobs that people in Kenya engage in. The high season in academic writing, as stated above, runs from October to December and from March to May. During this season, a writer may have up to 100 jobs in a day. The high season generally begins during March which can be considered as a warm-up month for academic writers. March serves a the start of the high season where freelancers can find work but not too much work before April and May kick in, the peak seasons for academic writing.

During May, work is still in plenty and but the work starts decreasing even though there is plenty of work and cash to be made. During the month of June, academic work starts cooling down since most of the schools and universities are closing down to go for their vacations that will last around 2-3 months. Proper understanding of academic writing seasons can be a game-changer for any writer.

academic writing: high season vs low season

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How to Take Advantage of the Academic Writing High Season

Taking advantage of the academic writing high season will require the academic writer to be able to deliver more work as long as the peak season remains. This can be done in a couple of ways that we will highlight for you. These methods can be followed by the account owner or someone with the proficiency to do it.

  1. Outsource as much as you can

One of the main ways an individual can do this is by having other workers work for him/ her during the high season. This will ensure that the academic writer, the owner of the writing account, will be able to take advantage of the high season by ensuring that they can complete more workload and earn more. In return, the owner of the account is able to pay those working under him/her.

  1. Source for high paying clients or websites

Another thing an academic writer can do to take advantage of the academic writing high season would be for the writer to use a site that is paying better writing rates per page. During the high season, an academic writer may be able to earn as much as $15 a page and as low as $7- $8 a page.

Simultaneously, the amount is highly dependent on factors such as the complexity level of the order and the deadline set.

  1. Do as many orders as you can

Taking advantage of the academic writing high season will require an academic writer to do as many jobs as possible within a short period. This can be done by taking some of the urgent orders. Given that one of the determining factors for the pricing of an order is the deadline attached to it, the more urgent the order is the more likely the price will be.

If an academic writer can be able to deliver urgent tasks of the right quality and at the stated time, this will mean a better rating for the account, more money gained and more tasks completed in a short while.

  1. Take high paying jobs

During the academic writing high season, academic writers could also focus more on the orders that have more money without regard to the academic level the order has. The academic writer could become more proficient in one topic that has the majority of the orders.

This would make it easy for the academic writer to take advantage of the high season because it would be easy for them to do the orders with more efficiency and little effort creating more room for the writer to finish the order and pick a new one.

Diversification as a freelance writer may also be important for you. You can read the post below to get more insights.

bidding for high paying jobs during the high season helps you make more money which helps you survive the low season

Academic Writing Low Season

The first two months of the year mark some of the months of the low season in academic writing. The other months that are part of the low season in academic writing are June, July, August, and September.

Between June to September, most USA and UK universities and colleges are closed down for the summer vacation and the students left are the ones that are studying online.

The only option that writers have during these academic writing low seasons is just to make sure they survive as they wait to make the most of the high seasons. This can be done in several ways as stated below.

During the low season of academic writing, you may need to upgrade your skill by enrolling yourself in Online writing Courses that can boost you writing skills. 

How to Survive the Academic Low Season

  1. Be more active in bidding for orders

During the low season, one of the most common ways to survive is to be readily available to bid for the few available orders. Ideally, the number of writers present vs the number of orders does not match hence you are likely to spend more time in bidding effort.

You will need to pick a specific time when you can place bid for work. Make sure to select a time when the workflow is ideal for you to boost your chances of securing an order. For example, during the day there are fewer orders as compared during the nighttime.

The writer should make sure that during the night, he/she is present to bid for the projects. This is sure to give the writer a fighting chance for survival during the low season.

  1. Enroll for courses and learn different skills

There are so may course that you can enroll closely related to online writing. You may need to learn about article writing, Search engine optimization (SEO ), Transcription, Captioning Etc. These courses will boost your skill set.

Udemy is a great source for cheap online courses that many freelancers can afford.

2. Seek work from previous clients

If you have clients who were pleased with your work during the high season, you may reach them out for work from them. Chances are that they may prefer you to work on a few projects during the low season too. Most clients may have small tasks such as discussion posts, resume updating, love letters, and any other kind of small work that may come in handy for you.

3. Diversify into other skills that can bring an extra source of income

You may try a range of other skills that you have had interest in. These include forex trading, web design, making apps and many more. 

If you would like to try proofreading, you can check the proofread anywhere course hosted by Caitlin who is one of the most successful proofreader making a 6 figure income working at home.

4. Diversify into different accounts

If you have 1 website, then try to get other websites or platforms that may allow your sevices. Platforms such as fiverr and upwork are good sources of diversification for academic writers.

5. Build your own websites

You may also need to try build your own website and market it. This is a long-term game-changer that may work for you since you are assured orders throughout the year.

If you dont have any website building skill, then you dont have to worry since you can hire someone from Fiverr at an affordable fee. They can make you website, logo and all the technical aspects that you may have a challenge with.

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Saving Tip During the Low Season

During the low season, a writer can choose to hibernate on the savings made during the high season. Even though most people spend money as fast as they make it, being able to survive during the low season will require the academic writer to sacrifice some of the luxurious things he/she was enjoying during the high season.

Limited money means limited expenses. Limiting the expenditure during the low season is a sure way for academic writers to survive during the low season.

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Just like in any business, every boom follows a recession and every recession follows a boom. The same rule applies to writing, there are high and low seasons in academic writing.

Academic writers should understand which months mean more work to them and which months mean no work for them. Through doing this, they get to have an idea of what steps can be taken to ensure that they are able to make the most of the high season and simultaneously allow them to survive during the low season.

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